"L-arginine": composition, properties, instructions for use, side effects

In modern medicine and nutrition, the drug L-arginine is often used. The fact is that arginine belongs to the group of conditionally essential amino acids that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Of course, many people are interested in more information. For example, it is useful to find out in what form this tool is produced and how much it costs. How does an amino acid affect different organs? When do I need to take medicine? Can it harm?

The drug "L-arginine": composition and the form of

l arginine

This tool is available in the form of gelatin capsules. The main active ingredient of the drug is the L-isomer of arginine. In pharmacies, you can buy capsules with a dosage of 0.18, 0.5 or 0.75 g of the active substance. Gelatin, magnesium stearate and MCC are used to make the capsule.One pack contains from 30 to 250 capsules.

By the way, L-arginine is released in powder, but athletes and bodybuilders, as a rule, take this form of the drug. There is also a special solution for intravenous administration.

What properties does the medicine have?

Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid. This substance actively regulates many vital functions of the human body. For example, an amino acid stabilizes cell membranes, acts as an antioxidant, has antihypoxic and cytoprotective effects. The substance also regulates many intermediate processes in the body and partially affects the hormonal background.

Arginine is involved in the synthesis of polyamine, proline and agmatine, the processes of fibrinolysis and spermatogenesis. Amino acid is involved in the synthesis of urea in liver cells, and also protects hepatocytes from the damaging effects of toxins, acting as a hepatoprotector.

When administered intravenously, the maximum concentration of amino acids in the blood is observed after 20-30 minutes. This substance is filtered in the kidneys and is almost completely reabsorbed in the renal tubules.

The benefits of taking L-arginine

l arginine properties

L-arginine is very important for the normal functioning of the body. This amino acid acts as follows:

  • normalizes blood sugar levels;
  • accelerates tissue regeneration in the body;
  • takes part in the processes of growth hormone synthesis;
  • increases physical and mental endurance;
  • provides enzyme systems with a sufficient amount of nitrogen;
  • stimulates the formation of urea and accelerates the process of removing toxins and toxins from the body;
  • improves liver function;
  • reduces the number of free radicals that have a detrimental effect on the cell membrane, thereby protecting the tissue from damage;
  • against the background of administration, there is an activation of the formation of muscle mass along with a more intensive loss of subcutaneous fat;
  • amino acid is involved in the synthesis of serotonin, as well as joy hormones; it has been observed that while taking a medicine in a person, he significantly improves his mood, he becomes more resistant emotionally;
  • it is believed that periodic administration of the drug reduces the likelihood of an attack of angina.

The role of L-arginine is difficult to overestimate, because this amino acid is involved in many metabolic processes.Normally, a person should receive this substance with food, but, unfortunately, with the modern rhythm of life, it is not always possible to closely monitor nutrition. In such cases, doctors recommend taking the amino acid in the form of tablets or powder.

Main indications for taking the drug

l arginine instructions for use

In some cases, doctors recommend taking capsules "L-arginine"? The properties of this tool can be useful if the patient has various problems:

  • Amino acid is prescribed in the presence of certain diseases of the digestive system, including cholecystitis, cirrhosis and liver fibrosis, viral hepatitis of unknown origin.
  • Capsules are recommended to take with regular increased mental and physical stress.
  • The indications also include a weakening of the immune system.
  • The drug is used as an aid in the treatment of atherosclerosis, secondary hypertension, coronary heart disease.
  • Amino acid can be assigned to children with physical retardation.
  • Problems in the male genital area (for example, insufficient genital response, infertility) are also indications for receiving capsules.
  • This supplement is also prescribed to people suffering from diabetes (insulin-independent type) and various forms of asthenia.

Bodybuilding applications

l arginine reviews

Today, L-arginine is considered to be one of the most widely used supplements - it is recommended to professional athletes and bodybuilders. As mentioned above, this amino acid removes toxins from the body and positively affects the muscles. In particular, this tool is involved in the process of dividing muscle cells, stimulates regenerative processes after exercise, increases the amount of oxygen and creatinine received by muscle cells.

Amino acid can be taken directly in pure form (in capsules). In addition, it is part of many mixtures for sports nutrition. Of course, in order to calculate the correct dose, it is better to consult a specialist.

Means "L-arginine": instructions for use

how to take l arginine capsules

Despite the fact that this acid is necessary for the normal functioning of the body, using the drug alone is not recommended. It is better to first consult a doctor - he will choose the appropriate form and dosage of L-arginine.Instructions for use contains only general recommendations.

If we are talking about a solution for infusion, then it is prescribed only in severe conditions. Enter intravenously, using a dropper, and at a speed of 10 drops per minute (after 10-15 minutes, the speed can be increased to 20-30 drops). For adults and adolescents over 14 years old, the daily dose of the solution is 100 ml. Children up to 5 years of age are given 5–10 ml per kilogram of the body.

How to take "L-arginine" in capsules? After all, it is in this form that the means is most often used. Experts recommend taking 0.35 g three times a day or 0.5-0.75 g of the active substance twice a day. The course of therapy depends on many factors, but, as a rule, it lasts no more than two weeks.

Is it possible to cause side effects?

l arginine powder

Is it possible to develop complications while taking the drug "L-arginine"? Tablets are generally well tolerated. Cases of the occurrence of adverse reactions in most cases are associated with either long-term use or with a too high dose of the drug.

Some patients complain of a sudden sensation of heat, body aches, pain in the joints. Perhaps the development of allergic reactions, which are accompanied by the appearance of edema, itching and skin rashes, sometimes urticaria.In some people, on the background of the intake, the skin becomes pale and sometimes bluish.

On the background of long-term use in patients, a decrease in immune protection is possible, which, respectively, entails the frequent development of infectious diseases. Some people complain of nausea, dizziness, weakness, increased anxiety. Sometimes there are sleep disorders. Very rarely, blood pressure fluctuates during therapy.

The main contraindications for treatment

Despite the fact that this amino acid is a natural component of human metabolism, a significant increase in its level in the blood has a positive effect on the condition of not every patient. The drug "L-arginine" has a number of contraindications, with a list of which should be found before the start of capsules.

This drug is not prescribed to patients suffering from herpes infections. You should also pay attention to whether the patient is allergic to the components of the drug. "L-arginine" is not recommended for women during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, as the effect of the drug on the body of the mother and fetus has not been studied enough.The list of contraindications include schizophrenia and some other neuropsychiatric disorders. Therefore, before you start taking capsules, you should consult with a specialist, be it a doctor, a nutritionist, or at least a professional fitness instructor.

Additional Information

l arginine Price

This tool should be used with caution along with some diuretics, as it may increase the level of potassium in the blood. Simultaneous intake with aminophylline is fraught with an increase in the amount of insulin, which can be dangerous. Arginine should never be taken with thiopental.

Supplement carefully used to treat patients with renal insufficiency. You also need to closely monitor patients suffering from endocrine diseases, since arginine intake is often accompanied by an increase in the level of insulin and growth hormone in the blood. In the event that a person develops asthenia during therapy, the medication should be stopped immediately.

Regardless of the manufacturer, the shelf life of the capsules is 2 years (the date of manufacture is indicated on the package). It is recommended to keep the package in a warm place, at a temperature of from 10 to 25 degrees, avoiding direct sunlight.

How much is the drug?

Of course, for many people, it is not only the properties of L-arginine that are important. Price is another important point that many patients pay attention to. Of course, the cost depends on the dose of the active ingredient and the number of capsules in the package. What matters is the city of purchase and the price policy of the pharmacy.

A package of 50 tablets containing 500 mg of L-arginine will cost about 1100-1300 rubles. 90 capsules with a dose of the active substance in 1 g cost about 2100-2300 rubles. As a rule, one package is enough for a full course of treatment, although it all depends on the condition of the person and the purpose of taking the medicine.

Reviews of doctors and patients

You should always get acquainted with official information. Nevertheless, a lot of useful information can be obtained by asking the opinions of specialists and patients who have already used the capsules "L-arginine."

The feedback is mostly positive. Doctors say that an amino acid helps prevent a lot of complications, and therefore is considered to be a fairly effective prophylactic. Moreover, the correct method has a positive effect on the state of the whole organism and significantly speeds up the process of treating many diseases.

Patients themselves are also positive about the drug.It has practically no contraindications, and side effects are extremely rare. "L-arginine" gives a positive effect during physical exertion and significantly improves the result of regular training. Many people also notice an improvement in their emotional state. The disadvantages include perhaps a fairly high cost. On the other hand, this drug is really high-quality, and capsule packaging is often enough for a full course of treatment. There are no negative reviews about this additive.

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