How is painting walls

Repair in the apartment is a rather complicated and multistage process. In addition, each work is performed on its own technology, the violation of which can lead to waste of materials, improper installation. In some cases, it is necessary to redo not only this stage, but also the works that precede it. This is especially true of such a seemingly simple process as painting walls.painting walls

Errors inexperienced masters or lovers

The fact is that many consider this stage the final stage, which does not require special knowledge or skills. Therefore, it often happens that they do not pay enough attention to him, but simply acquire the first paint of the color they like, which is used to paint the walls with their own hands, without following not only certain technical recommendations, but even with safety violations. Although it is worth spending half an hour to study the relevant information and safety techniques in order to do this work yourself.

Preparatory process

Before painting the walls in the apartment will be done, preparation and processing should be done. The wall needs to be leveled and puttied. After that, it is sanded, bringing to a perfectly smooth state. Many believe that after this you can begin to paint, but this is precisely the mistake. The fact is that the preparatory process includes not only alignment, but also a primer.DIY painting the walls


It consists in applying a special solution to the wall, which soaks the surface layer of the putty, making it stronger, while significantly reducing its absorbing properties. After this treatment, the walls can be painted in just one layer, since not only will the surface not absorb solvent from the dye, but it will also allow the layers to be applied evenly over the entire area. Thanks to the primer, the paint will adhere better to the surface and will not peel off with time. In some cases, it is necessary to apply a formulation containing an antibacterial solution. This is done in cases when the walls are painted in a room exposed to high humidity or fungus.


Currently in the market of building materials you can find a huge number of different types of paints. Therefore, it makes no sense to study all their markings and methods of application, and it is enough in each case to use the instructions on the package.painting the walls in the apartment


After all the preparatory work has been completed, the areas which are not intended for painting are glued with masking tape, and only then the walls are painted. To do this, you can use paint brushes, rollers and even the spray gun. At the same time it is necessary to observe a certain technology which assumes uniform putting layers. Movement should be made in the same direction. Although in recent times such dyes have begun to appear which, when applied, leave practically no stains or irregularities, which makes it possible to be engaged in coloring even for beginners in this matter.

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