How to make an airplane?

In this article I will tell you how to makea good airplane - not just paper, but a real radio controlled one that will fly. As for how to make a plane from paper, then on our site there is a wonderful article on this topic: "How to make airplanes from paper?". We'll talk about creating our own radio-controlled model of aircraft, because a real connoisseur of aircraft will always prefer a model made by own hands, the purchase option.

How to make an airplane by yourself

First, let's talk about what tools andmaterials we need to make a good radio-controlled aircraft. Of course, first of all you need to buy radio control equipment and special electronics. Today it can be easily done right on the Internet - through specialized online stores, in which the equipment for every taste and purse is available. In addition to equipment we will need:

  • ready drawing of the model of our airplane (can be found on the Internet);
  • sandpaper;
  • colored scotch;
  • wooden and metal measuring ruler;
  • knife (suitable and clerical);
  • Special glue (best use glue "Titan");
  • three-millimeter plywood;
  • ceiling tiles (preferably without a picture).

Well, of course, it is desirable to stock up someknowledge in the field of aviation terminology, which is suitable for both special literature and good flight simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator (for civil aviation) or IL-2 Sturmovik (for old military aircraft), where in the training mode you will be told in detail and understandably about the arrangement of aircraft, and about the maneuvers that they make. Well, let's proceed directly to the process of manufacturing the model.

How to make a flying airplane

First, we stick a drawing of the airplane model onceiling tiles, taking into account the direction of the fibers of the material, which is easy to find out by slightly bending the tile in one direction or another. To make a fast airplane, the details are best placed exactly along the fibers of the material. Now glue the wings and fuselage of the aircraft from two layers of ceiling tiles. At the same time, you need to insert a wooden ruler, cut in half, between the halves. Next, you need to make a cutout for the electric motor of the aircraft. The cutout is made ahead of the fuselage, reinforcing this part with plywood pads. Another of the layers of plywood tiles we make the stabilizer and keel, also cutting the elevator and the rudder. Now we stick together the adhesive tape in such a way that the steering surfaces can freely deviate with respect to the horizontal plumage. Further, we attach the control brackets to the rudders of height and direction. Then we glue together the details of the aircraft and cover the entire airplane with colored tape. Adhesive tape is better to glue over - about half a centimeter.

How to make super-airplane: management

The last step is to installelectronics and engine and testing the model. Here you need to pay close attention to the installation of the battery. It must be placed so that the center of gravity of our aircraft falls on the front part of the wings - more precisely, at a point corresponding to the distance from the leading edge of the wing to the third part of its chord. After all the systems are installed, we start testing the model. To correctly make an airplane, in no case should you skip this stage. First you need to see how the aircraft will behave when the engine is off. It is important to keep track of the timing of the airplane planning, in order to correct the position of the battery by moving it slightly forward or slightly backward. If the plane drops smoothly, then everything is in order, and you can start flying with the engine already on.

Other ways of making models

If you do not want to make radio-controlledmodel, make the above-described technology the usual model of the aircraft, which can fly and smoothly decrease when starting from a certain height. Also do not forget that in stores today, a huge number of glued plastic and even metal models of aircraft and helicopters, which will serve as a beautiful decoration of your house. This is an activity for true connoisseurs of beautiful models. In addition, the model can be cut out of wood and dyed. There are a lot of options - you just need to show a little imagination, and everything will turn out.

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