How to make a box? Jewelry box with your own hands: drawings, accessories

Casket - a very useful product for any hostess. Every needlewoman dreams of having such a casket and laying out in it various trifles. This is not only a separate element of the decor, but also a necessary thing for storing accessories, jewelry, jewelry, notes, items for handicraft. But not many people find exactly what they need, and with so many drawers, which is necessary to accommodate all the available gizmos. Therefore, we consider various ways how to make a box that you need, with your own hands. Also find out what materials can be used in the work.

how to make a box

The main stages of creating caskets

The options for making the box yourself are many. Box for small things can be made from anything. The basis can be a box of shoes, sweets, dishes and even a large reel of scotch. Any material is welcomed - tin, plywood, plastic, cardboard and other raw materials.The box from the box is decorated not only outside, but also inside. This is often used cloth, colored paper or wallpaper. Be sure to prepare the drawing by measuring the base and transferring the readings to the paper. Do not forget about allowances, avoiding the maximum number of joints. The bottom of the casket can be soft. To do this, before pasting the box inside, place a sintepon or a piece of foam rubber on the bottom.

The outer sides of the box are covered with decorative paper or fabric. The cover of the box can be decorated with a pattern, a photo, painted with acrylic paints or applied. Do not forget to cover the product with varnish. Also, beads, sequins, sequins, buttons, etc. are used for decoration - fantasize and use what the soul desires.

We decorate the boxes

The casket, as an independent element, as well as the boxes located in it, will look more holistic if they are further decorated. The accessories for caskets offered in stores is not only an ornament, but also provides the casket with the necessary functionality. You can finish the box with satin ribbons, lace, rhinestones, pieces of leather and other details.Also, the material from which the box is made can be decorated with embossing, decoupage or drawings made in any other application technique.

Decorative hinges and original fixtures, such as studs and screws, not only adorn the casket, but also fasten the wooden parts and ensure the correct movement of the drawers and the lid.

accessories for casketsThere are accessories for caskets, which is both an ornament and performs the necessary functions. It includes legs, handles, hooks and locks from metal, brass and nickel. They not only serve for a long time, but also are the original decoration of the box, giving the products a luxurious and finished look.

Wooden caskets

Before creating a box of wood, it is necessary to prepare detailed drawings on sheets of paper. We draw a sketch of the selected design with the required dimensions. Masters recommend that you first create a model of the future box of paper to visually see its dimensions. Using the drawing, we place the templates on the wooden blank and transfer the parts to the board, clearly measuring out the right angles. With the help of a jigsaw, you need to cut out all the details, processing the edges for bonding with special care.At the finished parts, we file the edges with a file and sandpaper.

We join the walls of the box with glue at the joining points, then we clamp them with a vice for a more snug fit. After drying to the resulting billet glue the bottom. Also collect a wooden cover. The top is connected to the base with metal hinges, which, in turn, are fastened with screws or screws. In this regard, the thickness of the blanks of wood should be at least 1 cm, so that later in the places of twisting cracks did not appear.

wood caskets

Model re-polish with sandpaper, smoothing the surface. Fasteners and joints spatula, then primed the entire structure and cover with transparent varnish. At will the varnish is replaced with special paints for working with wood. After the casket is dry, you can begin to decorate it.

Master class: decoupage jewelry box

The original decoration of a miniature casket made of wood is a popular type of decoration - decoupage. The method is quite simple in its execution and does not require expensive materials. To perform such work, wipes for decoupage or special drawings, blends,The main component of which is glue, as well as special coatings.

box out of the box

Initially, the surface of the product is ground and coated with a water-based emulsion. Then the selected image should be separated from the base by maceration and attached to the sides or top of the box. Using PVA, diluted in equal quantities with water, the figure is glued to the surface of the box. After some time, the box can be painted, imitated by aging with patination or craquelure and varnished.

Wood boxes decorated with decoupage method take on the appearance of a rare thing, due to which this method belongs to the vintage style.

Painting as a way to decorate a casket

Another original method of decorating a wooden box is painting. This method will give the product aesthetics and elegance, and with minimal financial costs. A wooden array from which you will be making a casket and subsequently painting it may be the most accessible and inexpensive.

Before decorating the box, its surface must be sanded and soaked with linseed oil.Then the wooden areas are primed, and after drying, the pattern is applied on them with acrylic or oil paints. If you use a repeating pattern, then you can use stencils to facilitate the work. At the final stage, the image is coated with alkyd varnish in several layers.

Wanting to imitate Khokhloma motifs, the casket is completely covered with gold paint, while drawing the image itself, they use different shades. Then the painting is fixed with linseed oil, and the product is dried in the oven, setting the temperature to 120 degrees. Unusual look will be additional details of the decor of clay.

Use of newspaper tubes

How to make a box without having the skills to work with wood? Yes, very simple! For this you need a regular newspaper. Auxiliary materials will serve as a knife, paper glue, thin needle, acrylic paints and varnish. Newspaper sheets need to be expanded and cut lengthwise into four parts. The resulting strips with the help of stocking needles need to twist into tubes. To do this, position the needle along the edge of the newspaper segment at a small angle and wind a strip on it, spreading glue over the corner.Having thus prepared a sufficient amount of material, you can begin to weave the casket of tubes. Photograph below.

Take the 16 parts and place them cross, interlacing the middle with each other. Place the crossing point with glue. Working in a tube bent in half, begin to twist the elements of the bottom, capturing two main details. To build a tube insert one element into another. Having created the desired size of the bottom, put on it any shape and lift the main tube up. At this stage of work, the box should be weaved up, giving it shape. Finishing work, pass the bent ends between the intertwined tubes and cut.boxes of tubules

The upper part of the box is woven similarly. To make the lid a little wider, weave it over the bottom of the uniform. The finished product must be coated with PVA, then painted or coated with a special varnish.

Making a box using cardboard

If you do not store boxes for shoes, you can make a box for the trivia of the desired volume, using cardboard. You can choose the dimensions at your discretion, and then draw the blank on the cardboard.The drawing of the future casket is most convenient to create holistic, and then bend in the right places and glue the sides together. You can use the sample shown in the photo. Drawers are similarly assembled, and then pasted over with decorative paper. The outer sides of the box are also glued with a pre-selected material. At will inside it is possible to create partitions. A cardboard box can contain several drawers and compartments of different sizes.

cardboard box

How to make a box in the form of a doll

A very interesting way to make a box from a plastic bottle. To create it you need an old miniature doll, heat gun, various laces, ribbons, ribbons, light fabric. From the bottle you need to cut out the middle and cut off the neck. To work leave the top and bottom with a high side. Then place the upper part of the doll in the place where there was the neck of the container and glue it. Legs from the body will have to be separated. To make the lining, you can use padding polyester, from which you need to cut 2 circles, wrap chiffon and stitch. Then, to each mug, sew a long strip of the same material, gathered on one side, imitating a fluffy skirt.Next, glue the circles to the bottom and top of the box from the inside. The edges of the skirts should be folded to the outside and attached with a thermogun. Fastening two parts will serve as a piece of organza.

To decorate the doll can be in different ways. For example, glue a lot of frills on the top and bottom of the box. The bodice and the top is decorated with lace. Make a hat of ribbons, gathering one side into a circle by assembling, glue a bow on top.

master class casket

Options for creating a box a large number. The main thing is your imagination and desire to create something extraordinary and exclusive. A casket made by your hands will be a great gift for a close friend or beloved mother.

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