How to cook cold beetroot? Cold beetroot classic

On a hot summer day, any of us will be happy to taste such a dish as beetroot soup - this is what the experienced housewives call to cook cold beetrootNo doubt, the merits of this soup have long been appreciated by many. The main thing - to know how to cook a cold beetroot. And if everything is done correctly, your household will demand supplements again and again.

Beetroot: what is it and what is it eaten with?

It is believed that this dish came to us from Belarus. There he is called "fridge", which directly indicates the method of preparation. Beetroot soup is the simplest soup. Many experienced chefs often joke that it is from him that one should begin acquaintance with the culinary art. Why? Yes, because beetroot cold (the classic version of it) is very easy to prepare and almost impossible to spoil it. In addition, it is very similar in taste to soup. The difference between them is that they do not add cabbage to beetroot.And one more thing: they serve it to the table most often in a cold form. However, if you prefer a hot dish, then this option takes place.

The reasons for the popular love of beetroot

beetroot cold classic

Have you ever wondered why many of us are eager to learn how to cook cold beetroot? The fact is that this soup is very popular. What is the secret of its attractiveness among housewives?

Casket opens simply. This soup has amazing properties.

  • Cold beetroot (classic) perfectly refreshes and gives vigor in the heat. He is valued for being able to lower body temperature.
  • Dish can easily be called diet. And this is one of the good reasons to try this dish, even to those young ladies who are always concerned about their weight. On average, one plate of this soup contains about 50 kilocalories.
  • Beetroot contains a huge amount of vitamins. Among them are such necessary for our health, as A and C. In addition, it is famous for its reserves of folic acid. To save all the useful elements, you need to know how to cook a cold beetroot. After all, this dish should be subjected to minimal heat treatment.Properly cooked soup will help to cope with avitaminosis and even a cold.
  • Such a delicacy will never get bored. After all, you can easily experiment with ingredients, replace them depending on your preferences or the contents of the refrigerator. So, taste will always be new.
  • This is one of the most budget options for soup. Products are always available and will not breach your budget.
  • The elementary dish for which you spend a minimum of time. In the summer it is especially valuable. Who would want to conjure at the stove in the heat?
  • The ideal option in the diet will be this soup for those who observe Christian traditions. In the post better than beetroot and come up with nothing can be.
  • And this dish has an amazing feature: on the second day it only becomes tastier, insists, like good wine. Try it and see for yourself that these words are true.

Features of cold soups

Dishes that fall into this category have a lot in common.beetroot cold photoLike all cold soups, beetroot soup consists of the following components.

  1. Refueling. It is of different types: meat or vegetable, and sometimes mixed.
  2. Liquid base.Here opens a huge scope for your fantasies. What just do not use the hostess as her! You can cook the soup in water or broth. It should not be forgotten that the base should have a sour taste, therefore usually lemon juice or concentrated citric acid, vinegar is added. Classic beetroot made on bread kvass. You can use the brine left over from sauerkraut. And many people prefer to cook beetroot on kefir. The main thing is that the dairy product is non-fat and without additives.
  3. Any cold soup contains herbs and greens. Here, too, you can conjure with various ingredients. Sorrel, parsley, green onions, basil - a pantry of nature at your service.

Features cooking cold soups

There are general rules that should not be neglected. It is impossible to cook a tasty dish without observing the laws of cooking.

  • Everything that can be eaten raw is put in a cold soup in this form, without being cooked.
  • Root vegetables are usually cooked, as well as meat, if you plan to add it to the dish.
  • Do not chop the ingredients too much. Otherwise, your soup will turn into porridge.
  • Such summer refreshing soups should be served cold, that is, their temperature should not exceed 10-12 degrees.
  • All ingredients are usually refilled right before serving.

Secrets of experienced housewives

It also happens that even a dish prepared according to the same recipe is different in taste and appearance. It's all about the nuances of culinary art. How to cook cold beetroot to make it tasty and satisfying, and also had a nice look?

cold beetroot soups

Listen to what experienced chefs say. For the soup you need to take juicy vegetables. In no case can not keep them in cut form in the refrigerator for more than 2 days. They lose not only taste, but also nutrients. But beetroot is valued precisely for its richness in vitamins.

How to keep the color of beets?

So that the soup was not ashamed to serve, it must have an attractive appearance. Do you know how cold beetroot looks like? The photo will show you this dish in all its glory. Juicy burgundy color already from afar causes appetite. But not everyone can boast such a colorful shade. Many of us justify ourselves by the fact that the main thing is taste, not appearance. But agree, a beautifully served dish will look more advantageous on your table.

How to achieve this? And the whole trick here - in the proper preparation of beets.We all know that when cooking this vegetable loses its color. To avoid this, add a little citric acid or vinegar to the pan. Then the beets will retain their colors, and the soup will not turn pale. And we did achieve this, right?

Classic cold beetroot recipe

If you decide to please your family with such a refreshing soup, then stock up on the necessary products.

Classic cold beetroot recipe

For a liquid base will require:

  • Kvass (preferably bread). It takes about 2/3 liters.
  • Beet broth. It must be taken in equal proportions with kvass.

From vegetables will need:

  • 2-3 core beet.
  • 2 medium carrots.
  • 2 fresh cucumbers.

For refueling:

  • 2 boiled eggs.
  • Half a cup of sour cream. Many housewives replace it with mayonnaise. But in the classic recipe it is used sour cream.

Do not forget about greens:

  • A standard bunch of green onions.
  • One tablespoon of dill and parsley.

Main seasonings and spices:

  • 1 teaspoon sugar.
  • 1 tablespoon of wine vinegar.
  • Citric acid and salt (the rate at the discretion of the hostess).cold beetroot soup

As you can see, we will not need any overseas and scarce ingredients. And because this soup can appear on your table quite often.

How to cook a cold beetroot?

This question probably worries many novice hostesses.There is nothing difficult in the cooking process.

  • First you need to boil the roots. Initially, the cut skin is optional. It is removed already from boiled vegetables, which are then cut into strips.
  • While the roots are boiled, you can do other components. Cucumbers also cut into strips. And onion is better to chop and mix with salt.
  • Ready vegetables pour kvass mixed with beetroot.
  • To taste add seasoning: parsley, dill, sugar, salt and citric acid with vinegar.
  • Before you serve the dish on the table, do not forget to add pieces of egg and fill the finished dish with sour cream.

Variations on beet theme

This is a traditional recipe, one might say, classic cooking. But different nations are preparing it in their own way. Yes, and in Russia we have a lot of recipes for this dish. You can add a variety of components to it.

  • Sorrel or spinach. These ingredients are especially needed in the spring. Beet green leaves and nettle leaves are also suitable.
  • Potatoes. This vegetable will help make the soup more satisfying.
  • Want to get a more savory taste? Experienced chefs recommend adding mustard or horseradish.
  • Most men like beetroot soup with to cook cold beetroot
  • Fresh beets can be replaced with pickled, the dish will be no less nutritious. At the same time it will acquire a new taste.
  • Often, kvass is replaced by kefir. And you can even cook the soup on beet broth, only in this case, you need to increase its rate by 2 times.
  • The dressing is sometimes served separately from the dish in a special sauce-pan. To do this, sour cream must be thoroughly grind with yolks until smooth.

Now you know how to cook a cold beetroot. So, it's time to try this delicious soup, which was prepared in ancient times and which has not lost its popularity so far.

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