How to dry fish at home

Appetizing jerky fish with cold beer -A great idea for a dinner in the summer heat. It will be most delicious if you cook your own snack. Not everyone knows how to dry fish at home, many such a task may seem too complicated. However, it's quite possible to cope with this, it's worth trying.

How to dry fish at homeHow to Dry River Fish: Preparation

Dryed fish is a salted fish dried onOpen air at a temperature of about twenty degrees of heat. It is best for this method of cooking suitable vobla, bream, mackerel or ram. Specialists, describing how to correctly cure river fish, note that the taste depends on the fat content - the fatter grade will be better. Nevertheless, if desired, you can prepare and other varieties, for example, mullet or barbel.

Before cooking, you need to properly process andpick up carcases. Freshly caught fish should be moved with nettle and left for a couple of hours in the cool, and only after that start working. How to dry fish at home? Small varieties can not be cut, but large must necessarily be gutted by making longitudinal incisions. Caviar and milk can be left inside so that they cook with the fish. After that, you can string carcasses into a string - with salted it will make it more difficult. Use a large needle, piercing the fish through the eyes, directing the backs in one direction.How to dry a river fishOne twine should fall on a pair of largeor a dozen small carcasses. Tie up its ends with a knot, rinse the bunch in water and salt with salt. Fill it in the gills, and in the incisions on the abdomen. Large fish weighing about two kilograms should also make an incision on the back to fill the salt and into it. Take a large barrel or tub, pour in it a solution of salt and lay the carcass, trying not to do it too tightly. Cover everything with a wooden circle and put oppression on top of it. The waiting time before drying fish at home depends on the type and size of the fish, how warm the weather is and your personal preferences. Generally, it takes from two to seven days. After this you can proceed to the final stage.

How to Dry the River Fish ProperlyHow to dry fish at home: the final stage

So, the fish has salted and you can proceed to itsdrying. Remove the salted carcasses, leave them for a couple of hours and rinse with cold water. Hang the ligaments in a place where there will be access to open air, on the sunny side, but in the shade. It should be well ventilated. The best weather for cooking is in spring or early summer, when the days are not too hot and not wet. In the heat, the fat in the fish can deteriorate until the cooking is completed and this will worsen the taste of the dish. Hang out the carcass should be the abdomen outward, so that they do not touch the others.

An important condition is protection from flies that canlay eggs in the fish. For this, carcases are greased with vegetable oil or vinegar, and also covered with gauze. You can hang the fish in a well-ventilated box of wood, which is tightly closed with gauze. Once the carcass has dried, the tissue can be removed - the product will not attract any more insects. The cooking time will take from two to five weeks, depending on the size of the fish, after which you can enjoy the taste of your own catch.

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How to dry fish at home How to dry fish at home How to dry fish at home How to dry fish at home How to dry fish at home