How to make red eyes? Useful tips

Some people want to learn how to make their eyes red, as if they were crying. Why do you need it? Each person has his own reasons. For example, it may be necessary to play an appropriate role in a movie or on a theatrical stage. Sometimes you need to create an impression of emotional disorder in others. There are several solutions that tell you how to make red eyes. About the most effective ways to tell in our article.

Visit the pool

how to make red eyes at home

A visit to a public pool can bring health not only benefit, but also relative harm. The fact is that water here is disinfected due to saturation of its composition with bleach. The chemical is a real irritant to the eye proteins. To achieve the goal, you need to stay in such water for quite a long time. To achieve the desired effect is to abandon the use of glasses for swimming. Instead, you need to be more under water with open eyes.If all the above conditions are met, the result is almost guaranteed.

Spend a sleepless night

how to make red eyes

How to make red eyes at home? Restricting yourself in rest will serve as one of the surest solutions. However, this option does not look too reasonable, if you need to go to work or study in the morning and at the same time be in good cheer. Anyway, the refusal of sleep during the day will surely allow to “dye” the whites of the eyes in a blood-red tint.

However, insomnia can lead to trouble. Refusal to rest causes the development of depression, heart rhythm disturbances, deprives the ability to adequately respond to external stimuli. After this practice in no case should not drive a car. It is also not recommended to engage in important matters with a heightened level of responsibility.

Get upset

how to make eye red for a day

How to make red eyes? You can achieve the effect, crying for some time. True, the method will be completely ineffective for those who are simply incapable of it. If tears are not a problem, in this case the whites of the eyes will begin to turn red after an hour has passed.To the mental suffering that will cause crying, can lead the most negative memories. As an option - you should do watching a sad movie or listen to sad melodies.

It is worth noting that the decision is fraught with deterioration of mood. It is likely that if you are upset, you will not be able to return to a good mood on this day.

Use onion juice

how to make eyes red as if crying

How to make the whites of the eyes red? Onion juice will come to the rescue. The latter contains substances that perfectly irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes. To implement the solution, chop a piece of onion thoroughly with a knife or use a grater. Juice need to lubricate the skin under the eyes. With prolonged exposure to the stimulus, the eyes will necessarily become painfully red.

Use peppermint cream

how to make red eyes

How to make red eyes at home? It is enough to put on the skin under the eyes a small amount of cosmetic cream containing mint extract. The plant component will surely cause excessive tearing. After some time, the desired effect of redness of the eye proteins will come.The effect of such a tool may be short-lived. You will probably have to repeat the procedure periodically to save the result.

The decision is sure to allow you to understand how to make your eyes red for the day. However, the method has a few cautions. First, the use of an abundance of cream based on mint extract can cause excessive tearing. After some time, there will be difficulties with opening the eyes. Among other things, the substance is able to get on the mucous membranes, which will make it possible to survive not the most pleasant moments in life.

Do the appropriate makeup

How to make red eyes? You can do this with the help of cosmetics. It is necessary to get only shadows and pencils of a red shade. Using the latter, it is worthwhile to draw the contours of the eyelids and treat the adjacent areas. This approach will allow you to easily create the visual effect of redness of the eyes.

When performing makeup you need to make sure that the particles of cosmetics do not fall on the mucous membranes. If this happens, you should rinse your eyes urgently under running water. After all, such irritation can lead to unforeseen consequences.

Buy colored contact lenses

How to make red eyes? The simplest option is to use contact lenses with the appropriate shade. Preference should be given to products that are painted in the desired color only the whites of the eyes, but not the pupils. Otherwise, the appearance will resemble rather a vampire or demon, but not a tearful man.

Finding contact lenses with a reddish tinge is not so easy. Certainly you will not find them in the first store that sells goods for vision correction. Such products are often created as a theater and cinema props. Alternatively, you can search for red contact lenses on the Internet or make them to order.


The human visual organ is extremely sensitive to external influences. Proceeding from this, it is not difficult to make the whites of the eyes reddish. However, if it is decided to resort to one of the methods indicated in our article, it is worthwhile to remain prudent. Otherwise, you can cause unreasonable harm to your own health.

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