How to cut a machine at home

Nowadays, short hairstyles are very popular among men. Especially often they are made in the summer, during the holidays, when the weather is hot, and more and more often thoughts come to rest by the sea. If we consider that beautiful short haircuts themselves are universal and never go out of fashion, it becomes clear why electric hair clippers do not go off the shelves of many appliance stores. Make a stylish haircut with this device at home can be no worse than in the trendy salon. The main thing is to know how to cut the machine. Actually, this will be discussed in our to cut a machine

Hair cutting machine

Before you start creating a stylish hairstyle, you should comb your hair in the direction of their growth, i.e. on the back of the head - towards the neck, on the temples - towards the ear, and on the crown - forward to the forehead. Hairdressers, who know very well how to cut with a typewriter, recommend starting the haircut from the front, from the front. If the client has too long hair, it is allowed to comb them on the forehead. Hair lifts up and set the machine at the beginning of their growth.As a rule, short haircuts are made on dry hair. Indeed, how to cut the machine when they are wet?hair cutting machineSo, we take the largest nozzle in length and start cutting the hair from the parietal zone, gradually lowering in the direction of the temples. In fact, it is very easy: you just need to comb your hair and typeset against their height. At the same time, a lot of movements must be done so that the surface of the head was cut evenly and there were no “lone warriors” left - separately protruding hairs. Press the machine tightly to the surface of the head, without changing the angle of inclination. On how carefully we comb the hair and evenly will carry out the machine, will directly depend on the accuracy and quality of the haircut. In order for it to turn out well, you should not hurry. In order for the comb to always be there, it is held in the left palm and, if necessary, straightened, the machine is always in the right hand.

Simple haircut technology

beautiful short haircuts

We begin to cut from the forehead. In this case, we cut the hair with stripes. The first will go in the middle of the head, the next - to the left of the first, the third and fourth - next to the left ear. Similarly, we cut the right side.Now go to the back of the head. Here you should use about two sizes smaller nozzle. For example, if the crown was cut with a nozzle of 12 mm, for the neck we set 6 mm or 9 mm. We ask the client to bend his head and drive the machine from the bottom of the head up, tightly pressed to his head. Reaching the crown, we tear it from the head, making a smooth transition between the length of the hair. Whiskey is cut with the same nozzle. The last thing left for us to do is the edging around the ears, temples and the back of the head. It is performed without nozzles. Needless to say, here you need to take special care, otherwise you can ruin everything with a careless movement. When edging the area around the auricles for convenience, it is usually possible to bend the ear shell with the left finger down. At the back of the head make a flat line, then trim the temples and this whole process can be considered complete. Well, now you know how to cut a typewriter. Now your man has his own hairdresser!

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