How is the implementation of the collateral property of Sberbank?

When a person takes a loan, he cannot be sure that he can pay it back. In life there are different situations, because of which ordinary citizens and private entrepreneurs are unable to repay their debts. And if they do not pay bills for a long time, a credit institution may confiscate debtors' property and put it up for auction. Most often, in order to get a loan, people turn to Sberbank. The sale of collateral in this organization can be carried out at several sites, including its own. Since it is the largest credit company in the country, it has the largest selection of mortgaged property at auction. Moreover, the goods put up for auction, you can get at 20 percent cheaper than their average price in the market.

Features of the implementation

The acquisition of goods pledged to the bank is extremely beneficial for their future owners.But in order for the transaction to be carried out correctly, it is worth getting acquainted with all its stages. If you want to buy cheaper goods, it is best to pay attention to the auctions offered by Sberbank. The sale of collateral (Yekaterinburg is one of the cities where you can buy real estate, cars, etc.) occurs according to the law and provides an opportunity for clients to make profitable deals.

How the bank becomes the owner

There are various ways in which a bank can take possession of a debtor’s property. For example, during a court hearing, a judge may decide to transfer the property of a debtor in favor of paying off the accumulated debt if the borrower becomes bankrupt. Or in the process of pre-trial settlement of the issue, if the borrower decided not to bring the case to court, and after the bank filed the claim, he himself transferred the property into the possession of the credit organization so that the pledge property would be sold through Sberbank. Moscow is one of those cities where banks receive the right to sell collateral from debtors voluntarily. People donate property themselves, knowing that they cannot cope with debt obligations and do not want problems with judicial of collateral savings bank

If the decision to seize the property was made by the court, then the debtor will part with his property without any compensation. But with a voluntary or pre-trial decision to give the property and other things to the bank, the client can count on partial compensation for the loss. Typically, such payments are made on the basis of the amount of money paid by the customer for the principal debt, but the bank never returns interest.


It is beneficial for the credit organization to implement the pledged property as soon as possible through Sberbank. Perm is one of those cities where there is a mortgaged property of a bank that can be purchased at a price about 20 percent below the market average price. Clients can get information about lots and other information on the bank's sites for the sale of property left as a pledge.

Sberbank sale of collateral

The most liquid part of the goods is usually put up for open online bidding, so there is a chance that as long as they last, their value grows. But, if during this period no one has submitted bids for the purchase, the organizers of the auction will drop the price and again put the lot up for sale.Sberbank sale of collateral Moscow

As soon as a product has been put on sale, it is assigned a fixed price, and its bank no longer reduces until the bidding is finished.Basically, only the property that the client gave voluntarily gets there. It is extremely rare when an open sale of collateral takes place, Sberbank exposes the confiscated property or transport.


The implementation of transactions with the acquisition of collateral property of a banking organization has its undeniable advantages:

  • Since it is important for the bank to turn property into a cash equivalent as quickly as possible, lots are sold at discounted prices.
  • Such transactions are more reliable than usual, because the bank monitors its reputation and, buying such goods, you can be sure that other creditors or heirs will not be able to present the rights to the acquired property.
  • Such transactions are carried out fairly quickly, the bank itself is responsible for the collection and processing of documents, so the test will take place in a short time.
  • The buyer does not incur additional costs, such mandatory procedures as property valuation, ordering and collecting references, compensation of funds to other creditors, registration of the contract, etc., is assumed by the credit organization, therefore, no fees for realtors and lawyers are needed.
  • If the buyer is a client of the bank and he has a good financial position, and there is money for the initial payment, he can buy collateral on a loan or mortgage.


Naturally, the acquisition of property confiscated by a bank has its drawbacks, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • When the sale of collateral is carried out, Sberbank of Russia does not offer a very large selection even in large cities, usually the number of real estate does not exceed several dozen goods.
  • Thus, it is impossible to get anything new, because only what has already been used by previous owners who owe the bank is for sale.
  • There is a high probability that the property has debts. Becoming bankrupt and giving their property to the bank, the debtors very often do not cover the payment of utilities.

But all these shortcomings can not block the advantages of the acquisition of such goods, because they are much larger, and they are more significant. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the lots offered by Sberbank. Leasing, sale of collateral takes place at reduced prices,and this can save large amounts, especially if the buyer plans to resell the acquired property or car in the future.

Official trading platforms of the bank

The largest bank in the country uses several sites at once for the sale of property confiscated from debtors. On the official website of the bank, customers can find out all the necessary information, and also ask the bank employees to send the list of lots in a convenient of pledged property Sberbank of Russia

There are also three more sites where the sale of collateral is carried out. Sberbank offers on one of them only real estate. For the convenience of home and apartment buyers, you can sort them by their location, lot area or type. It is worth noting that customers can not only buy, but also rent the proposed area. To make a deal, you must contact the representatives of the bank in the city of residence of the client.Sberbank leasing sale of collateral

The second site sells exclusively the property of bank customers who have become bankrupt. All trading takes place in electronic form. At the third site, all other property is represented.There are also a lot of unofficial resources where confiscated items of former bank customers are offered, but using their services is not recommended, as there is always a risk of being caught by scammers.

Sale algorithm

Depending on the site chosen, the sale of the collateral takes place differently. Sberbank is trying to make its services as comfortable as possible for customers. Therefore, to bid on the Internet, the applicant only needs an electronic signature and confirmation that he can deposit a deposit of 10 to 25 percent of the lot value. You can get an electronic signature by registering with the appropriate service.Sberbank sale of collateral yekaterinburg

The client needs to register at the electronic platform, integrating the signature into his account. Next, he needs to indicate whether he is a natural person or a legal person. Upload the required list of documents to the resource server. It should be noted that for different types of persons the documentation may vary. When registration is confirmed, the client will only have to choose the lot he likes and leave a request for it. Before you make a bid, you must carefully read all the rules of the auction.


The application will be accepted if at least two people participated in the bidding. After that, the bank will require to prove the availability of the necessary amount for the purchase and will offer to pay a deposit. If the client does not fulfill this condition, the lot will automatically go to the next bidder. You can also buy property on credit.Sberbank sale of collateral Perm

To do this, you will need to directly contact the bank, select the property you like from the list and request a car loan or mortgage.


At the moment there are three official sites where the sale of collateral is carried out. Sberbank also offers its customers to choose products from the catalog directly by contacting employees of a financial institution. Such purchases significantly save the client’s money and offer him a quick and reliable conclusion of a contract.

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