How to charge Li-ion batteries: tips

Today, for mobile, home appliances, tools use special batteries. They differ in performance. In order for the battery to work for a long time, without failures, you need to take into account the requirements of manufacturers of the products presented.

One of the most popular types today are Li-Ion batteries. How to properly charge this type of battery, as well as the features of its operation should be considered in detail before operating the device.

general characteristics

One of the most common types of batteries today is the type of Li-Ion. Such devices are relatively low cost. However, they are undemanding to the conditions of operation. In this case, the user rarely has the question of how to properly charge a Li-Ion 18650 battery of cylindrical shape or another type.

Most often, the presented batteries are installed in smartphones, laptops, tablets and other similar devices.The batteries presented are characterized by durability and reliability. They are not afraid of complete discharge.Li-ion batteries how to charge

One of the main features of the presented products is the lack of a “memory effect”. These batteries can be charged at almost any convenient time. The “memory effect” occurs when the battery is not fully discharged. If a small amount of charge remained in it, over time, the battery capacity will begin to fall. This will lead to a lack of long-term power equipment. In lithium-ion batteries, the memory effect is minimized.


The design of a lithium-ion type battery depends on the type of device for which it is intended. For a mobile phone, a battery called a “can” is used. It has a rectangular shape and includes one structural element. Its rated voltage is 3.7 V.How to charge li ion battery

The battery of the presented type for a laptop has a completely different design. Separate battery cells in it may be several (2-12 pieces). Each of them has a cylindrical shape. These are Li-Ion 18650 batteries. The manufacturer of the equipment indicates in detail how to charge them.This design incorporates a special controller. It looks like a chip. The controller controls the charging procedure, does not allow the battery capacity to exceed the nominal value.

Modern batteries for tablets, smartphones also feature a charge control function. This significantly extends battery life. It is protected from various adverse factors.

Charging features

Considering how to properly charge Li-Ion batteries of the phone, laptop and other equipment, you need to pay attention to the features of the presented device. It should be said that lithium-ion batteries do not tolerate deep discharge and overcharge. This is controlled by a special device that is added to the design (controller).Li-ion batteries how to charge the phone

It is ideal to maintain the charge of the presented type of battery at a level from 20 to 80% of full capacity. This is followed by the controller. However, experts do not recommend leaving the device connected to the charging permanently. This significantly reduces battery life. In this case a constant load acts on the controller.Over time, its functionality may decrease due to this.

At the same time, the controller will also not allow deep discharge. It will simply disconnect the battery at some point. This protective function is essential. Otherwise, the user might accidentally recharge or discharge the battery too much. Also, modern-style batteries provide high-quality protection against overheating.

Battery principle

To understand how to properly charge a Li-Ion battery (new or used), you need to consider how it works. This will allow to assess the need to control the level of discharge and charge of the device.How to properly charge li ion smartphone battery

The lithium ions in the battery of the type presented move from one electrode to another. In this case, an electric current appears. Electrodes can be made of different materials. This indicator is less affected by the performance of the device.

Lithium ions build up on the crystal lattice of the electrodes. The latter, in turn, change their volume and composition. When the battery is charged or discharged, the ions become larger on one of the electrodes.The higher the load on the metallic elements of the structure, which lithium has, the shorter the service life of the device will be. Therefore, it is better not to allow a high percentage of deposition of ions on one or another electrode.

Charging options

Before using the battery, you need to consider how to properly charge the Li-Ion battery of a smartphone, tablet and other equipment. There are several ways to do this.How to properly charge a new li ion battery

One of the most correct decisions would be to use a charger. It is supplied complete with electronic equipment by each manufacturer.

The second option is to charge the battery from a stationary computer connected to a home network. A USB cable is used for this. In this case, the charging procedure will be longer than with the first method.

You can perform this procedure with a cigarette lighter in a car. Another less popular way is to charge a lithium-ion battery with a universal device. It is also called the "frog". Most often, such devices are used to recharge the batteries of smartphones. Contacts of this device can be adjusted in width.

Charging a new battery

There are certain recommendations on how to properly charge a new Li-Ion battery. To do this, read the manufacturer's instructions. This process is simple, but the recommendations of specialists should not be neglected.How to charge a new li ion battery

A new battery needs to be properly commissioned. For this phone, tablet or other equipment must be completely discharged. Only when the device turns off, it can be connected to the network. The controller will not let the battery run out of power. It is he who turns off the device when the battery loses its capacity to a predetermined level.

Next, you need to connect electrical equipment to the network using a regular charger. The procedure is carried out until the indicator turns green. You can leave the device online for a few more hours. This procedure is carried out several times. At the same time, there is no need to discharge the phone, tablet or laptop.

Normal charge

Knowing how to properly charge Li-Ion batteries can significantly prolong battery life. Experts recommend conducting the correct procedure for this process for a new battery.After that, it is not advisable to discharge the battery completely. When the indicator shows that the battery capacity has a charge of only 14-15%, it needs to be connected to the network.

It is also not recommended to charge the battery up to 100%. When the indicator shows 80-90%, the device can be disconnected from the network. This is the ideal principle for charging a regular lithium-ion battery.

It is also not recommended to use other devices for filling the battery capacity, except for the regular one. It has the most acceptable current performance permissible for a particular battery model. Other options can only be used when absolutely necessary.


There is another nuance that you need to know when studying the question of how to properly charge Li-Ion batteries. Experts recommend periodically calibrating this device. It is held every three months.

First, in normal mode, you need to discharge electrical equipment before it is turned off. Next, it is connected to the network. Charging continues until the indicator turns green (the battery is 100% charged). This procedure must be performed for proper operation of the controller.

When performing this procedure, the battery circuit board defines the limits of charging and discharging. This is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the controller, avoids failures. This applies the standard charger, which is supplied by the manufacturer with a phone, tablet or laptop.


In order for the battery to work as long and efficiently as possible, you also need to consider how to properly charge the Li-Ion storage battery. In some cases, a situation may arise when the device for powering equipment is temporarily not used. In this case, it must be properly prepared for storage.How to charge the battery 18650 li ion

Battery charge up to 50%. In this state, it can be stored for a long time. However, the ambient temperature should be around 15 ºС. If it rises, the battery’s rate of loss of its capacity will increase.

If the battery needs to be stored for a sufficiently long time, it needs to be completely discharged and charged once a month. The battery is gaining 100% of its specified capacity. Then the device is again discharged and charged up to 50%. With regular procedures, you can store the battery for a very long time.After that, it will be fully operational.

Considering how to properly charge Li-Ion batteries, you can significantly extend the life of a battery of this type.

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