How to interest a guy in social networks?

We are so busy at work and school that we go out into the street only in order to jump into the minibus as soon as possible. Life takes place on the way from point A to point B, and when you get home in the evening, the forces remain only on VKontakte gatherings: here in recent years they are trying to find a mate, and especially timid or busy arrange dates right online or even manage create a virtual family. In this case, the question arises: how to interest the guy by correspondence, so that he wants to invite you to a real walk in the park (or where you still like to go there). Probably, we ourselves are guilty of not having time to rest and chat with peers in real life, however, while we are still online, let's learn how to communicate with strangers and learn women's secrets of successful flirting in social networks.
How to interest a guy by correspondence

Become a scout

In order to start a correspondence with the guy "VKontakte" you should carefully examine his page: marital status, activities, interests, where he studies or works,look carefully at his photos. Firstly, you may no longer want to communicate with him, because you will understand that you will not be interested together, or you will see something useful for yourself, and it will be easier to start a correspondence. While "walking" on his page, put a few hearts under the photos (1-2, no more), he may want to get to know you better and the question of how to interest a guy by correspondence will disappear by himself.

Do not be afraid to take the first step.

Suppose you like a young man, and you haven’t come across his eyes yet, so how does he know about your existence if you don’t dare to send him a message? There is another popular way to draw attention to yourself: put "I like" under a photo or a post on its wall. Trite, but how to interest the guy "in contact", if a girl hesitates to write to him? In addition, some users block the possibility of correspondence with them.

It is important to be yourself

It is easier for a person to tell the truth about himself when he does not see the interlocutor. Thus, it is easier to find a soul mate: people may know each other in life, but never speak.But it is easy to find a common language in the chat. Use this opportunity to be yourself! Moreover, when you met, if you wrote a lie about yourself or embellished reality, the whole deception will come up and you both may be disappointed.

How to interest the guy in contactDo not limit yourself to the phrases “Hello!” And “How are you?”

Build sentences so that it implies the need to respond. What to write to the guy to interest and start a conversation? Share some news and ask the opinion of the interlocutor about this topic. So, word for word, you can go to your favorite movies, music and agree to go to the premiere of a film or a concert together.
Do not forget to be polite

It just so happened that people lack the usual words “Thank you” or “You are a good girl” in life. How to interest a guy by correspondence, you ask? Yes, maybe you will be the only one who encourages or thanks him? And you just need to be unique for him. If you need to use the word “please” more often, then consider that your virtual flirtation was the most successful. Also in fashion today are non-drinking and non-smoking girls. We do not call you to anything, but if you are such, then it can warm up his interest - non-drinker, non-smoker, beautiful, intelligent, polite girl, I would just like to see!
Do not impose

Psychologists recommend writing a guy every 2-3 days, giving him the opportunity to want to send you a message. Also, do not be upset if he does not respond for a long time, because he simply may not be near the computer. But try not to insist on correspondence, when he is busy with something, perhaps he is working and cannot be distracted for a long time. Although, in such cases it is recommended to close all tabs of social networks and focus on the task. So, he is guilty, if he was prevented by a message from you.
What to write a guy to interestRather, go to the real

At the first opportunity exchange phone numbers and make appointments, otherwise your virtual flirt will be dragged out for a long time, and even a quicker girl can get ahead of you.

In fact, there is no universal recipe for successful communication and how to interest a guy by correspondence. A lot of things will be prompted by women's intuition, and we just gave general rules for successful communication on the Internet. We wish you interesting and unforgettable dates!

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