How not to cry?

In life, there are often situations where emotionsthey beat over the edge and you want to cry. However, it is not everyone who wants to do it. For this reason it is necessary to restrain tears, but not all are able to do this. But there are ways that will help to do this, you just need to gather in a stressful situation to remember them.

How not to cry if an offense is inflicted

Some people take great pleasure in demeaningothers to become more meaningful. They just like to see the tears of others, because that's how they feel their superiority. Most often, they become victims of sensitive people. In this case, they need to try to answer rudeness to rudeness. However, in a stressful situation, it is difficult to resist. For this reason, tears appear in your eyes. How not to cry in this situation? The best way here will hurt yourself. You can, for example, dig your nails into your hand or bite your cheek. Such actions allow you to divert your attention from the problem and the desire to cry immediately will disappear. You can also pull yourself a few hairs or pull by the ear. It is important not so much an action as a moment of distraction.

Also a good way not to cry in publicis a mental representation of his abuser in a comical situation. So, for example, you can put a bucket of dross or garbage on his head. In the end, he will not look harsh, on the contrary, he wants to laugh. In addition, it can be dressed in rags or even undressed. The choice is really wide, the main thing is to practice a little and at the crucial moment instead of wanting to cry, you will want to laugh. If a person constantly brings to tears, then this can be done, since this act will discourage him. Listening to insulting things from the evil-doer, you can mentally water it with water, slops, paint, mud. Thus, it will be possible to digress from his words, and they will not be so offensive.

How not to cry at an important event

Many have a habit of crying at weddings, daysbirth, as they are filled with joyful emotions and in this way a person gives them a way out. Of course, for this no one condemns, but the makeup of the fair sex after the tears leaves much to be desired. In this case, remember how long it took for him, then all the desire to cry will disappear. If tears have appeared, then you should leave and look at yourself in the mirror. An unattractive appearance frightens any girl, so crying immediately rashochetsya.

In order not to cry on an important event,remember breathing. As soon as emotions began to overfill, you need to take a few deep breaths. It is best to go outside to get some fresh air, a few minutes will be enough. Inhaling him must be imagined, as the body enters calmness, and with each exhalation goes the excitement and the desire to cry.

Some people help to stop their tears with a cigarette. So, when emotions begin to overwhelm and want to cry, you need to smoke. One cigarette will be enough. Do not abuse this method, because it will not benefit the health. It is important to know that smoking takes consciousness from one subject to another, so in this case, psychologists advise you to drink a glass of wine or water. The main thing that the brain switched to another object. You can even go eat something, even if it's just an ordinary candy.

All of the above methods do notcry in public places. However, when a person is at home alone and he wants to start a tear, do not hold back your emotions. If you believe psychologists, it's useful to cry. This is because the person needs to give vent to their emotions, do not save them. Containment of tears can subsequently lead to a real nervous breakdown. It will be much more difficult to treat, since it leads to depression, and this state often leads to thoughts of suicide.

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