"Kamistad" (gel): instructions for use, description, composition and reviews

Surely every parent facedpainful dentition in children. In some children this process passes quickly and less noticeably. Others suffer more: pain, burning, discomfort, drooling and fever. Also during this period, the appetite can change, there are problems with digestion, the chair becomes more frequent.

Modern manufacturers of medicinescreate new safe medications that can ease the condition of the crumbs. One such is the "Kamistad" (gel). Instructions for use, price, testimonials, composition of the drug and its features will be presented to your attention in the article.

kamistad gel user manual

Operating substances and the principle of their work, the form of release of the medicine

Before using the drug "Kamistad"(gel), the instructions for use should be studied thoroughly. The medicine is produced by the German firm "Stada". Producer offers a choice of a buyer to buy an ordinary drug "Kamistad" or "Kamistad baby". Gel instructions for use recommend keeping out of the reach of children. After opening, the drug can be put in a refrigerator or left at room temperature no more than 30 degrees.

The active components of the medicine "Kamistad"are lidocaine and extract from the flowers of chamomile. With the "Kamistad baby", the situation is different. There is the same chamomile, but as an anesthetic acts polidocanol. Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect. To some extent, the extract of these flowers belongs to antiseptics. The second component (lidocaine or polidocanol) is an anesthetic, which instantly has an anesthetic, cooling, antipruritic and soothing effect. This component reduces the sensitivity and excitability of sensory receptors, blocks the pain impulse.

The cost of the drug: how to buy "Kamistad"?

The medication is sold in OTC pharmacies. You do not need an appointment from a doctor to buy a compound. But nevertheless before application it is necessary to consult with the doctor. The medicine is relatively inexpensive. For 300 rubles you can buy a 10-gram tube, on which the name "Kamistad" (gel) is indicated. Instructions for use are enclosed with each package. Do not ignore it, be sure to read it.

Buy the drug "Kamistad baby" is not so easy. Many consumers say that it is not in the pharmacies. Indeed, this medicine is new. It has not yet gained the confidence of consumers, therefore it enjoys low demand. Nevertheless, you can buy it without a prescription, but at a higher price.

kamistad gel instruction for children

Scope of the drug

When recommends using a remedy"Kamistad" (gel) instructions for use? The medication is intended for treatment of the mucous membrane of the mouth with the aim of anesthetizing, reducing inflammation, eliminating discomfort and unpleasant sensations. The drug is prescribed by dentists, internists, surgeons and pediatricians. The annotation shall indicate the indications in which it is necessary to apply the composition:

  • gingivitis and stomatitis;
  • irritation of the surface of the gums and oral mucosa due to the wearing of dentures or braces;
  • eruption of wisdom teeth, accompanied by painful sensations;
  • the appearance of teeth in young children;
  • erythema of lips, cheilitis;
  • after surgical and diagnostic interventions in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

The annotation also describes situations in whichdo not use the drug "Kamistad." Gel instructions for use do not recommend applying if there is a high sensitivity to its components. Many people have lidocaine intolerance. When allergic to chamomile and excipients should also choose an alternative drug. Contraindicated use of medication during pregnancy and lactation. No "Kamistad" is assigned to children under the age of 12 years. The medicine "Kamistad baby" can be used from the age of three months. Until that time, the medication is contraindicated.

When used correctly, the drug does not causenegative reactions. Despite this, clinical cases are known when the medicine provoked an allergy. More often it happens with an overdose or ignoring contraindications. There is such a side effect of itching and burning, reddening of the mucous membranes of the mouth, edema and other symptoms. In this case, it is necessary to cancel the medicine and contact the doctor for help.

kamistad baby gel instruction manual

Method of using the gel "Kamistad"

How often is it recommended to apply "Kamistad" (gel)instructions for use? The price of the drug is already known to you. The annotation says that the medicine is applied a thin layer on the mucous membranes of the mouth 3 times a day. One portion of the medication is equal to a strip of half a centimeter. If you take into account that the drug costs 300 rubles, depending on the disease and its severity on the course, you may need from 300 to 900 rubles. Individual advice in this regard is given by the attending physician.

Do not forget before applying the preparation carefullyto wash hands. Otherwise, new bacteria will enter the inflamed areas, which will lead to a worsening of the condition. Also after the application, wash your hands with soap. Avoid contact with eyes.

kamistad gel instruction on application price

"Kamistad" (gel): instructions for use for children

If your child is already 12 years old, thenyou can safely apply the usual "Kamistad". The method of applying it will be the same as for adults. As you know, it is unacceptable to apply the "Kamistad" gel to babies. The instruction on application, the description of a preparation and responses of doctors - all speaks about danger of such treatment. The fact is that lidocaine is able to inhibit the swallowing reflex. A small child can simply choke on his own saliva. Also, the active ingredient is dangerous by an allergic reaction. After all, you can not be sure that it will not.

The child's form of the drug contains a saferanesthetic. Use this medication as needed, but no more than 3 times a day. It is advisable to massage the gums when applying the composition. This will promote rapid anesthesia. Use the medicine "Kamistad" for children after eating and before going to bed so that nothing disturbs your baby.

kamistad gel instruction application price testimonials composition

Reviews about gel "Kamistad"

What do consumers say about this drug? Those people who used the medicine report on its effectiveness and quick action. Do not wait long until the active substance starts working. The medicine has a noticeable effect immediately after application.

Many patients used the gel before meals. More often it is necessary for stomatitis. Despite the manufacturer's instructions, such an application helps to reduce pain during a meal. As a result, the patient can fully eat without any discomfort.

Also, there are reviews of parents who usedordinary "Kamistad" for young children. These moms and dads simply did not know about the existence of a medicament in a child's form. Consumers say that the remedy did not cause any negative reactions to the baby. In fact, it's just luck. If the child has an allergy to the active ingredient, then this practice can end very badly. It is recommended to consult a doctor before using the "Kamistad" (gel). For children and adults, the instruction (analogues presented below) in this respect does not make a difference.

kamistad instructions for use description

Drug analogues

Many people can replace this medicinecompositions. They have the same or different components. The price of drugs is also different. The most popular means are Kholisal, Kalgel, Dentalgel, Stomatophyte and others. The methods of using them are different, so you should always carefully study the annotation.

  • "Holisal" is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anesthetic drug. Used in children after a year. Apply 2-3 times a day a strip of gel in 1 centimeter.
  • "Kalgel" - a combined local anesthetic drug, has an antifungal and antibacterial effect. Used at children from 5 months up to 6 times a day.
  • "Dentagel" is a preparation with antimicrobial and bacteriostatic effect. Allowed for use in adults and children from 6 years. Applied 2 times a day.

Analogues of the drug may have other dosage forms: tablets, solutions, pastes and so on.

gel kamistad instructions for use price review


The article describes an effective gel for you"The Kamistad." Instructions for use, price, reviews and analogs are now known to you. Often this medicine is used without medical appointment. For the consumer the product is freely available. The medication in this case should be used strictly according to the instructions. Do not exceed the indicated doses, follow the instructions of the annotation. Do not use the drug in children under 12 years old. If the pharmacy does not have the "Kamistad baby" preparation, then give a better preference to its substitute appropriate to your child's age.

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