How to bewitch a man?

The fact that the object of love interest does not answerreciprocity, all women react differently. Someone drops their hands, someone starts to think about decisive actions - even how to bewitch a man.

Such an aspiration in the modern world canseem strange, but in fact there is nothing surprising in it. It is believed that women are particularly sensitive to all sorts of otherworldly things and are initially endowed with magical nature. Therefore, resorting to various magical rituals, women do not so much study them from scratch, as they recollect.

How to bewitch a man with white magic

Many women are afraid of tackling a love spell - andit is not surprising, because often such complex rituals are referred to as black magic. Black magic is much harder and harder to influence than white, it can harm and inexperienced in the matter of fortune to a woman, and the object of her passion. Therefore, if this is not to your liking, it is worth bewitching a man at home, using white magic.

White magic is not harmful and is based primarily on the energy impact on the object of your passion. You can enchant a man by using skillfully the simplest things - for example, food.

Privorot on food

Cooking with your own hands is a speciala ritual that women nowadays often neglect for a heap of household and work cases. And at the same time, cutting meat with their own hands, adding natural spices to food, any woman fills her own energy. When a man eats food cooked by this woman, her energy gets into his body, carries with blood.

For a love spell you needvery fresh meat (so it's best to buy it on the market), as well as strong spiced spices. The main of these spices is red pepper, you may also need coriander, coriander and parsley - they awaken a man's sexual desire. If you are cooking pastries or sweet dishes, add vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg to them, reading the following words during cooking:

"How is this food that the Servant of God has prepared (your name) will be desired, so let the desired Servant of God (the name of whom you want to bewitch) will I, the Servant of God (my name), Amen."

To understand whether the spell worked, you will be helped by the article How behaves fascinated.

Other rituals for the spell

If you do not have the opportunity to feed a man cooked with your hands, try using other rituals for a love spell.

For example, you can take a small magnet and a pairsmall iron objects. Imagine that one of the items symbolizes you, and the other - a man you love. Connect these things to each other with a magnet, then hide it in a secluded place and wait for the ritual to work.

It is considered very effective to envy the photo. To do this, you need a clear picture of your favorite man and yours is the same. At sunset, put these photos on the table, then sit down after sunset, turn the faces upside down. A few minutes just sit, thinking about your beloved and relaxing. After that, flip your picture, write on it the name of the object of your passion, and on his photos write yours. Fold the photos face to face, then arm yourself with a bright red thread and a strong needle and gently sew them together. Thus it is necessary to say the following words:

"I bind the Servant of God (your beloved's name) inseparably with the Servant of God (your name) with strong and unbreakable bonds."

Tear off the thread and put the photos in a clean white envelope. Seal it with a new wax candle, saying the words:

"I seal the servant of God (your name) with the Slave of God (man's name) forever!".

If you do not know how to bewitch marrieda man or a man who is far away from you, it is worth reading the article How to bewitch at a distance, where very strong black magical ways of spelling are described.

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