Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features

Kindergarten - the first stage of education of eachchild. It is at this stage that children learn to live in a team, obey their educators, get their first knowledge and master different skills. In Novosibirsk in the kindergarten, each child receives a full range of services, consisting of psychological and physical development classes, correctional education (if necessary) and many other kinds. In addition to budgetary institutions, there are private nurseries and kindergartens in the city. Novosibirsk is one of the few cities where great attention is paid to the development of the Dow network.

Modern educational standards

Kindergartens Novosibirsk

To date, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federationplaces high demands on places of education and upbringing of children. The GEF (Federal State Educational Standard) was developed and implemented. Thanks to him, all DOW have clear instructions on what and how to teach children. The child in the kindergarten of Novosibirsk receives all the necessary assistance in the development: educational, health, correctional. The Ministry of Education of the city is actively developing a network of educational institutions. For example, in April 2015, opened a d / s for children with developmental features. The building was located at ul. Okhotskaya, 86. Children with musculoskeletal disorders, with mild physical health and malfunctioning of the central nervous system, are taken here.

Some statistics

In Novosibirsk in the kindergarten

Corrective help is provided by many childrengardens. Novosibirsk boasts a large number of kindergartens combined type or compensating orientation. In total there are 172. Thirty-three groups are functioning for children with mental retardation, more than 500 groups for children with speech disorders. Separately, there are kindergartens for the contingent with visual, hearing and musculoskeletal disorders. According to statistics, today 30% of gardens have a correctional focus.

Accidents (Novosibirsk)

The girl (kindergarten No. 45, which she attended,still under close supervision), playing in the yard on a morning walk, somehow stuck her head under the stairs and hooked on the hood. As a result, the child died of suffocation. According to the findings of the investigation, the teacher is to blame for the incident. The DOS leadership dismissed the culprit. Unfortunately, despite all the norms of construction of kindergartens, such incidents occur.

Are kindergartens safe? Novosibirsk was shocked by another loud story. The pupil of kindergarten No. 88 died in the hospital from an unknown illness. The girl became ill after kindergarten, and at home parents called an ambulance. Doctors have previously diagnosed - intestinal infection. In a day the child died. Later it was found out that in addition to infection the girl had ARVI. Such an unfavorable combination of circumstances led to the death of the child. Perhaps this was due to inattention of the staff of the d / s to the pupils.

What kind of kindergartens exist (Novosibirsk)

Novosibirsk girl kindergarten

Despite the fact that maternity leave is given for threemany mothers are trying to get back to work faster. Therefore in some kindergartens nursery groups are opened, where children are taken from one and a half years. It should be remembered that up to three years children do not receive special training, except for self-service skills. In groups, they are provided with toys, supervision, five-time feeding and walks.

In the bulk of the same children are given to a kindergarten from threeyears. It is from this age that training sessions with educators begin. As a rule, this is drawing, studying the surrounding world, physical education. If necessary, the speech therapist is examined.

Separately it is necessary to say about the correctional childrengardens. Novosibirsk seeks to provide an accessible environment for all categories of children with HIA. Therefore, there are special institutions and individual groups aimed at adapting a child with developmental features.

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Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features Kindergartens (Novosibirsk): types of DOW, work features