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Well-known statements about cinema today are heard atmany. Watching movies and TV shows is an integral part of the life of any modern person. It is rare to meet people who are not interested in such leisure. In the evening, after coming home from work, it's so nice to plunge into a fantasy world with its own individual history and adventures. The statements about the cinema allow us to recognize the enduring value of quality films that live for years and decades. People who know how to value their own feelings will be able to distinguish a standing product from one that does not justify time.

"Cinema should make the viewer forget that he is sitting in the chair" (R. Polanski)

If the film we like, then it flies like oneminute. During the demonstration of strong scenes, a person usually empathizes with the hero, finds some resemblance to himself. The statements about the cinema help the person to realize what she is spending her time on, what life is dedicated to.

statements about cinema

Sometimes, after all, we are looking at something just becausenothing to do, we do not find another alternative. In fact, you need to carefully approach the choice of a particular film, to understand what it is capable of bringing to us. When the viewer is focused as much as possible on the event occurring on the screen, then the product is really successful. Sayings about the cinema of famous people emphasize this idea.

"People come to the cinema to share the same dream" (B. Bertolucci)

If you think about it, we all tend to look forscreen images of our own feelings. People watch films to distract themselves, forget about their own problems. Many are inclined to see in the invented characters their own character traits, similar views on life and beliefs.

statements about Russian cinema

Therefore, cinema can be represented as a kind ofA mirror in which an individual view of the world and of itself is reflected. Today every person has the opportunity to watch those films that are as close to his soul as possible. The statements about cinema always very accurately confirm the idea of ​​the need to build grandiose plans and dreams.

"Kinodrama is when the audience is crying" (F. Capra)

Some roles affect a person so much,that he can not restrain his own feelings. If what is happening on the screen is too much in contact with the inner content of the person, then there are reciprocal emotions. They form a kind of connection, and there is a desire to watch such films a large number of times. To cause the viewer tears, it is necessary to try very hard. Today, for the most part people are spoiled by the variety of different programs and programs, so it's difficult to surprise them with anything. The film should be so bright and unforgettable, so as to leave a pleasant impression. Sayings about movies are always endowed with strong emotions, which are formed when watching your favorite movies.

"To be photographed in a bad movie is the same as to spit into eternity" (F. Ranevskaya)

No one, probably, will argue with the fact thatthis work of art remains relevant at any time. If the product is really quality, then you want to address it constantly. Such films are known and loved by the whole country. They affect the most intimate feelings in our heart, give positive emotions, allow us to believe in our own prospects and opportunities. When we have a bad mood, we turn on our favorite picture and enjoy that fictitious reality that happens on the screen.

well-known statements about cinema

At the same time, it becomes easier for many, it is possibleto overcome sorrow and a sense of despair. Substandard films disappoint the viewer, make them seek other ways of spending their leisure time, spoil the mood. The picture, which is watched only once, of course, is not worth the efforts of the actors spent on it. The statements of great people about the cinema confirm the idea of ​​its immense significance in everyday life.

"There are roles in the films that you are passed through as a meat grinder" (Elena Ksenofontova)

It is necessary to understand that the creation of cinema is verylaborious process. In order to bring to the light really something worthwhile, you need to work tirelessly, sometimes forgetting about the rest. Real films, loved by millions, so cling to the soul that the viewer begins to somehow personify himself with screen characters. He takes their problems for reality and sees full compliance with their own difficulties. Statements about Russian cinema are always connected with incredible efforts and incessant work. Films of national origin are recognized by our compatriots as more sincere and close in spirit. This is because the experiences of the characters are completely understandable to the viewer.

statements about the cinema of famous people

Thus, these statements allow us to see the high degree of significance of this kind of art, like cinema. Every person has his favorite films and characters.

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