How to cook lamb? How to cook mutton? Recipes

It so happened that mankind from time immemorial consumed meat: pork, beef, chicken, horse meat - not to mention the more exotic types of product. On the benefits of moderate consumption of meat written articles and whole books. But if pork, for example, is considered heavy and fatty food (probably, it is not for nothing that Muslims and Jews have a ban on the consumption of this type of meat), then lamb is an easily digestible and fairly lean delicacy. Therefore, the question of how to properly cook lamb, and we are on the agenda to cook lamb


About the benefits of lamb meat are legendary (especially in the East). One condition: the source of meat should not be older than 18 months, must be neutered (or it may be the same age of the sheep). Fat in such meat is almost three times less than in pork, and cholesterol - in four. But, for example, iron is already thirty percent more (which is very useful, for example, for people suffering from anemia).Lamb contains a large set of trace elements and vitamins, so necessary for the health of the human body. Its caloric content is relatively low, so the mutton is used for diet. It directly affects the production of hemoglobin, restoring the normal composition of the blood. Also in this meat contains lecithin, which helps regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood.


But as they say, there is no good without harm. Still, some of the harmful qualities of lamb are available. In older people, for example, it can cause arthritis. Therefore, grandparents should not abuse the lamb cutlets or barbecue cooked in their own summer cottage.

what can be cooked from lamb

Mutton is not recommended for small children who have not yet fully developed the digestive tract (the stomach is simply not ready to accept such food).

How to choose?

Before you cook tasty lamb, you have to choose the right one! Many rush to complain about the specific smell, and therefore refuse to cook from it. Choose, before cooking lamb, meat in color and smell. The darker it is, the older the animal was.The lamb should be light red, the smell should be moderate (feel free to sniff right at the counter when shopping). Be aware that during heat treatment, it tends to increase. If it is too strong, look for meat in another store or on the market. For pilaf or stew, they usually take a spatula or brisket, for roast - the kidney or neck part, for stewing, frying - the back leg, for cooking - the neck, spatula, brisket, for lamb cutlets - the neck or spatula.

What can be cooked from lamb? Recipes

how to cook lamb in the oven

Meals with the use of lamb meat there is a great variety. Especially in the East, where the tradition of eating lamb dates back thousands of years. Conventionally, recipes can be divided into several groups: first courses - soups and broths, main dishes, snacks. Speaking about how to cook lamb, we will dwell in more detail on each.

Mutton Soups

Due to cultural and food traditions, such soups are mainly Oriental dishes. Shurpa, kharcho, chanakhi, besh-barmak, bozbash, piti ... Well, not the names, but just some kind of magic! The first dishes are thick, with a very rich taste, extremely nutritious.They are always served with a lot of greens: cilantro, parsley, onion. Oriental spices give a special piquancy to the dishes. Let's try and we prepare such a first dish.


Its variations depend on the region, but basically it is a fat mutton soup with a lot of spices. We will need: lamb (brisket, neck, knuckle) - 1 kilogram, interior mutton fat - 100 grams, half a kilo of red onions, 200 grams of white onions, carrots - 300 grams, tomatoes - 2-3 pieces, chilli pepper - 2-3 pieces , spices (basil, savory, cumin, coriander - to taste), salt; parsley and cilantro - for a good bunch, green onions - 100 grams. Some also add potatoes, but the classic shurpa recipe does not imply that.

how to cook lamb

Put the meat in a large cauldron and pour cold water so that it covers the lamb. We put on fire. Boil, salt. Making the fire weak. We collect foam. In the cauldron add red onion, cut into half rings, cook half an hour. Add chopped fat, carrots (large chunks), red pepper pod, coriander, zira. Cook soup for another hour. Add tomatoes (small ones can even be whole).At this stage - for fans of potatoes in all forms - add it to the cauldron (coarsely chopped or whole). Then - thinly sliced ​​sweet onions, spices. Cook until all ingredients are ready. Note that everything should be cut large. Before serving, lay the meat and vegetables in a separate container, and pour the broth into bowls and sprinkle with chopped parsley and cilantro. Eat hot!


Another way to cook lamb is the famous kharcho soup. Some, however, prefer to make it from beef. It is necessary to take: mutton - 500 grams, rice - two tablespoons, onion - 200 grams, tomato paste - 100 grams, dried plums (or tkemali sauce) - 300 grams, pepper to taste, greens.

Wash meat cut into pieces, pour water and cook for one hour (removing the foam). Then you need to put in a pan rice, chopped onion, salt and cook until rice is ready. After that, put in a tomato soup, lightly fried in a pan, plums or sauce tkemali, pepper. Cook another 10 minutes. Turn off the fire and let it brew for half an hour. Serve, sprinkle with finely chopped greens - more!

The second dishes. How to cook lamb in the oven?

This meat will be tasty and tender, if done correctly! A new potato as a side dish - just yummy fingers! We will need (for six large portions): 1 kilogram of mutton, onions - 300 grams, mutton fat - 100 grams, new potatoes - 1 kilogram, vegetable oil - two or three tablespoons, spices and salt - to taste.

how to cook lamb

In a saucepan, melt the fat, put the diced meat in it, lightly fry. Onion, sliced ​​into half rings, add to the meat and fry for another five minutes. Salt, pepper, pour a glass of water. Simmer on low heat for about an hour (until it is soft enough). We take out the meat and spread on a baking tray. Then wash my potatoes, do not clean, do not cut - lay out all the meat around. Pour the sauce from boiling meat on a baking sheet. There should as a result be at least a glass of liquid. We bake the lamb in the oven at 180 degrees for about twenty minutes. Serve on the table, sprinkle with herbs.


If you are thinking about how to cook lamb in a slow cooker, then I must say, very well it will make pilaf. Take a pound of lamb, 200 grams of rice, 100 grams of onions, pepper and spices for pilaf to taste, 100 grams of carrots, one head of garlic, a couple of spoons of vegetable to cook lamb in a slow cooker

In the bowl multicooker pour oil. Pour rice. Cut the meat into small pieces. Dice carrots, onions - add everything to the slow cooker. Season with spices for pilaf, put whole garlic in the middle. Pour there three glasses of water. Set the mode "Normal" and wait for our pilaf. Serve with greens and fresh salads.

These are just a few recipes for how to cook lamb. And how many more! You can not count. There are modern, there are also opening secrets of centuries. So go ahead, experiment in your kitchens, use classic recipes and invent your own. Bon appetit to all!

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