How to register for Instagram?

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How to register for Instagram?

Registration for "instagram", popular socialnetwork to showcase your photos, is gaining more and more momentum. Many people want to share their pictures, as well as follow the lives of friends and public figures, viewing their photos, and not just reading the records on other Internet resources. If you have not already registered for Instagram, read how to do it quickly and for free.

How to register in the Android and iOS Instagrams

Consider the plan of registration actions in this social network on a mobile device.

  1. First you need to install on your phoneapplication "instagram". To do this, owners of smartphones with the Android operating system need to go to the "Play Store" and find the Instagram through the application search. Then click "Install" and "Accept". Owners of the same products of the company "Apple" need to install the Instagram in the same way through the appStore.instagramAfter installation, you can proceed with registration.
  2. Click on the appeared Instagram icon in the phone, and then on the button "Register" or "Sign in via Facebook".
  3. Consider the usual registration. Enter your username, then create a password. Then click the check mark in the upper right corner. Confirm that the data entered is correct.
  4. Next, you can find friends on Instagram who are registered on VKontakte. To do this, agree with the proposal. Otherwise, defer this by clicking "Not now".
  5. Now you need to verify your account. Enter your phone number as requested by the application. Do not worry, you sign up at Instagram for free. Specify the security code that came in the form of an SMS message to your phone number. Registration successfully completed.

How to register in Instagram from a computer

Unfortunately, by going to the instagram from a computer, you can not register there in the usual way, because this social network is created primarily for a mobile device. But you have the opportunity to make the emulator of the operating system of the phone on the computer, namely Android, and register as if through it.

Register on the Instagram through the computer will help us program "BlueStacks". Follow the steps of the instruction:

  1. Go to the official website of BlueStacks.
  2. Click on the green "Download" button. Once the program is downloaded, install it on the PC.
  3. Take a look at the desktop of the computer. On it you will find two newinstagramicon: the very program "BlueStacks" and the library "Apps". The latter will contain the downloaded applications, which you can go to.
  4. Now, search the Internet for the latest version of the currently available APK file, "Google Play." Download it to install the applications in "BlueStacks" via "Google Play".
  5. Log into your Google account (or create a new one) by clicking on "click sync".
  6. Next, install the Instagram and register it in accordance with the instructions for installing the Instagram on Android.

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