How to get rid of lice and nits at home? Pediculosis: treatment

Pediculosis is considered one of the most delicate problems, which is not customary to speak publicly. More than others, children suffer from this ailment. And in view of the fact that small restless people are very sociable and attend educational and preschool institutions, the rapid spread of lice has a quite understandable explanation. There are three types of these parasites: pubic, wearable and head lice. How to get rid of them, and even better, how to prevent infection, everyone should know. And in this article we will focus on parasites that infest in the to get rid of lice and nits

Pediculosis can make everyone sick

In medicine, head lice are considered parasites that live in a person's hair and feed on blood. The most favorite places of these creatures - the head and temples. For several millennia, people have been fighting with these small parasites that cause a lot of inconvenience.And if earlier it was believed that pediculosis can only hurt children and adolescents from disadvantaged families, now it is scientifically proven that the social situation and intensity of personal hygiene can in no way be a barrier to lice. Naturally, personal hygiene reduces the appearance of lice to a minimum, but they may well jump to a new victim during physical contact with an infected person, as well as when using someone else's hairbrush. Experts note that children and adolescents are most often infected, but lice are often found in adults. So, everyone can have lice, regardless of their social status or age. That is why everyone should know how to get rid of lice and nits at home.

Treatment difficulties

Even in the past decade, this problem could be addressed to the appropriate institution, where the head was treated with special medicines (often the so-called dust soap). Now everything has changed somewhat - parents whose children are infected with pediculosis should be treated independently. That is why the question of how to get rid of lice and nits is especially relevant today. This will be discussed further.

First of all, it should be noted that in the treatment of pediculosis, inexperienced moms experience the following problems:

  • It is difficult enough from a variety of expensive drugs presented in a pharmacy to find remedies for lice, which will help to eradicate all the lice and get rid of nits;
  • after having bothered the lice, it can be found that the eggs of the parasites, which are glued to the hair, not only did not fall away, but remained to get rid of lice and nits at home

Signs of disease

One of the earliest manifestations of lice is itching, which is caused by insect bites, and it can be so severe that sometimes a patient combs the skin almost to the blood. Such unpleasant sensations result from the fact that when a bite from the insect's proboscis, saliva is secreted, which is very irritating to the skin.

Another fairly obvious sign of lice are pathological changes in the skin. As you might guess, these are bite marks. The skin, as a rule, in these places is slightly swollen and red. In more complicated cases, when pathogenic bacteria have entered the wound, wounds and ulcers may appear.To avoid such serious consequences, everyone should know how to get rid of lice and nits.lice prevention

In the first days of the disease, when examining the head, it is very difficult to detect lice, as they are still very small, but their metabolic products are easy to find. Lice feces resemble small brownish grains of sand.

How to treat pediculosis

Treatment should be carried out immediately at the first detection of parasites, their feces or nits. Otherwise, after only two weeks, the head of the patient can become a real breeding ground for lice with numerous wounds on the skin. So, how to get rid of lice and nits at home? For this purpose, the pharmacy sells a huge amount of different shampoos and emulsions, and such tools as Permetrin, Pedilin, Para Plus, Reed and Sumitrin. However, it should be remembered that any pharmacological agent has contraindications and specific instructions regarding use. There may also be side effects in the form of allergic reactions. Therefore, before resorting to the use of these funds, you should try the selected drug in a small area of ​​skin behind the ear and make sure that it will not be allergic.It is also worth considering that in the package for each tool there is an instruction in which you can find a detailed description of how to get rid of lice and nits using this composition.

General Rules for the Use of Pediculosis Products

One of the important rules that must be followed is that re-use of the drug after the time specified in the instructions is necessary. Often, inexperienced parents, having treated the head of the child with an emulsion, lotion or shampoo once, do not pay attention to the recommended re-etching, while such prevention of lice is quite important. Quite often, this decision leads to a relapse of the disease.

remedies for pediculosis

It is worth remembering that the funds for lice are quite harmful, and therefore you need to work with them with gloves. It is also necessary to exclude hit of structure on the face of the child or on mucous.

What to do if lice are found

Often, the detection of insects in the head plunges parents into a kind of shock, and not everyone can quickly quickly find out how to act in this situation. It is clear that you need to use some special solutions and means to poison the lice,But should we talk about this problem to the parents of those children with whom the child had contact? For many, such a conversation is something shameful. However, you must immediately notify the teachers and educators of the school that the child attends about the existence of a problem, so that after the appropriate procedures are carried out, to protect the baby from re-infection.

Traditional methods of treatment

So, how to get rid of folk remedies for lice? This question is asked by a huge number of parents. And it is folk remedies that arouse great interest, since it is believed that the use of pharmacological formulations is rather unhealthy. To do this, often use well-known products, such as salt, vinegar, cranberries, black cumin, mint and pomegranate. Also used as a drug is kerosene, mercury ointment, geranium oil, burdock and angelica.

How to get rid of lice with vinegar and salt

For treatment, take a glass of wine vinegar and 43 grams of the most common table salt. The ingredients are mixed and added to the composition of 5 grams of medical alcohol. Before using the hair should be well washed with shampoo, and then put hair dipped in gauze soaked in medicine.This lotion should be kept on the head throughout the day, while it is necessary to change the compress 3-4 times. This composition will help not only to eradicate all the parasites and their eggs, but also to ease the itching.pediculosis treatment

Kerosene against lice

How to get rid of lice and nits with kerosene, our grandmothers knew, and in ancient times it was the surest means in the fight against pediculosis. To prepare the composition for treatment, 1 part of kerosene is mixed with 10 parts of any vegetable oil, then the whole head is carefully lubricated with this solution, cellophane is applied, which is covered with a kerchief or towel on top. This compress is left overnight. In the morning, the hair is well washed with shampoo and hot water, and then proceed to combing nits. To remove the eggs of parasites will need a thick scallop, which is moistened with wine or apple vinegar.

Geranium Lice Treatment

How to get rid of lice and nits at home with essential oil of geranium? In fact, the treatment process is quite simple. In the usual hair mask or balm you need to add 8 drops of oil, stir, rub evenly into the scalp, and then with a comb comb spread over the entire length of the hair. After the hair should be wrapped in cellophane and leave for an hour.Next, they should be rinsed with plenty of warm water, in which you should add 5 drops of the same oil and three teaspoons of vinegar for each liter of water. head lice how to get rid

Black cumin in the treatment of pediculosis

For the preparation of the medicinal product, the crushed black cumin grains are mixed with apple or wine vinegar in the ratio of one to one, the resulting composition carefully lubricates the hair along the entire length. Next, you must leave the mixture until dry and do not wash it off for five hours. The procedure should be repeated daily for 7-10 days.

Mint and pomegranate juice if lice are found in the head

How to get rid of parasites without resorting to toxic medical drugs? A mixture of fresh peppermint and pomegranate juice is also recognized as a good and effective remedy for pediculosis. To prepare the mixture, take half a glass of finely chopped leaves and 1 cup of natural juice, mix them and bring to a boil. This composition is rubbed into the scalp and evenly distributed through the hair. The procedure is repeated for several days in a row.

Herbs as a cure for lice

Herbal wisdom helps with many diseases, and pediculosis is no exception.So, what herbs should be used if there are lice, how to get rid of these unpleasant parasites by folk remedies? There are two most common herbal remedies. head lice how to get rid

  1. The roots of white hellebore and angelica are mixed in equal proportions; 4 parts of pork lard are added to one part of this mixture. The resulting ointment is rubbed into the scalp at bedtime, wrapped in a head scarf. In the morning you can wash your hair with shampoo. The procedure is repeated for several days in a row.
  2. In the fight against head lice can help a simple burdock. To prepare the medicine, the plant, along with the leaves and stems, is poured with boiling water and infused for about thirty minutes. Broth filter and wash their heads.

What to do if there were lice, how to get rid of folk remedies from this rather unpleasant, and for many even shameful disease? Here, all means are good, the main thing is that the chosen medicine helps to bring the head in order in a short time. Pharmacological tools will help to cope with this task quickly, but if time is not tight, then folk methods can also be quite effective, although the result will not be seen so quickly.

In order to avoid a relapse after treatment, special attention should be paid to clothing, hairbrushes and bed linen. The comb should be thoroughly washed and rinsed with boiling water, and things should be tidied and ironed with a hot iron with steam.

It is also worth noting that itching may not always be due to the appearance of lice. Before resorting to treatment, you should make sure that there are really parasites, and after that you start using drugs.

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