Kaliningrad, Amber Museum: description, history, expositions and reviews

Kaliningrad is interesting for foreign and domestic tourists with its history. The Amber Museum attracts by the extraordinary exposure of a single mineral, the richness of the collection and the building in which it is located. Each visitor can get acquainted not only with products from the "sun stone", but also with the history of use, extraction of amber, its origin and the myths with which it is surrounded.

How the museum was created

One of the western cultural centers of Russia is Kaliningrad. The Amber Museum appeared in the city not by chance. The region has the largest amber deposit, which is being developed in industrial volumes. In addition, for a long time, the workshop for the artistic processing of the "sun stone" worked here, leaving behind a rich legacy.

For museum halls and a large collection, the Soviet authorities provided an ancient fortress - the fort of Don built in 1853. The building required restoration, and the premises - repair and create a special space for the exhibition.The project was developed by 1973, work on its implementation began the following year. The improvement of the adjacent territories, the entire restoration cycle and interior decoration were completed in 1978.

The design of the interior space and filling it with necessary furniture were engaged in the Leningrad branch of the art fund of the RSFSR. Stained-glass windows, mosaic decoration of the fountain, ceramic vases and much more were made especially for the museum. Discovery waited all Kaliningrad. The Amber Museum opened its doors to visitors in the winter of 1979.

Kaliningrad amber museum


Kaliningrad is famous for many museums and sights. The Amber Museum is a unique collection of materials related to a single mineral. The purpose of its establishment and further work is the systematization of knowledge on natural qualities and properties, geology, archeology, art history, history of amber.

On a square of 1000 square meters, a three-story Amber Museum (Kaliningrad) has gathered a collection. History and natural science, art crafts and myths - everything that the "solar stone" can tell is collected in 28 halls divided into 5 sections of the exposition.The content of the exhibition is divided into two parts - natural science and cultural and historical heritage.

The largest section of amber in Russia is in the exposition of the natural science section, its weight is more than 4 kilograms. It also presents samples of stone with varying degrees of transparency, colors, number of inclusions. Insects frozen in the resin over 40 million years ago, pieces of plants are of great scientific interest, they give scientists the opportunity to understand the characteristics of the flora, fauna, climatic conditions on the planet.

The cultural and historical section offers visitors to trace the evolution of amber processing from the Neolithic to the present day. A large number of exhibits got into the museum from the excavations carried out in the Kaliningrad region. Ornaments and household items were found in ancient settlements, in burial grounds. Of great value are recovered values, such as fragments of the Amber Room, lost during the Second World War. Values ​​donated from the Armory of the Moscow Kremlin are exhibited in the halls.

At the present stage more than 16 thousand exhibits are stored in the funds of the museum,the flow of visitors is more than two hundred thousand people annually, the number of excursions for the public is 1200 exciting stories, each year the staff organize more than three hundred exhibitions, projects and presentations in different directions.

Amber Museum in Kaliningrad

Halls of the museum and the exhibition

The city of Kaliningrad is known for its large “solar stone” deposit. Amber Museum has equipped 28 exposition halls with thematic exhibitions for the exposition:

  • The origin of amber, its properties.
  • Historical and archaeological section.
  • The use and representation of amber in art from the 17th to the 19th century.
  • Hall dedicated to the works of the Königsberg manufactory of artistic processing of amber (period 1926-1945).
  • The hall, where the works of the Kaliningrad Amber Factory are presented, as well as the history of the enterprise (since 1947). We consider the full cycle of the production process from production to the release of the final product.
  • Amber in the works of contemporary artists.

The fragments of the Amber Room décor, which were restored by modern masters, not only demonstrate the beauty of the lost masterpiece, but also helped to revive the ancient ways of working with the material.

In the halls with artwork from amber collected sculptures, jewelry from different eras of human development. Of considerable interest are several dioramas in the natural-science part of the exposition, where amber forests that once gave birth to the “sunstone” of Kaliningrad are recreated.

The permanent exhibition of the museum "Amber House" is based on the donated international collection of works of art from Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, German, Italian and many other artists. The magnificent gift was made by the Foundation for the Development of Charitable Programs and personally by its President E. Yu. Tatuzov. The gem of the exhibition is the grand mosaic canvas of A. Zhuravlev, artist and restorer, head of the restoration of the interior of the Amber Room.

amber museum in kaliningrad reviews

Cost of attendance and benefits

The Amber Museum (Kaliningrad) will help you to admire products made of semiprecious stone and to learn more about its properties, myths and features. The ticket price for visiting the entire exposition for adults is 200 rubles, for students and cadets - 100 rubles, and for schoolchildren the visit will cost 80 rubles.Family trip with children (preschool, school age) - 400 rubles.

Kaliningrad is open to every inquisitive tourist. The Amber Museum every Wednesday opens the door to preferential visits to the halls, the cost of tickets is 20 rubles. Retirees can take advantage of this opportunity (upon presentation of a document). Every last Sunday of the month, students, schoolchildren, and curious people under the age of 18 can visit the exhibition free of charge.

If the plans do not include an invitation to the guide, then an audio guide is offered to visitors, and you can rent it at the museum’s box office (cost 150 rubles). Kaliningrad attracts many tourists. Amber Museum, opening hours: 10: 00-18: 00 (October - April) or 10: 00-19: 00 (May - September).

Kaliningrad amber museum opening hours

Excursion programs and activities

One of the most important tasks in the museum is working with the public. Every first Saturday of the month, family-oriented events are held. These days, visitors are offered themed excursions, master classes with the ability to make their own decoration or to get acquainted with folk crafts.

Educational programs are held for younger and middle schoolchildren, during which children are introduced to the rules of behavior in the museum, discovering new knowledge about amber.By the holiday dates, special events are organized, for example, by the New Year at the master class, children can independently create a festive decoration on the Christmas tree.

For middle school students, the museum staff initiated a program to comprehend information through games, quests and competitions. By participating in such events, children quickly grasp knowledge, learn to ask questions, and also find answers on their own. Additionally, excursions and educational routes through the historical building in which the exposition is located have been developed.

Amber Museum Kaliningrad history

Other activities

The active work of museum workers is carried out in the publishing industry, over the last decade about four dozen books have been published in Russian, accompanied by English translation. Also in the museum are literary evenings, creative meetings with artists, writers. The library fund of the museum is constantly updated and available to every inquisitive person. On the ground floor there is a souvenir shop, where literature, jewelry, household items, amber souvenirs are on sale.

The museum is an open space for everyone, so the institution took care that people with disabilities have equal access to all the halls. Ramps are equipped here, doorways are expanded, there is a staircase for a comfortable transition to the basement of the building. Special equipment purchased to help hearing-impaired visitors. Thirty three-dimensional copies of the brightest exhibits of the museum within the framework of the Magic Book project are open to everyone in the virtual space.

the address of the amber museum in Kaliningrad

Biennale and contests

Cultural life rarely subsides in any large city, and Kaliningrad is no exception. The Amber Museum at its base, since 2004, has been holding the “Alatyr” competition (the old Russian name of amber) on an ongoing basis. At the Biennale, Russian and foreign masters and artists come together, bring their works, showing them to the public and fellow shop workers. In 2012, at the initiative of the museum staff, the All-Russian Jewelry Contest is held, where amber plays the main violin.


For many visitors was the opening of the Amber Museum in Kaliningrad. Reviews with positive ratings tell about the saturation of the exposition with a variety of amber.Many warm emotions evoke stone products from different eras, parts of the Amber Room amaze the imagination with the breadth of scope and beauty of performance.

There are few negative reviews about the museum, most of the regrets are focused on the absence of a guide and expensive souvenirs in the museum’s shops.

Amber Museum Kaliningrad ticket price

Helpful information

The address of the Amber Museum in Kaliningrad: Marshal Vasilevsky Square, Building 1. The facility is located in the historic center of the city, you can get to it at a convenient time.

Amber Museum in Kaliningrad mode of operation made dependent on the time of year, dividing it into two parts. From May to September, you can visit the halls from 10:00 to 19:00, in the next half year, from October to April, the time of visits is reduced by one hour - from 10:00 to 18:00. The day off is Monday.

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