How to use the hair iron: step by step instructions

To help the fair sex, various technical tools have been created to facilitate the hair styling procedure. One of them is a rectifier that can cope with disobedient curls. With any impact you need to prepare strands. They should be clean, dried, but not dry. And thanks to special thermoprotectants it will turn out to prevent harmful effects. How to use the iron for hair, described in the article.


How to use the iron to straighten hair? The device must be plugged in, setting the heating temperature. Slightly moistened curls should be treated with a thermal protective agent. Hair should be spread on narrow strands. The width of the curls should be up to 3 cm.

how to use hair straightener

Processing must be done from the head. The device must seize the lock closer to the roots. For convenience, the top strands are stabbed at the crown.Forceps should move slowly from the root zone to the tips. To prevent creases, stretching should be done with a comb that has thin teeth. This is the whole answer to the question of how to use the hair straightener.

Preparation for winding up

How to use the hair iron for curling? To keep curls beautiful and healthy, they need to be prepared for this. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Wash your head with shampoo.
  2. Then you should apply a conditioner or balm.
  3. Then you need to use a thermoprotectant.
  4. If the hair is naughty, then apply gel or foam for styling.

how to use the hair iron

All these actions protect the strands from high temperatures, because the straightener can ruin the hair. They are important to perform with each procedure.

Winding process

How to use a hair straightener to twist? The procedure is as follows:

  1. Hair is divided into thin strands.
  2. One strand must be clamped between the plates of the device, at a distance of 15 cm from the roots.
  3. Then you need to wrap the free part of the strand around the ironing so that the tips are outward from the head.
  4. Then the device turns forward and performs a smooth downward movement. This action is repeated with other strands.
  5. Hands need to put the curls in her hair without combing.

How to use the iron for short hair and long curls? The procedure for them is the same. It is necessary to use thermal protection, as well as learn how to work with the iron. And then there will be less harm.


All lovers to use such devices need to know how to properly use the hair iron. Experts do not advise to keep the device in one place for a long time. If a quality device is used, then one movement will be enough for the result to appear.

how to use hair straightener

It is advisable to work with clean curls, as styling and styling products harden due to high temperatures, which cause scratches on the plates. If the smoothness of the hair should not interfere with the volume, only the cap of the strands and the tips should be processed with the device. Increased temperature is required for the temporal part, because there the hairs are difficult to style. After the procedure, the iron must be turned off.


To know exactly how to use the hair iron, you should read the instructions. Each device has a temperature controller. With this function, heating is set within 80-220 degrees. If you set the maximum mode, the hair straightened in a short period. But for damaged and thin curls, this effect can be disastrous.

hair straighteners how to use for curling

For all types of strands have their own heating parameters, thanks to which it will turn out to perform the perfect styling with minimal harm:

  1. Dry, thin - 90-150 degrees.
  2. Hard, curly - 200-220.
  3. After dyeing and curling - no more than 110.
  4. Normal - 150-200.

It is important to take into account these indicators in order not to harm your hair. Observing the temperature norms, it will be possible to create an original styling. It is also important to know some more details of the procedure.

Styling and Thermal Protection

Fashionistas need to know not only how to use the hair iron, but also how thermal protection is performed. It is required before temperature exposure. As part of many tools have proteins, vitamins, herbal extracts, blocking the effects of hot plates.In addition, they strengthen the keratin layer. Drugs are presented in a wide variety: emulsions, serums, balms, gels, oils and lotions.

how to use the iron for short hair

Professionals divide funds into 2 groups:

  1. Washed away. These include masks, rinses, shampoos, conditioners.
  2. Indelible. The group includes balms, creams, gels, serums, oils, sprays.

All types of drugs are reliable protection of curls from root to tip. Moreover, an additional effect is achieved with them. With some tools, volume is perfectly modeled, straightening increases, or brilliance appears. This protection is necessary not only for damaged but also for healthy curls.

Types of funds

Manufacturers create 3 types of styling products with thermal protection properties. If the drug has an extra strong fixation, it dries curls, great for oily hair. For damaged and dry strands it is not used, as it has a drying effect.

Demanded means include foam, mousse, fluids. Products are manufactured by brands Gliss Kur, Revlon, John Frieda. It is used for different types of curls. Apply funds should be indented from the roots by 3-4 cm on a bit wet strands. The result is a fixation, volume, thermal protection.

Sprays are also used.Estelle and Matrix are considered popular brands for the production of these products. Means are great for thin, normal, combined curls. Put them on wet and dry strands. The functions include hydration and nutrition. It is advisable to choose products with vitamins A, B, panthenol. The result is protection against thermal effects and adverse environmental effects.

Lotions and creams are used for styling. Women demand brands such as Vella, Londa, Schwarzkopf. Products are suitable for dyed, chemically damaged, weak curls. Means serve as protection against fatigue and drying strands. With their help food, moistening, fixing is provided.

Tips for beginners

With the first procedure, it is desirable to set the minimum temperature of the device. When the reaction is known, it will be possible to determine the optimum temperature. It is important to consider your hair type, so as not to harm them.

how to use the hair straightener

To protect the curls will allow the device with a ceramic or tourmaline coating. Now these devices are manufactured by many brands. It is advisable to choose a quality device that can perform the procedures with a minimum of harm. Even with a single use, you need to use special tools that have the function of thermal protection.

Frequency of treatments

Experts advise to use the iron no more than 2 times a week. Only then the curls are not exposed to the negative effects of high temperatures. Although not everyone adheres to this rule, endangering the condition of their hair. To reduce the risk of hair destruction, it is advisable to use high-quality thermal protection agents, as well as to establish a minimum temperature with frequent procedures.

Using a rectifier with the above rules will not be harmful to health. But this is ensured only with the use of special care products.

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