James Denton: biography and personal life

James Denton is an American actor. Often appears on television. He gained great fame after filming the series “Desperate Housewives”. He played in many theater productions. Films with the participation of the actor have become loved not only by the American audience, but also abroad.


James Denton was born 10/10/1963 in the United States, in the city of Nashville (Tennessee). His mother was called Marie Jean. She passed away in 2002. James' father was a dentist. The family had only three children. James in his childhood acting habits did not show. He was fond of sports, went to workouts. Dreamed of becoming a famous basketball player.


After graduation, James continued his studies at the local college. Then he entered the University of Tennessee. After graduation he became a specialist in the field of journalism and television. Received a degree in advertising.

James Denton

Becoming on the path of creativity

When James was 20 years old, he decided to become an actor. He started with work in the theater. He played his first role in the play "Our City". I received excellent reviews for the game, but I decided that I would achieve more in advertising.First, he worked in the state of Tennessee, then four years in North Carolina. I decided to move to Chicago and start a career as a professional actor.

Acting growth

James Denton began trying to visit the casting. Thanks to photogenic appearance, he passed them. He started his career as an actor with theatrical productions and became one of the most interesting and vibrant urban actors. The first role in the project "Tram: Desire", the last in the production of "Rabbit, Rabbit." Soon, James ended up at the Griffin Theater and the Strawdog Ensemble. Increased its popularity due to one of the main roles in "Flesh and Blood."

He constantly played in the Chicago Theater, wrote and performed the music for the production of Hank Williams' Love Night. For some roles, he received the D. Jefferson Award for Best Actor. Chicago magazine "Screen" was named one of the "hottest" actors. In pursuit of excellence, James studied all the time from various acting teachers.

James Denton Movies

In Los Angeles, he played in the projects "Refuge", "Locked Short" and "The Walking Monk". The talented actor was immediately noticed by the producers, and Denton got a good role in one of the series.Jason's theatrical reputation was quite strong, and it helped him become an actor in film and TV.

Denton began filming films, mostly in TV shows. These roles demanded more and more time each time. In 1997, James Denton was cast in the Challenger drama. Then the film was released in several more sequels. In 2001, Denton starred with Kim Delaney in the movie "Fili". She was appreciated by critics.

This was followed by a new interesting project in the form of the series “The Threat of the Matrix”. In this film, Jason played a major role - special agent John Calmer. When the project ended, Denton was immediately offered a new role - in the series “Desperate Housewives”. In it, he played the plumber Delfino. In addition, in the piggy bank James still many works. The popularity of the actor during his career grew with each film. James was assisted by good character, such as discipline, poise and equanimity.

James Denton personal life

After the success of the series “Desperate Housewives”, James Denton, whose personal life finally developed successfully, decided to celebrate a good game in the series with his own performance with his wife. Its premiere took place in a small Hollywood theater, designed for 96 seats. In 2015began filming a new film with the participation of James Denton. In the film The Good Witch, he plays with Catherine Bell.


James Denton, whose films are loved not only by Americans but also by viewers from all over the world, has appeared in many films:

  • "Criminal Quartet".
  • "Travels to parallel worlds."
  • "Dark Heaven".
  • "Military Investigators."
  • "Without a face."
  • "This is an old feeling."
  • "Pretender."
  • "Ellie McBill."
  • "2 guys, a girl and a pizzeria."
  • "Primary colors".
  • "West Wing".
  • Reba.
  • "Philadelphia".
  • "Drew Carey Show."
  • The Matrix: The Threat.
  • "Desperate Housewives".
  • "Beautiful dreamer."
  • "Masters of science fiction."
  • "Ward".
  • "Dead or Dead."
  • "The illusion of interrogation."
  • "Grace Acoustic", etc.

James Denton and his wife

Personal life

Denton married twice. For the first time, Jenna Lin Ward became his chosen one. But after a while, a divorce followed. The second time, James married Erin O”Brian In this marriage, a married couple had a son and daughter. Over time, James Denton and his wife bought a small house in Montana, in the mountains. It is worth noting that the second spouse was previously an actress, but gave up her career for the sake of the family.

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