How to change your house with interior printing?

We all need change from time to time -someone in more, and someone in less global. But one thing is for sure - a person is constantly craving for updates in the interior of his home, where he spends so much time. Often, changing the situation is simply necessary to improve efficiency, improve well-being and mood.

Someone to give the room a new lookit is enough to change the curtains in all rooms. But for those who want to update the interior, give it a new character and create a special atmosphere, this will not be enough. Major repairs and new finishing of the premises are too costly both from the financial side, and in relation to the time for construction work. But nevertheless there is a "golden mean": one of the simplest, economical and quick ways to change the interior with minimal money investments is photo printing.

What is photo printing in the interior?

Interior printing - varietylarge-format printing, thanks to which you can get a huge image of the highest quality and with the most accurate color rendering. The technology of inkjet printing allows to apply a drawing on three kinds of materials: a canvas, a paper or a self-adhesive film. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Paper, unfortunately, is not very practicalfrom the point of view of care - a small spot appearing on it in the literal sense will spoil the picture, since it can be removed with a damp cloth, without damaging the pattern, it will not work. To save the image - it will have to be laminated, and this is a separately paid and rather expensive service, especially if the picture is very large.

On canvas of linen threads you can achieve the effectoil painting, which looks very impressive. But unlike paper, the canvas does not even undergo lamination, so the safety of your "picturesque" canvas may be in jeopardy.

The most optimal option is to print ona self-adhesive film. The image is printed on a dense film, which can be quickly applied to absolutely any surface - wood, plastic, metal, glass, tiles. Created by the method of large-format printing on film, the image is not whimsical in care, if necessary it can be washed with a damp cloth, it does not fade under the influence of sunlight and does not wipe off. Here you can learn more about printing technology on self-adhesive film and get acquainted with the prices for this service.

Ideas and tips for using photo printing in the interior:

  • A bright printed image will undoubtedly becomecenter of attraction of the views of your guests. However, do not forget that it should be harmoniously combined with the overall decoration of the room in a stylistic and color scheme.
  • If you want to use theas a "screaming" color accent in the room, then it should be balanced by at least one small object in the interior. So, if you are dreaming that a huge rose of rich red color "blossom" above the bed in your bedroom - a small red pillow on the bed itself will be an excellent addition to it.
  • Photo printing is probably the best solution for finishingchildren's room. In a few moments, the abode of your child will turn into a fairy-tale country, which can be inhabited by amusing characters - images of animals, fairies and cartoon heroes.
  • Original interior design - blinds withlarge colorful image. Depending on the rotation of the blinds, you can make the front face or the one on which the pattern is applied. Or, you can order two-sided printing and change the mood of one picture to another.
  • Premises large area can be decoratedan unusual floor with a pattern on the entire surface, abandoning the bored traditional floor coverings. For example, in this way it is possible to replace the laminate with a colorful "flower clearing" or even "sea shore".
  • Even more original solution will be an image that seamlessly passes from the wall surface to the floor covering - a kind of 3D-picture that will create a special mood in your house.
  • Finally, thanks to the photo printing, you can wake up every morning and watch the freedom of the blue heavens instead of the boring white ceiling

And that is not all! With the help of interior printing, you can even "correct" the view from the window, changing it to your favorite cityscape or the calming nature of high mountains. As an image, you can also use your own photo taken in one of the travels. And maybe you want to turn the walls of your room into a photo album, decorating them with memorable photos - there is no limit to imagination! If you already have an idea to make your interior unique, then you can order interior printing here -, on the site of the company "Grand Print". Designers and masters of the printing "Grand Print" will provide a whole range of services to help you update the interior - will help in choosing the image suitable for the room, make the layout of the drawing, select the material most suitable for its application, make the finished product and mount it to the desired surface.

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