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The first deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, conducted a training for the participants of the youth forum "Territory of Meanings on Klyazma".
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Kiriyenko comes to the forum not for the first time. In 2017, during his speech, he spoke about the image of the future of Russia - this topic became the basis of Vladimir Putin’s presidential campaign. During the current meeting, the first deputy head of the AP said that the forum "gathered a thousand non-random people" who took an active part in youth projects, calling the participants a team "that really determines the future of our country," Kommersant writes.
Kiriyenko also invited the participants of the educational forum to think over the creation of projects for the development of social elevators that could be included in the platform "Russia is a country of opportunities". He clarified that projects should cover a large number of people, be accessible to everyone, differ in novelty and non-standard ideas, the procedure for their implementation should be transparent.
Recall that on the basis of the platform "Russia is a country of opportunities" there are 14 projects, among which is the contest "Leaders of Russia". In May of this year, Vladimir Putin signed a decree creating an autonomous non-profit organization of the same name.
In addition, the First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration conducted a training among the forum participants, asking a number of leading questions to the forum participants, for example, what is the main competitive advantage of Russia. Having received the answers (among them were the “Russian character”, “the ability to take risks”, “the presence of a national leader”, “savvy” and “patriotism”), Sergey Kiriyenko concluded that, in his opinion, all the suggested answers belong to people, and "people are the main wealth of the country and its main competitive potential."
We will add that Timur Prokopenko, the deputy head of the presidential department for domestic policy (supervises the organization of the camp) and the head of the regional personnel reserve of the OHR, Anton Nagralyan, helped Sergei Kiriyenko to conduct the training.
In addition, Kiriyenko said that the shortage of personnel is the main problem at the regional level.However, he agreed with the views of the participants, who said that this was due to the irremovability of power and "cronyism." “My point is that all this is true, but managing people is a much more complicated story, because people have free will, it’s impossible to paint a person on a strict plan,” he stressed.
In conclusion, Kiriyenko noted that the Territory of Meanings forum should be developed. “In my opinion, what remains unchanged, sooner or later bends. Of course, it must develop, from a technological point of view, develop,” the first deputy head of the AP stressed.
The youth forum "Territory of meanings on Klyazma" is held in the Vladimir region for the fourth time. It is expected that this year he will gather about 6 thousand participants from all regions of the country. The forum, organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), will last until August 12. Among the participants of the event are undergraduate and graduate students of specialized specialties, as well as young specialists (from 18 to 30 years old), whose field of activity is connected with the subject of the races. The purpose of the forum organizers declare the promotion of the formation and development of professional youth communities and the understanding of their own capabilities in their home country.
Statements by Kiriyenko are assessed by Anastasia Zoshchuk, an employee of the Youth Affairs Committee of the Astrakhan Region, Chairman of the Committee of the Public Youth Parliament at the Duma of the Astrakhan Region on Science, Education and Culture. Indeed, there is a lack of young managerial personnel in the regions. It is not a secret to anyone that there are cadres who are overstayed in good positions in every subject of the Russian Federation. In order to appoint young and promising people, they need to be developed and raised by inclusion in personnel reserves. Young people need to be sent for training, advanced training, etc. Today there is a wonderful project "Leaders of the 21st Century", but it is not enough. More programs are needed to develop youth personnel potential.
Currently, there is another serious problem - the lack of initiative on the part of young people. Recently, youth policy has been developing well at the state level. I can state this with confidence because I work in this area. For young people now there is almost everything, but there is little activity on the part of students.<...> I would like more young people to be involved in youth state policy. "
Vladimir Leshchenko, a member of the Tambov city political council of the United Russia party, also agrees with the thesis about the shortage of personnel: "Sergey Kiriyenko, in his speech, outlined the main problem" at the level of regional governance "- the shortage of personnel. power has not changed since the mid-90s, there was a stagnation in the area of ​​rotation of managerial personnel.People occupied leadership positions in the structure of regional management throughout the life of their patron, and the apparatus did not hold necessary work for the training of reservists. In the end, there was no one to replace the head in his advanced years, people of retirement age were engaged in innovative development directions. <...>
If we consider youth policy across the country, then only a person who is closed to society does not know about the existence of a huge number of contests, grants, forums for active youth. <...> All these factors indicate the maximum openness of the personnel services of all branches of government and the great potential of the current generation of young people. "
Rashid Khusnutdinov, a member of the Public Chamber of the Udmurt Republic, notes that recently there have been more opportunities for identifying and developing talented youth: There are many talented novice managers who are willing to learn. However, the training grounds are either extremely limited in number or, like MBA, cost serious money.
Therefore, the emergence of new tools for learning and growth, for example, the contest "Leaders of Russia", can not be welcomed. In addition, the regions have now realized the vector and in large numbers are creating their regional and local competitions. <...>
All this applies to youth policy in general. <... Of course, the full involvement of young people in decision-making is still quite far away, but, undoubtedly, the experience of project and volunteer work will allow young people to develop and benefit society. "
Well, something like this.
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