How to use multi-styler for hair? Reviews of the most popular models

Perhaps, hair is one of the main advantages of a woman. And if they are also well-groomed, packed, and healthy, then they simply don’t have the price. Beautiful hair can be styled with the help of such a wonderful multi-functional things, like multi-styler for hair. At the same time, the models are so diverse that it is quite problematic to choose the right one.multi-styler for hair

What kind of device?

Multistyler for hair is a multifunctional hair styling device that combines, as a rule, several separate devices at once. For example, curling irons, straightener for strands and electrical appliance to create a flute. It is noteworthy that the more different functions a multistailer combines, the worse its quality. The optimal number of nozzles - 3-4 pieces. This is quite enough to create a unique stylish hairstyle. And every time a new one.multi styler hair reviews

What is most often included in the kit?

As a rule, there are three main nozzles in the kit: plates that straighten hair, curls for curling curls, styling brush. Naturally, the sizes of each of the nozzles are different. A modern multi-styler for hair is most often equipped with an auto-off mode with long non-use. That is, it heats up to the desired temperature, and then turns itself off if it is not used. It is very convenient, and most importantly - safe. By the way, modern models are additionally equipped with a temperature regulator so that you can independently choose the best for styling hair of one type or another.multistyler hair philips

Terms of use

Regardless of the company and model, there are certain rules that need to be followed when using multi-styler.

  • First, you first need to wash your hair, and then dry it naturally or with a hairdryer.
  • Secondly, you need to choose a nozzle for installation. It all depends on what kind of perm will be performed.
  • Thirdly, hair can be treated with special heat-resistant means: mousses, foams, gels. Besides the fact that they protect the strands from high temperatures, they also prolong the life of the styling.
  • Fourthly, multistyler for hair is plugged into the outlet, the desired temperature is selected, heated.
  • Fifth, the hair is divided into separate strands of small size. Each strand is passed through the nozzle, and then sprayed with lacquer to fix. Stylish styling is ready.

babyliss multi-styler

Model selection

Multistailer for hair should be selected not only by the name of the company, but also by the main functions. So, for example, owners of long strands should make a choice in favor of wide plates-nozzles. First, the installation will not take long in this case. Secondly, the hair will be less spoiled by exposure to high temperatures. And those who have strands of short or medium length, need a nozzle-plate narrow. They are more convenient to use, easier to curl hair. In addition, it is worthwhile to carefully examine the device for such functions as the sleep timer, cold airflow, temperature control, ionization. This is quite enough to not only make a beautiful and long-term styling, but also with a minimum of harm to affect the strands.multi-styler for rowenta hair

Popular manufacturers

The multistyler for hair, reviews of which will be lower, is a device,which is produced by many well-known and not so firms. However, the most popular are the three: "Philips", "Beybilis", "Roventa". Hundreds and hundreds of women all over the world give preference to these manufacturers, trusting their daily styling to their production appliances.

Customer opinions

Those who purchased the Philips multi-styler for hair, in general, were satisfied. Especially the model BHH815 / 00. Its main advantage, according to customers, is that there is no need to change the nozzles. Simply turn one to change the rectifier to a spiral. Among other things, this multi-styler still does not burn hair, because the nozzles are made of tourmaline ceramic coating.

The girls who made a choice in favor of the company "Roventa", too, are satisfied. So, for example, the budget Rowenta CF4132 hair multi-styler, which includes five interchangeable nozzles in the set, was liked by many ladies. Firstly, it has a ceramic coating, which is already safe for the health of hair follicles. Secondly, with the help of five nozzles it turns out to create a wide variety of hairstyles. Thirdly, the device heats up quickly, but it does not burn the hair, although it is recommended to pretreat them with heat-resistant means.Although there are dissatisfied with this model. Most of those who, for certain reasons, the device did not fit.

The girls who purchased Babyliss multi-styler for hair completely forgot that they had to curl their locks on their own! This is an innovative electrical device that allows you to create perfect curls in just a few seconds without any extra effort. The main difference from the other multi-stylers is that the nozzle does not imply twisting of the strands. No, they are simply clamped between the plates, waiting for a beep, then a strand is removed. Everything perfect curls that hold out until the evening, ready. However, there are those who were unhappy with this device. Most often, these are girls who have purchased a low-quality fake, of which there are a great many on the shelves of stores and online. Therefore, in order not to be disappointed in the purchase, you need to contact the official distributors of Beibilis.

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