How to choose a camera for high-quality photos?

Today cameras are on the market in a wide range. Nevertheless, the majority of people do not know what criteria need to choose such a technique. Many have casually heard the terms “matrix”, “megapixels”, but what they are talking about is not clear.

Sellers skillfully take advantage of the inexperience of buyers in matters of choice and impose cameras at fabulously high prices with a lot of unnecessary functions to simple photo shooters. How not to fall for the tricks of the workers of trade? How to choose a good quality camera?

How to choose a good camera?

First of all, you should proceed from your financial capabilities and the level at which you own photography. Accordingly, the higher the price of a particular model, the greater the functional potential it possesses. But for beginners it is better to buy a simpler device.

How to choose a good cameraAfter all, it’s not a fact that a passion for photography does not burn out in a month or two. Therefore, the most important question before buying should be the following: why do you need a camera? For what purpose? Only after receiving the objective answers can we proceed to find the answer to the main question, how to choose a camera.

A camera for an amateur will satisfy his needs with simple and, at first glance, high-quality images. The main thing that they turned out clear. A professional photographer will prefer a model with the latest "bells and whistles", allowing to improve, systematize the image quality.

Most of today's cameras are digital. They can be dividedinto two groups.

  1. Automatic with a minimal variety of settings.
  2. Mirror, the use of which requires the possession of all the subtleties of the process.
In the absence of skills of photographic skill, preference should be given to the most automated camera. The camera with changing optics will be mastered by a professional.

But which device is better to choose? Compact digital camera or SLR? Semi-professional or for real pros? Overview of Camera Featureswill help make the right choice.

How to choose a SLR camera?

The main difference between SLR cameras from other devices is the ability to use removable lenses. Thus, the camera includes two parts - the body (or "carcass") and mobile optics. Such a device gives a very high image quality, even if visibility conditions leave much to be desired.

How to choose a SLR camera

But how to choose a SLR camera? Need to considerseveral important criteria.

  • It is important to focus on the model year. The latest cameras are more advanced, but they become obsolete a couple of months after their first appearance on the market. This does not apply to rare books, which have no age limits. It is better to give preference to new digital technology. With them it will be easier in terms of repair and purchase of accessories.
  • Megapixels, namely - their number. Although professionals call this indicator insignificant, however, with large-format printing, this criterion plays a paramount role.
  • Weight and size are not critical for a novice photographer or for rare shots.However, if a person is used to not letting the device out of his hands throughout the day, it is better to choose a more compact camera.
  • The presence of video. Some people buy a DSLR for shooting video. But not all devices come with a microphone. Therefore, when buying a camera, you need to ask the seller about the presence of a recording device.
  • Zoom If you have the usual compact ultrazoom, working with a SLR camera can cause some difficulties, since the standard zoom in it is threefold.
  • Which frame: full or crumbled. The first price is several times higher. Therefore, in the presence of extra money, the choice should be made in their favor. If there is no finance, then the second option will also fit.
  • No less important criterion for choosing a SLR camera should be the company that launched it. Top rated companies are Nikon, Canon and Sony. It is their models that should be preferred. But if the budget is limited, you can pay attention to other lesser-known manufacturers. Pentax, Olympus and Samsung have proven themselves well. The main leader is Canon.
Selecting a model in accordance with the above criteria, it would not be superfluous to try it out. You can take a few pictures in the store before buying.Sometimes the quality of a super-trimmed SLR is worse than that of a device that is a standard inexpensive “soap box”.

After receiving the answer to the question of how to choose a SLR camera, the next step will be to buy a lens for it.

How to choose a lens for a SLR camera?

It’s hardest for a novice photographer to decide how to choose a lens for a camera. It is clear that a modern lens that will meet all parameters has not yet been invented. However, there is the most balanced model called Kit.

How to choose a lens for a SLR cameraIt turned out a good device that meetsfollowing parameters:

  • good lens;
  • cheap;
  • universal.

In the future, you can purchase more advanced lenses for cameras. But for the newbie kit will be just right.

In addition to the lens, an important role in the SLR camera is the flash. How to choose a flash for shooting? Which one to give preference to? Here you need to act consistently, conducting the selectionby several criteria.

  • The power measured by the distance within which you can get a high quality picture.
  • Auto ZoomIt will give the opportunity to change the distance to the object, while maintaining light and focus.
  • A flash with a maximum battery recharge rate is suitable for those engaged in reportage photography.
  • For different lighting effects, select the flash with a swivel head.
  • If the budget is limited, then it is better to buy a semi-professional flash than a low-quality, cheap counterpart.

How to choose a professional camera?

Modern cameras are almost all digital. They differ in a set of functions and quality of parts. Such diversity sometimes confuses the buyer, especially if he is not exactly a pro in the industry. How to choose a digital camera so that it is still professional?

How to choose a professional camera

It is believed that the best brand on the market, producing cameras for professionals is Canon. The Canon camera, whether professional or semi-professional, will be equipped with accessories from the same brand.

Such devices are quite expensive, so when you buy should prefer high-quality technology with good optics and lenses.

How to choose a memory card for a camera?

Before you buy a memory card, you need to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the camera and find out what type of memory it will fit. Also information can be found on the Internet. In addition to information about the memory, you need to clarify information about the size of the flash card that your tool will “pull”.

If the question of which manufacturer of flash drives to give preference to is irrelevant for you, then it is better not to get involved with companies that are not heard of. Leaders in the production of memory cards - Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston.

If you are offered when buying a camera memory card for free, then know that this is the marketing ploy of the seller. Well, if the card just turns out to be defective and does not harm the device. Remember that a high-quality memory card can not be cheap.

If you need a large amount of memory, then do not put it in one flash drive. Buy two cards with equal volume. You insure yourself, if suddenly one carrier stops working.

Before paying money to the cashier of the store, check the card for proper operation. If everything works, then you can safely make a purchase.

How to choose a tripod for the camera?

Most of the owners of cameras dream of buying a tripod with it, the function of which is to hold the camera in a fixed position.But how to choose a compact and at the same time reliable tripod? For this you need to knowthe main characteristics of the device.

  • Working height- defined as the gap from the surface of the site with which the tripod is in contact, to the camera. Height is the minimum and maximum. It is better if the maximum height is greater than the height of the photographer.
  • Tripod size and weight. These figures should be such that when shooting the weight of the camera does not affect the support and does not break it. Nevertheless, compact models of tripods should be preferred, since they are more convenient to carry in their hands.
  • Accessories. Many tripods are available with a full range of components. But professionals prefer to buy different items separately. This is a more expensive purchase option, but also of higher quality.
  • Case- useful on a long journey or on a journey. It will protect the tripod from the weather.

TOP 5 best SLR cameras

The number of lovers of high-quality photographs and digital devices is constantly growing. However, it is not always easy to choose the optimal model, especially if the person is not well versed in this. We offer a brief overview of the 5 best SLR cameras for every taste and wallet.

Nikon D3300

The best model for a novice photographer who has a limited budget, but wants for a fairly small amount of money to buy a compact SLR camera with the maximum number of functions.

Nikon D3300Nikon D3300 camera


  • low price of the device itself;
  • low cost lenses for the device;
  • Full HD video shooting;
  • compactness;
  • great flash;
  • long battery life (up to 700 photos);
  • 24.7 MP matrix (APS-C).


  • LCD screen built into the case;
  • strong digital noise may occur;
  • too few shooting modes.

average cost- 33600 rubles.

Nikon D7100

This model is for experienced amateur photographers who place quite high demands on the camera. Reviews of the camera as a whole are positive, buyers are only confused by the high cost of the device. But more about everything.

Nikon D7100Nikon D7100 camera


  • high image quality;
  • good flash;
  • quite good rate of fire (6 frames per second);
  • clear LCD screen;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • convenient viewfinder;
  • accurate autofocus;
  • long autonomous work.


  • no wireless modules;
  • overcharge;
  • built-in LCD screen.

average cost- 56000 rubles.

Sony Alpha ILCA-77M2 Body

Very good, but also sufficient expensive model, released by a Japanese company. Suitable for advanced users who want to receive professional photos, without spending extra effort.

Sony Alpha ILCA-77M2 BodyCamera Sony Alpha ILCA-77M2 Body


  • high-quality and clear images;
  • 3 user modes;
  • good rate of fire (12 shots per second);
  • good image stabilizer;
  • electronic viewfinder;
  • there is wi-fi;
  • tracking trick;
  • the ability to choose the focus mode;
  • rotating lcd screen.


  • high cost;
  • short autonomous work;
  • The red-eye correction function works slowly.

average cost- 68300 rubles.

Nikon D810

The perfect sharpness and clarity of the resulting images - here, perhaps, the main review of this great camera. However, the advantages of the device are not limited to this. There is also a fly in the “celebration of life” —a spoon of tar — the high price of the apparatus itself and the lenses to it.

Nikon D810Nikon D810 Camera


  • amazing sharpness;
  • high resolution photos;
  • hybrid autofocus;
  • 37 megapixels under the case;
  • there is a second display;
  • weather protected housing;
  • long autonomous work (up to 1200 shots);
  • perfectly working flash.


  • insufficient rate of fire (only 5 photos per second);
  • LCD mounted in the case;
  • high cost of the device and lenses to it.

average cost- 200,000 rubles.

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II

One of the best professional cameras at the moment. Possesses excellent characteristics, however at the same time differs in high cost and high weight. Judging by the reviews, buyers are ready to turn a blind eye to such shortcomings.

Canon EOS 1D X Mark IICamera Canon EOS 1D X Mark II


  • lack of digital noise;
  • very good and accurate autofocus operation;
  • the presence of a second screen;
  • high rate of fire (14 frames per second);
  • long autonomous work (for 1200 pictures);
  • metal durable case;
  • great video quality;
  • built-in GPS receiver.


  • low resolution matrix;
  • high cost;
  • heavy model;
  • no wi-fi.

average cost- 378,000 rubles.

There are a lot of criteria for choosing cameras. A person unaware in this area may become confused. That is why a newbie is better to purchase an inexpensive model for the first time. Over time, the experience and knowledge in the field of photographing will become wider, and then the question of how to choose a camera will cease to cause difficulties.

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