How to drink vodka? Vodka consumption culture

Surely, almost everyone knows that vodka is an age-old Russian drink, without which no celebration or celebration can do. Unfortunately, in our country, not all adhere to the rules of drinking alcohol culture, so that the next morning after the feast we have a terrible headache and other negative consequences from a hangover. In this regard, it is not unreasonable to consider the question of how to properly drink vodka. Imagine that this is a whole science, no matter how pompous it sounds. To feel at the table an adequate and cheerful person, not to suffer from a hangover and remember only good things about the last evening — this is why it is important to know how to drink vodka.

Therapeutic effect

But before turning to the question of the specificity of the culture of drinking the above drink, it should be emphasized that alcohol, diluted with water, has a healing effect - this has been known since antiquity.Many people know that vodka kills pathogens and some viruses, being a good antiseptic. If you have injured, treat her wound.

How to drink vodka

When a cold overcomes you, then pound her body, wrap up warmly, and the illness will soon recede.

Biologist Nikolai Shevchenko developed a theory according to which vodka and oil can conquer oncological ailments. Is this really so? In fairness it should be said that in some cases the above prescription saved “cancer” patients, but it’s still premature to speak about the 100% effect of the “medicine”. One way or another, but representatives of official medicine do not believe that vodka with oil is an effective way of treating oncological diseases, especially since its author has not yet patented his technique.

How to lower the degree

But back to the culture of drinking. Of course, many, intending to visit for a birthday, initially set out to not get drunk immediately from the second or third glass. To achieve it you need to know how to drink vodka. In order not to get drunk quickly, before eating, eat something oily or fatty. It is also recommended to consume the egg raw.It is good to have a cup of coffee with lemon. The above ingredients seriously reduce the degree of absorption of alcohol in the blood.

You do not know how to drink vodka in order not to get drunk? This question is immediately removed if, before you sit down at a festive table, take a few tablets of activated charcoal.

Vodka with oil

They also will not allow alcohol to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and will partially eliminate its toxins. Do not be afraid to overdo it with activated charcoal: the more, the better.

You have no idea how to drink vodka in order not to get drunk? No problem. About forty-five minutes before the celebration, eat a plate of manna, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge - to choose from. After that you will be protected from the action of hops for a long time. If you simply had no time to take measures in advance to stay sober at the table as long as possible, follow the recommendations described below.

What you need to remember

First, drinking alcohol, remember that you can not lower the degree.

Secondly, it is not recommended to use cocktails from a variety of alcoholic beverages uncontrollably.Try to stretch one type of alcohol for the whole evening.

Third, do not drink carbonated vodka, as this will lead to rapid intoxication.

Cocktail with vodka - a popular drink

In general, doctors do not advise to drink any liquid immediately after the above drink - it is better to have a snack.

Vodka with juice

If vodka is mixed with juice, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions and be able to choose the “right” fresh. In particular, tomato, cranberry or orange nectar will be optimally suited to the alcoholic beverage. In other words, vodka with juice is a permissible combination, unlike alcohol with soda.

Alcohol with water goes well with “citrus”, as the latter are simply replete with useful substances and vitamins: they protect the cells from the negative effects of free radicals and promote the excretion of harmful cholesterol from the body. That is why vodka with lemon is a more useful product than just alcohol with water.

About the snack ...

Everyone knows that drinking alcohol without biting is an indicator of disregard for their own health. Besides, it is also ignorant.Without nourishing food, vodka cannot reveal all its properties. As the famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov said: “Over the past two centuries, mankind has not invented a better snack for the age-old Russian drink than salted cucumber.” Of course, you can’t argue with that, but the more food on the holiday table, the better. After the feast, it is better to drink a glass of strong tea, and just before bedtime, try a little grapefruit, cranberries, or take ascorbicum - so you can compensate for the lack of vitamin C in the body.

The better to stick

After a glass of the above-mentioned alcoholic beverage, it is better to eat the “neutralizing” product: either very sour or very salty.

Snack under vodka

In particular, you can stop the choice on sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms, salted cucumber or tomato, roasted apples, also lemon with sugar.

Alcohol is not recommended to stick parsley, fresh tomato, cheese. These products can trigger the fermentation process in the digestive organs. Not the best snack, according to experts, smoked sausage, boiled fish.

Which snack for vodka is considered the most preferred? Of course, these are fatty meat dishes - boiled veal, roast pork, hodgepodge, dumplings. Hot vodka should be made on a mandatory basis.In addition, you need to put on the table ham, bacon, jellied meat. A good snack under vodka is salted fish: herring, pink salmon, chum salmon, mackerel, sturgeon salmon, caviar. It will not be superfluous to offer guests boiled potatoes or a vinaigrette.

Drinking culture

As already emphasized, in our country, not everyone knows how to drink, so that after the holiday there will be no unpleasant consequences. We give the main recommendations, the observance of which will help to celebrate the holiday "perfectly well". So what is the culture of drinking vodka?

How to drink vodka so as not to get drunk

Remember that vodka should be consumed chilled (9-10 degrees Celsius).

Drink alcohol in small sips so that the drink can disinfect the oral cavity entirely. Drinking vodka "in one fell swoop" is a sign of bad taste.

Do not mix vodka with other alcoholic beverages (brandy, tincture, whiskey, etc.), otherwise you won't avoid a headache in the morning.

Drink alcohol from vodka glasses, the capacity of which does not exceed fifty grams.

Consider that vodka is considered a noble drink, the purpose of which is to lighten the mood, liberate and relieve stress. It is a mistake to treat this product as some blatant evil. The cause of alcoholism lies in the man himself, and not in vodka as such.That is why everyone, from time to time "relaxing" with this drink, should not lose a sense of self-control. The question of how much alcohol should be drunk is decided individually. Each person has his own permissible rate.

Vodka with lemon

And of course, you should not drink vodka without a snack, while it is very important to learn how to seize the drink with the right dishes.

Morning after the holiday

Often, after a party or a banquet in the morning, health is not the best. In this case, the traditional remedy for a hangover called "pickle" will help. It will restore the salt balance and solve the problem of dehydration. This medicine has the effect of "two in one": water and salt enter the body simultaneously. If in your refrigerator there is no three-liter jar of pickles or tomatoes, then you can do with ordinary mineral water. It will also compensate for the lack of salts and minerals.

To intensify the work of the digestive system, be sure to eat the first dish, and certainly hot. In particular, we are talking about hot broth. As an alternative to this dish, you can offer a couple of glycine tablets.

A contrast shower will help to cheer up after a fiercely carried out holiday. In addition, it will not be superfluous to take activated charcoal, which also has a beneficial effect on the work of the digestive system and removes most of the alcohol poisons from the body. If you are worried about a headache, then the problem can be solved by paracetamol. Do not treat headache with effervescent soluble pills: gases will only aggravate the situation.

Culture drinking vodka

Some get rid of a hangover with alcohol. The main thing here is not to overdo it with the dosage: a standard can of beer or 100 grams of vodka is enough. As for the wine, it is better to abandon its use, since the acid in it, tyramine, causes headaches.

Drinking a lot is bad ...

Today, an alcoholic beverage, relieving a huge number of ailments, has become a “potion” for a good pastime. Unfortunately, in Russia they drink alcohol immensely, which leads to mass drinking. So that after a holiday a person does not have any remorse of conscience, one should not turn a feast into an ordinary drinking party: diversify it with outdoor games, dances, contests, humorous scenes. And then the celebration will be a success.

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