How to hang a mirror on the wall?

Who is not familiar with the modern glass mirror? The design is a polished glass sheet coated with a thin layer of metal, the so-called amalgam. For the production of budget models of mirrors, aluminum particles are used as a layer for spraying; for more expensive models, silver is used. On top of the layer is coated with varnish, protecting the fragile amalgam from the negative effects of the external environment.

Mirror on the wall

Such a delicate and fragile interior element must be securely fastened to a vertical surface. Let us deal with the question of how to mount the mirror on the wall, and try to give an exhaustive answer to it.

Fixing mirrors is easy

If you had experience with mirrors and you managed to mount them, then difficulties should arise. If you are new, read the instructions for mounting the mirror on different vertical surfaces.

Mirror wall mount

Mounting features

Today, there are three main models of mounting a mirror sheet on a wall:

  • gluing when using double-sided tape;
  • installation with special glue;
  • screwing screws.

The first method is suitable for mounting a small mirror on a wall whose area does not exceed 1 m2. The holding power of the adhesive tape is not too high, because the reliability when mounting mirrors with a large area is reduced. Scotch tape must cover the entire back side of the mirror, drawing a sticky net, but even with this method, the tape will be delayed over time, and the design may fall off.

Large mirror on the wall

Installation using screws with special brackets-holders differs in the scope of work and their subtlety. When using such a method, there is a need to drill holes in the mirror canvas itself, so care should be taken, and even better to give the mirror to a special workshop where it will be processed without risk of damage.

Mirror on the tiled wall

The most acceptable method of mounting a mirror on a wall in a bathroom is glue. The use of a special composition for mounting mirrors will avoid unwanted drilling holes in the bathroom tile.

Choosing a bathroom mirror, pay attention to its features. For a room with high humidity, it is better to choose a model with silver amalgam, covered with a protective and additional layer of varnish.Such a design is insensitive to temperature extremes and condensate accumulation and can last for more than 15 years.

How to hang a mirror on the wall

Mirror accessories

To determine the diameter of the holes for fixtures for the mirror on the wall, you must first select a set of fittings in the workshop. One fixing package consists of a brass bushing with a plastic gasket, a decorative nut, a self-tapping screw and a dowel.

Technological process of installation of a mirror cloth

Large mirrors made hang at some distance from the floor. So it will not get dirty much, the risk of damage will be reduced, and it simply will not interfere, for example, when replacing a plinth in an apartment. The optimum distance from the plinth to the mirror is 10-15 cm.

To hang a large mirror on the wall, you need to create a special mount. Getting started, you must mark up for future holes in the wall. To do this, make an improvised, but reliable stand (you can use chipboard trim) for the mirror. Attach it to the wall and see how best to place it. Then mark the location of fasteners and holes for them.Carefully remove the mirror, place it on a flat horizontal surface to eliminate the possibility of damage. Continue to work with the vertical surface. Check the markup and set the symmetry. After that, in places painted holes for dowels with a drill, make holes.

When mounting a mirror on a plasterboard wall, there is no need to create a markup. In the wall, you can drill holes by attaching a mirror cloth to it, using a thin-walled tube.

In the drilled holes, after the mirror has been removed from the wall in a more secure position, install dowels. It is important that the size of the "butterfly" plug differs from the diameter of the drilled holes by 0.5-1 mm in a big direction. Before installing dowels, the holes in the wall can be additionally lubricated with PVA glue or any other. This approach will help prevent the crumbling of gypsum and increase the level of adhesion of the dowel to the wall. This stage can be skipped, but so the fasteners for the mirror on the wall will “sit” more reliably.

Fixture for mirrors on the wall

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the process of installing a mirror cloth on the wall, but you can easily decorate the interior with a new beautiful and modern element.

Now you know how to hang a mirror on the wall, and such a seemingly simple, but responsible process should not cause difficulties during the work. Learn to work not only on yourself, but also on the environment that surrounds you. Start with a mirror in your house, and you will see how the interior is radically transformed.

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