How to make curls curling independently

Many women dream of decorating themselves carelesslyflowing curls. Now many ways have been devised to turn a girl, whom nature has awarded with straight hair, into a curly beauty. This can be done with both hairpins, hair curlers, curling iron, or even ironing. Although the last unit is more often used for hair straightening. But it is not as easy as it seems to wind curls. But this electric appliance can create both small curls and Hollywood waves. And for this, it is not necessary to go to the salon and hand over yourself to the professionals. Our article will help you to make an elegant styling yourself. Read and learn how to make curls curling. We will disclose the secrets of using these electric harnesses. And also provide you with the necessary information, what protection means to use to keep your hair healthy and shiny.Curly hair curlers

What you need to know before winding curls on a curling rod

Hair should be washed and, if possible,absolutely dry. It is important to know that some styling products (varnish, gel for styling, foam) can ignite when exposed to high temperatures. So not for long stay not only without curls, but without hair at all. To prevent this from happening, we use only one means of protection - a means for thermal styling. Do you think that wet hair is curable? You are wrong. Wet strands are better wound on curlers, and not on the rod of the appliance. In order not to burn hair curlers, hair during the procedure must be completely dry. The last secret concerns the electrical appliance itself. Old-fashioned ploys with a metal rod distribute heat unevenly. The made curls look unnatural and disintegrate. We choose ploits with Teflon or ceramic coating.How to make curls curling

Locks for all occasions

Today there is no one established canonstylish hairstyle. Many girls straighten their natural curls ironing. But the curls continue to remain in the trend. They can be "beach", fall in large waves, fervently stick out with small curls, seductively flow with vertical curls. And here again we return to the qualitative characteristics of the electrical appliance. Of course, the grandmother's ploy with the clamp is very easy to use. We hold the tip of the strand and wind it along the entire length, like a curler. But what do we get in the end? Correct: an unnatural spiral and the tips of hair. A plait with a tapered rod with a ceramic coating will make it possible to create curls of different thicknesses. It will look more natural. The best appliance for home laying is the "Babilis" curl for curls. We will consider how to curl the hair with this miracle tool.Camis beluga for curls

Making large curls

Hairstyle based on beautifully flowingwaves, feminine and never goes out of fashion. Consider how to create large curls of curling. For long hair, you need to choose the diameter of the device less than the desired curls. If we talk about clamshells with a clamp, then devices with a case diameter of thirty-five millimeters are suitable for smooth waves. It is necessary to separate the hair with even vertical perforations. Begin the styling from the occipital zone. Hair on the vertex is staked with "crabs". Separate the strand a little more if we want to get smooth natural curls. We pass the plait at the roots of the hair. If the appliance has a clamp, grab a prick. We curl a curl on a curling plate from the face. We do not hold more than twenty seconds. Then release the clamp and gently release the strand. Hair tips can not be twisted - so the hair will look more natural. The hair strand from the top part should not be grasped at the roots, but from the middle of the nape. Twist curls clockwise. When all the strands are laid, we fix them with styling. Do not use brushes and combs! Create the final image of a mermaid with flowing curls with the fingers.How to wind curls on a curling rod

Temperature conditions

Modern ploys provide an opportunity forset the desired degree of heating. Which temperature mode should I choose? You should know that the thicker your braids, the denser the structure of the hair, the quicker the curl will straighten. Just a head of hair under the weight of its own gravity will take the initial form, its intended nature. Therefore, curling hair curlers at home, you should consider the structure of the hair. For light and dry, choose a gentle temperature regime. Remember - even the most newfangled ployka is still aggressive for the health of hair. If nature has given you a thick and magnificent head of hair, you can use a higher temperature regime. There are superfine hair that does not want to curl. Such whimsical strands one by one spray with varnish. But only after we curl the curls.Beautiful curls curling

Instruments with conical housing

Home styling products are now solda lot. Together with the old type fuses, cone-shaped ones are sold. With their help, you can create curls of different diameters, which will give your hair a natural look. But devices with a tapered body do not have a clamp. How to wind curls on a curling plate of this design? How to fix a lock? First, the coating of such a curling iron is not metal, but ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. This allows you to keep your hair healthy and not burn them. Secondly, the edge of such a plate does not heat up at all. You can grab the edge of the string with one hand, and the second wrap the curl so that the hair is wrapped around the whole length of the body. Then it is necessary to release the finger, and - voila - the lock is ready. And thirdly, a thermo-glove is often included with such conical curvatures. So to create large curls you can grab a lock not at a thin edge, but at a thick base of the device body.Locks curling at home

Can I curl a medium and short hair

Yes, but it requires special skill.First, you need to choose the right size fuse. For short hair, there are devices with a minimum diameter of nineteen millimeters. With the help of such a thin curl, you can create an image of a curly cupid. If you want to create a volume, you need to lift the hair perpendicular to the head. We fix the clip, curl and create beautiful curls of curling. Short hair is also suitable for cone-shaped instruments. They will also help create vertical curls. With the help of such a curl, you can not create curls along the entire length, but simply twist the tips. This is appropriate for haircuts bob or quads. Devices with a cone-shaped body are good for giving a natural volume.Correct curls with curling hair

Automatic curling rod "Roventa"

The drawback of Soviet instruments is thatit's hard to curl your right locks to yourself. You really need golden hands ... or a hairdresser. "Roventa Kurl Aktiv" in appearance does not differ much from the usual curling. But she has a secret - a rotating drum. This translates a conventional electrical appliance into a semi-automatic machine. It is enough to grab the end of the string with the forceps "Roventa", as the hair will be wound on a rotating machine. The hand with the ploice needs to be lifted upwards - towards the roots. In the device there are two temperature modes - one hundred and eighty and two hundred and ten degrees. Depending on how you want to make curls, you adjust the curling time. Push the button, and the drum starts to spin the other way, releasing the strand. As a result, you will get perfectly right curls. By curling it is possible to adjust and the direction of curl - to the left or to the right. The device is very compact and will help you out on the road. The price of the device can be called democratic - from one thousand seven hundred to two thousand three hundred rubles.

Plait "Bebelis" for curls

BaByliss Paris is a real miracle of technology. The only minus of the curling iron is a high price, from four to ten thousand rubles. For home use it's better to choose the most simple in circulation model - BaByliss Curl Secret. What is the secret of the popularity of such a curling iron? She will do everything for you. You do not need to think whether the lock is correctly inserted into the drum, how many seconds to hold the lock, how to pull out the curl. All that is required of you is to choose the temperature mode. There are three of them in the apparatus. For dry, soft and thin hair, the most gentle - 190 degrees. Normal strands curl with seductive curls at 210 C. For hard thick hair a mode of 230 degrees is provided. In the rest, the machine will think for itself. Ideal natural waves are obtained in eight seconds. A clear relief curls - for twelve. The plait will never uproot the hair. If the lock is not laid correctly, the drum will not spin, and the device will sound you with a sound signal.

How to use a curling platter "Belis"

The method of working with this device is radically differentfrom the way of packing "Roventoy". If in that apparatus we grab the tip of the strand, then in the "Bebilis" we act differently. How to make curls curling, which in appearance resembles ironing? We bring it to the base of the strand - to the place where you want the curls to begin. It can even be at the very root of the hair. Inside the drum the roller is spinning. The strand itself is screwed onto it. Inside the drum, the temperature is evenly distributed. Roller coating is such that even frequent use of a curling bar does not overdry your hair and will not damage their structure. After a few seconds, the curling bar will notify you with a sound signal that the curl is ready.

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