How to make a topiary from a shell with your own hands?

Previously, gardeners, created from bushes, were called topiary. Now with this word most of the needlewomen associate a miniature tree consisting of a spherical crown and a long thin stem. Christmas Topiary cone-shaped, they are made in the form of Christmas trees. This unusual element of the decor is also called the "tree of happiness." It is often presented as a good luck topiary

You can create this unusual thing with the help of various materials: satin ribbon, corrugated paper, sisal, candies, and shells. It takes very little time, and all materials are available. “Sea Topiary” made of shells can be a reminder of summer holidays and complement the interior in a Mediterranean style.

Shell Topiary: Where to Get the Material

Of course, the easiest way to collect material for such a tree on the beach during the holidays. It is much easier to find shells for residents of seaside cities: they can create all sorts of options for seashell topiary, combining the shells of various mollusks.But if the vacation will not be soon, and the rest at sea is not expected, do not despair and give up the desire to create such an unusual "tree of happiness".seashell topiary

Artificial shells are often sold in mass markets, where there are departments for decoration. Included may be starfish. These shells are sold in stores with goods for creativity. These sets are not cheap, because for economy it is desirable to dilute the shells with other types of decor: beads, ribbons, organza flowers.

DIY shell topiary: preparation of materials

First you need to decide on the shape of the tree. For the classic version with a round crown need the following materials:

  1. Seashells, starfish and beautiful shells.
  2. One foam ball or several blanks of different sizes, if you plan to make a double or triple crown. You can replace them with a floral sponge.
  3. Ribbons made of satin, twine for decorating the trunk.
  4. Pebbles, beads for the decoration of the crown and pot. The lower part can be covered with sisal, but this is not necessary.
  5. Barbecue sticks or straight branches - if you plan to make the trunk straight.
  6. Thick wire or bent spiral shoots - for a wavy stem.
  7. Beautiful vase or pot. For decorated options, an old mug or a regular glass will do.
  8. Alabaster and water to make a mixture.
  9. Capacity and waste stick for stirring.
  10. The thermogun with glue topiary

To make a cone-shaped version, as a basis, take a cardboard and fold it into a cone, fixing it with an adhesive or a stapler. Separately, they cut a round bottom, placing a cone on a cardboard, make a hole under the barrel and glue the lower and upper parts. It remains to glue the decor, insert the top into the pot - and the seashell topiary from the shells is ready.

How to replace the foam blank for the crown

To save the workpiece for the top of topiary can be made using papier-mâché technique. For this you need soft toilet paper or thin wipes, PVA glue, a regular balloon and threads with a needle. The ball is inflated to the desired size and wrapped with thread to form a round. The entire surface is coated with glue, and several layers of napkins are glued on top. Each next layer can be applied only after completely drying the previous one.Then the ball is pierced with a needle, removed, and in the resulting hole you can insert a wand-stem. The main thing is that the base is strong, capable of supporting the weight of the shells, but not too heavy. Do not forget after finishing work to make a photo of a topiary made of shells, created with your own hands, in order to boast of skill to your friends.Topiary from shells do it yourself photo

Master class for the production of conical topiary

Having prepared all the necessary materials and having determined the shape of the tree, proceed to the design of the crown.

  1. First you need to warm up the glue gun, then, gently holding the ball or cone, we connect the workpiece, shells and other decor in the desired sequence.
  2. Flat shells on the Christmas tree can be glued in a circle, in rows, mother-of-pearl side out, and a starfish can be placed on the top. Mussels look very nice, they are easy to assemble on the coast of the Black Sea.
  3. Small sharp shells stick tightly to each other, with a thin end out.

Manufacturing globular topiariya

For a spherical base, everything is simpler: we place the shells in any order and dilute them with beads, rhinestones, twine bows, or corrugated paper flowers. If there are many peaked shells, you can make a topiary resembling a sea urchin.Next, make out the trunk, painting it or wrapping ribbons. If the wand looks attractive and without decoration - leave it as it is. Apply glue to the upper tip and insert into the workpiece.

Then we breed the gypsum, bringing it to the consistency of sour cream, and pour it into the prepared pot to the desired level. When the alabaster hardens a little, but not completely, so that the beads and shells do not fall inward, we put the decor on top, gently pressing it with a finger, and insert the stick with the crown. After that, it remains only to wait for the complete hardening of the gypsum - and the shell topiary can already be given to friends and acquaintances. The trunks and tops of the needlewoman are often made two or three, complementing the composition with branches, figures of animals and birds. The main requirement is that the stalks must withstand the weight of the shells and not bend, and the product must be stable and not tilted to the side.

Combination of materials

It is not necessary to use only mollusk shells for the decoration of the crown of a seashell topiary, it is better to combine different materials and create unusual decor options. Organza will help to make an exquisite thing on the sea theme - this plastic material is used by florists to create flower arrangements.Working with him is very simple: just cut the squares, place a pin in its center and pull the tips upwards to form the leaves. Then attach the resulting flower to the base topiary.seashell topiary photo

Another option: add to the crown of the tree balls of motley sisal, small glass pebbles or flowers of corrugated paper. If you go away from the marine theme and turn the shells into a bouquet, you can stick the shells of shells on the base. Bivalved shells make beautiful butterflies, which are easy to paint with acrylic paints.

When the seashells on topiary are missing

If there are very few shells, you can first wrap the base with floristic moss and glue large shells with large gaps on it, and place small ones between them. After supplement the crown with rhinestones, twine and other decorative elements. As a substitute for moss, you can use sisal, combined in color with other materials, or independently toned it with acrylic paint. The bottom of the shell topiary is not necessary to leave open. A small piece of burlap, tied with a ribbon with a pearl bead, will help to hide an ugly pot and will go well with the to make a shell topiary

Single Shell Topiary

How to make a topiary from seashells, if there is only one or two households? Dilute so many flowers with ribbons or balls of sisal will not work. In this case, old jeans, cloth scraps and unnecessary buttons may be useful:

  1. Cut a heart or asterisk out of cardboard and cut out two denim flaps.
  2. We sew them from the inside, leaving the bottom part to turn out the fabric, and fill it with padding polyester, holofiber, cotton wool - with any filler that is in stock. You can do otherwise: cut out the shape you like from cardboard and simply glue it with material from both sides, and decorate the edge with beads or artificial pearls.
  3. We weave buttons with shreds of different shades of blue and beige. It is advisable to choose for topiary from the shell of the tone, in harmony with its color scheme.
  4. We glue them on the base, we supplement them with pearls, and in the center we place the sink. It remains only to arrange the pot and connect the details.

Topiary without crown base

There is an option how to make a shell topiary out of your own hands without a foam base. To do this, large and symmetrical shells of bivalve mollusks will be needed, for example, combs, hearts, or medium-sized rapans.By sticking them together, you need to form a flower, and then attach a spiral curled stem to to make a topiary from shells with their own hands

Do not limit your imagination: there are much more options for using the shells of mollusks than you can imagine. "The tree of happiness" will be a wonderful decoration of the house and will keep for a long time the memories of sunny summer days spent on the seashore. Show made on vacation photos and topiary made of shells, create new crafts with your own hands, invent compositions and give them to close people with wishes of good luck and health.

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