How to weave a braid waterfall?

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How to weave a braid waterfall?

Kosa Falls - stylish charming hairstylefor long hair, which is one of the interpretations of the French braid. An uncomplicated netting, creating a very gentle and feminine image, looks particularly impressive on slightly wavy hair just below the shoulders. About how to weave a braid waterfall, we will tell in detail further in our article.

Tools and tools

In order to make a waterfall, you will need:

  • Several invisible;
  • Comb for hair;
  • Hair spray.

Hairdressers use different ways of weaving this original hairstyle. Further in the article we will consider the most simple and accessible method of weaving an elegant spit Waterfall.

Kosa Waterfall: step by step instructions

  1. First, you need to comb your hair properly, because then they will need to be divided into strands.
  2. One strand should be taken from the front at the very part. It must be divided into three parts and weave once as an ordinary pigtail.
  3. The lower strand should hang freely, and instead ofit must be weaved into the braid by another, taken from the total mass of hair next to the released. The strand should be the same in thickness with tempered. A new string should be weaved into the braid, making it average.
  4. Further, to the upper strand, hair should be added from the total mass. The technique is similar to that of a simple French braid.Scythe waterfall
  5. The third and fourth step should be repeated until half of the head is woven. Stopping in the middle of the nape, you should fix the weaving with the help of invisible.
  6. The above process must be repeated for the hair,located on the other side. When the weaving reaches the place where the first braid is fastened, the two sides will need to be neatly connected and secured with invisible devices. To do this it is necessary as imperceptibly as possible to create the impression of continuous weaving.
  7. Hairstyle can be slightly sprinkled with varnish for fixation and if desired, decorated with a spectacular hair clip.

A few tips for braiding the spit Waterfall

In the process of weaving it is recommended to take large enough strands. Then the hair will be more voluminous and spectacular. It will be especially interesting to look atScythe waterfallthick hair.

To create a feeling of continuous weaving,The place of fastening of two braids can be hidden by a three-dimensional barrette in the form, for example, of a spectacular flower. This hairstyle can be a wonderful addition to the elegant evening image, making it very feminine and charming.

More interesting ideas for weaving can be found inour article - How to weave hair. Scythe "inside out" - another interesting and unusual version of the hairstyle, which may well become an effective detail of the festive image. About how to weave spikelets inside out, is described in detail in our article - How to weave spikelets inside out.

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