How to restore the page "in contact"?

Work on the Internet is always connected withthe possibility of various kinds of failures. This applies to social networks. Such situations end with the loss of the already familiar connections with friends, colleagues, acquaintances. As well as the desire to quickly restore the page "In Contact", return to established habits, to daily, sometimes vitally important, communication.

restore page in contact

The reasons for the blocking and "disappearing" of accountsa lot of. In the general list and extraneous interference, and violation of user agreements, and, most banal, - the user's own manipulation. In connection with this, there are also different techniques that allow, for example, the restoration of VKontakte. Some of them will be discussed in this article.

Restoring the page after self-removal

This case is one of the simplest. Within a month the user's account is saved on the site, and it's easy to restore it. To do this, using your registration data, enter the page and change the settings. Again set the permission to view the page to those you want to communicate with, who can view your messages and answer you.

If after you delete your accountmore than a month, to restore the page "In Contact" after the removal, most likely, will not succeed. According to the existing internal rule, the administration of the site removes it. Therefore, one way out is to create a new page and report it to your friends and acquaintances.

restore page in contact after removal

Restoring a page after being blocked by the administration

Blocking of the account administration takes place,as a rule, if spam spreads from your page. This is possible as a result of hacking by its hackers or your breaching contract.

If there are no violations of conditions on your partYou can immediately contact the user agreement with an explanation of the situation in the support service. You can also restore the "Contact" page by changing the password. If these actions do not unblock the account, then you have to wait three months. As soon as they expire (in the absence of suspicious activity) - you will be restored to the profile.

Restore the page if you do not have access to it

There are times when it is impossible to enter the pageunder your account. In this case, to restore the page "In contact", fill out a special table. In it, you need to make a large amount of information that should match the one you specified during the initial registration. In particular, they report the phone number, the place of registration and the approximate time of its passage. A scanned document certifying your identity is required. The latter can be replaced with your photo on the background of the monitor and the filled form. Unblocking occurs via SMS, sent by the administration to your phone.

restore vkontakte

It's more difficult to restore the "Contact" page iflost the phone number to which it was tied during registration. You can try to restore it, but this is sometimes problematic. It is possible in the form to indicate lost and new phone numbers and provide these data with comments with explanations.

If all the graphs are correctly and correctly filledthe administration is most likely to restore your account. You will receive a confirmation on your mail with new data. You will only have to enter them in the field of the network entrance, provide the number of the new phone and, having received the confirmation code on it, enter your page.

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