Is it possible to eat grapefruit during pregnancy?

A pregnant woman needs to provide her body with various vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal development of the child. And it is not necessary for this to drink expensive vitamin complexes. It is best if the necessary trace elements are obtained from fresh vegetables and fruits. But many future mothers are afraid to eat some foods because of the risk of an allergic reaction. This particularly applies to citrus and exotic fruits. But among them there is one fruit that is not only not dangerous, but even useful for women in the situation - it is a grapefruit. This fruit belongs to citrus, but does not cause an allergy and is considered dietary. Therefore, during pregnancy, grapefruit can be consumed and sometimes even recommended.

what is grapefruit

General characteristics of this fruit

Grapefruit obtained by hybrid crossing from orange and pomelo. The homeland of this fruit is the island of Barbados. But now it is widely distributed and grown in the United States, Israel and some European countries.This is a unique fruit, similar to an orange, but larger and slightly different color. Its reddish flesh looks unusual, and many people do not like the bitter taste. But grapefruit contains many vitamins and minerals, so it is very useful for the body, especially for pregnant women. And unlike other citrus fruits, it does not cause allergies.

Recently, two more grapefruit-based fruits have been bred - mineolo and tangela. They are less common and not known in our country. And the grapefruit itself is used not only as a delicious dessert. Juice is made from it. It is also used to prepare various dishes. Often used grapefruit in cosmetology.

how to eat grapefruit

The composition of this fruit

This unique fruit contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. For example, grapefruit surpasses oranges in the amount of ascorbic acid and is second only to lemons. 100 g of pulp contains half the daily requirement of this vitamin. A low sugar content makes it low in calories. Only 32 kcal per 100 g of flesh allow you to eat it without fear of getting better.

Grapefruit is appreciated for its rich composition. It contains:

  • vitamins C, A, D, PP, B;
  • mineral substances: magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, zinc and others;
  • antioxidants;
  • cellulose.

Grapefruit is especially useful during pregnancy due to the presence of folic acid, which ensures the normal development of the child. Beta-carotene contributes to the correct formation of the placenta, and calcium - the bone tissue of the fetus. Magnesium has a positive effect on the nervous system and prevents preterm labor, and pantothenic acid reduces the symptoms of toxicosis.

grapefruit use

The benefits of grapefruit during pregnancy

The rich composition of this fruit contributes to the proper formation of the child and the prevention of complications. The most important beneficial properties of grapefruit are that it provides good bowel function and prevents constipation. In addition, it has a diuretic effect, which helps reduce swelling. This exotic fruit has a beneficial effect on the entire body of a woman, preventing the emergence of toxicosis and facilitating the course of pregnancy. If you use it in winter and spring, when you feel the lack of vitamins, you can protect yourself from beriberi.

Features of this fruit make it very useful for pregnant women.Studies have shown that it has such properties:

  • strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of infectious diseases;
  • prevents constipation;
  • reduces pressure and strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • provides the body with the necessary amount of iron;
  • removes excess liquid, slags and toxins;
  • reduces cholesterol and blood sugar;
  • reduces toxicosis;
  • contributes to the proper formation of the placenta and all tissues of the fetus;
  • improves the psycho-emotional state of a woman, relieves fatigue, increases efficiency.
    grapefruit helps for nausea

In what cases it is recommended to use

Useful grapefruit for women who have problems with being overweight. It contains substances that improve the absorption of food and prevent the deposition of fat. If a woman consumes this fruit throughout her pregnancy, she tolerates this time more easily. It helps to maintain a good mood and activity until the very birth. But grapefruit is especially useful in early pregnancy. Its sweet and sour taste with a slight bitterness helps to overcome nausea and increases appetite.

Sometimes pregnant women are even advised to eat grapefruit if they are not allergic. It is useful to have it in such cases:

  • with high blood pressure;
  • with constipation, flatulence, heartburn;
  • quick weight gain;
  • swelling;
  • strong toxicosis;
  • with varicose veins;
  • loss of appetite;
  • for insomnia, neurosis;
  • gastritis with low acidity.

What harm can grapefruit do

Grapefruit during pregnancy can also have a negative effect on the body:

  • increase the acidity of gastric juice;
  • worsen liver function, slow down the production of certain enzymes;
  • promote the appearance of pain in the abdomen;
  • worsen the condition of tooth enamel and increase their sensitivity;
  • cause upset stool.

It is also very important to know that grapefruit can change the effect of certain drugs and increase the risk of side effects from them. This is due to the fact that it contains polyphenolic compounds that block the production of the enzyme responsible for the absorption and processing of drugs. Therefore, the drugs taken have a stronger effect on the body, there may even be an overdose effect. Some components of drugs are not displayed, which increases the risk of side effects. This effect persists for 3 days after consuming grapefruit.

grapefruit is incompatible with drugs

When pregnant can not eat it

This fruit is not loved by all because of its unusual taste. If he doesn’t like it, you don’t have to force yourself just because it’s useful. But those who like it often wonder if it is possible to eat grapefruit during pregnancy. Most afraid of allergic reactions. But if before the conception of grapefruits there was no allergy, then it is unlikely to appear during pregnancy. Especially since this fruit is the least allergenic of all citrus fruits.

Although there are other dangers of using this product. Despite the huge benefits that it can bring to the body of a pregnant woman, not everyone can eat grapefruit. Contraindications include:

  • gastritis with high acidity;
  • peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • chronic kidney or liver disease;
  • tendency to allergic reaction;
  • low blood pressure;
  • cystitis, hepatitis.

How to eat grapefruit during pregnancy

The most basic rule for consuming any food when carrying a child is not to overeat. Even the most useful fruit can lead to unpleasant consequences if you eat it in large quantities.This especially applies to grapefruit. In the absence of contraindications, you can use no more than half a fruit or a glass of fresh juice per day. It must be remembered that it is not recommended to eat grapefruit during pregnancy on an empty stomach, as this can lead to abdominal pain. In addition, it can not be used by women who are prescribed any medications.

To avoid the negative effects of grapefruit on the stomach, it is recommended to use it after meals. Especially well it helps to assimilate meat dishes. It is advisable to clear the fruit from the film, you can add sugar.

how to eat grapefruit

Ways to use

During pregnancy, grapefruit can be consumed fresh, made from it juice or added during the preparation of other products. At the same time the dishes acquire a new taste. Most often they use it in the form of juice, which you can drink a glass a day. You can make a delicious dessert from yogurt with different fruits. Add this fruit also in ice cream, sauces, drinks.

For those who are tired of the taste of boiled beef, which is recommended to use during pregnancy, it is advisable to prepare a salad: mix green beans and boiled meat, add sliced ​​grapefruit, salt and sugar - to taste, fill with vegetable oil.

The fresh bitter taste of grapefruit and its citrus scent will help overcome fatigue and make it easier to transfer the pregnancy. With proper use of this fruit only benefits the body of a woman.

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