Hotel Lamai Guesthouse 3 *, Phuket - overview, features and reviews of tourists

Lamai Guesthouse 3 * despite its small size is popular with tourists. Here, the administrators take into account many of the wishes of the guests and try to equip the rooms and other rooms to the maximum.

Proximity to the ocean and access to public transport further attract guests from all over the world to this hotel. Russian tourists also chose this place and often rest here families.

Why Phuket?

This island is one of the largest in Thailand. Phuket is connected to the mainland by large bridges. Previously, this place almost did not attract tourists. The islanders lived by catching seafood and mining rubber.

Then gradually lovers of exotic fishing began to gather here. Investors began to invest in the construction of hotels, cafes, entertainment centers. The island put on a relative order and began to attract tourists.

Now the main income comes from taxes from hotels and other entertainment facilities and restaurants. Almost all residents switched to the tourism business and now they are fishing only with the guests of the island.

Here are very beautiful beaches. They are equipped with everything you need and kept clean. The beauty of them is that they are often sandy. Therefore, it is pleasant to walk barefoot here and children like to build various figures and locks out of it.

Where is

Lamai Guesthouse 3 * is located along the Siriat road in Phuket. Its official address is Patong Beach, Thailand, 83150. It is a bit removed from other hotels. Therefore, in the evenings here is not so noisy.

But guests can walk to the beach in 11 minutes, as well as from other hotels. From the airport, tourists are provided with a transfer, which must be arranged in advance when booking a room.


Lamai Guesthouse 3 * does not attract visually at first sight of tourists. The light five-story building with neat balconies fits into the overall surroundings of the island.

The hotel has a small territory, but it is neat and, if possible, well-maintained. There are tables in the courtyard and palm trees planted around.Here, guests love to spend their evenings with a cup of delicious coffee or a glass of wine.

lamai Guesthouse 3 reviews

At the entrance opens a standard picture of three star hotels. Small lounge and reception. It has nice Thai girls who are ready to help every client whenever possible.


In total, Lamai Guesthouse 3 * presents three categories of rooms. In terms of equipment and design, they are very similar to the average apartment in Soviet times. A distinctive feature can only be a plasma TV and an unusual shape of a bath.

  1. Deluxe with 1 bed can accommodate 2 people. If desired, for an additional fee can provide a modern cot. Therefore, families with 1 child often stay here. The room has a double bed, next to her bedside tables and lamps. The room has a wardrobe and a small wall with shelves of the old model. The room is equipped with a desk. An office chair stands next to it and a computer is installed. There is a private toilet and bathroom.
  2. Single Standard - this category includes rooms designed for one guest. There is a 1.5-bed.The room has a wardrobe for clothes and a workplace with a computer.
  3. Superior double room is equipped with two and a half beds or one large. The room is set a little better furniture and in size it exceeds the previous ones. In it at the request of the guests can also be installed an extra bed.
lamai Guesthouse 3 Thailand Patong Phuket

All equipment corresponds to the status of Lamai Guesthouse 3 * in Phuket.

Room Equipment

In principle, the rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay in them. Here, household appliances are not installed the latest models, but working and copes with its responsibilities.

The rooms have:

  • kettle;
  • mini bar;
  • safe;
  • TV;
  • phone;
  • Fax;
  • fridge;
  • air conditioning;
  • seating area;
  • fan;
  • DVD player.

All guests have the opportunity to use the service "wake-up service". Therefore, tourists can not be afraid to sleep over breakfast or a tour. All rooms are cleaned daily by the staff. Bed linen and towels are changed every 4-5 days.

The rooms are cleaned on time. Free WI-FI is available throughout the hotel. In the lobby, visitors can relax on the couch with a cup of coffee and a fresh press.


The price includes breakfast.There is no such diversity as in five-star hotels, but a snack before lunch is quite possible. It is difficult to call this restaurant as a restaurant, but it’s quite a draw at a middle-class cafe.

lamai Guesthouse 3 Patong Beach 3

Guests can have a lunch or dinner here for a fee. The menu features traditional Thai dishes. In Phuket, be sure to try the seafood. Here they are prepared in a special way. Therefore, fish lovers will be able to pamper their taste.

Often, guests of Lamai Guesthouse 3 * (Thailand) go out to the open air in the evenings. At this time, the heat is not so lacking, and they can communicate with each other and enjoy the taste of king prawns seasoned with aromatic herbs.

Additional services

At Lamai Guesthouse 3 * (Thailand, Patong, Phuket), the reception is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, guests are settled at any time, depending on their arrival on the island.

Luggage storage is available here. Therefore, if the eviction is provided for much earlier than the flight of the aircraft, then guests can leave their belongings in it and go for an extra hour to walk around Phuket.

lamai guesthouse patong beach 3

At the reception you can exchange currency for local money.There is a tour desk, where you can book a visit to the attractions you like.

Lamai Guesthouse 3 * Beach operates laundry and dry cleaning. Guests for an additional fee can wash and dry their things here. Small scooter rentals are available near the hotel. On the island, this type of transport is considered one of the main. Tourists who have come to the island for the first time will definitely take scooters to move freely around Phuket.

Food and drinks can be delivered to the room. This service is additionally paid by entering it into the account of the client. The use of drinks from the mini-bars in the rooms is also chargeable.

Common Services

Lamai Guesthouse 3 * Phuket has created conditions for the stay of people with disabilities. Here for them there are several rooms with handrails in the bathrooms and other devices.

At the entrance set ramp. the staff is ready at any time to come to the aid of special clients about the movement of the hotel and other issues.

Almost all of the staff speak two languages ​​- Thai and English. But due to the fact that Russian tourists every year becomes more,then many workers have mastered our language a little.

lamai Guesthouse 3 Thailand Patong

Lamai Guesthouse 3 * (Thailand, Patong) has a service of accelerated registration and eviction of clients. Thus, for a separate payment, tourists can be served at the reception without a queue, which is important if guests are in a hurry on their flight.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel. Non-smoking tourists are equipped with special rooms where the smell of tobacco is absolutely not present. Thus, they can accommodate families with children and allergies.

Lamai Guesthouse 3 *: reviews

At various online resources you can find quite a lot of comments about the work of the hotel. Tourists are mostly satisfied with the friendly attitude of the staff towards the guests. Customers note that at the reception there is always a staff member on duty and always answers your questions.

And also tourists are quite satisfied with the menu during breakfast in the cafe. The only thing they are warning is that you should not get carried away with too spicy food, because then there can be unpleasant manifestations from the gastrointestinal tract.

Vacationers can visit the pool in the neighboring hotel once a day. Guests note that the water in it is relatively clean, but always a lot of people and swim sometimes fails.Thus, it is better to go to the beaches.

Negative reviews

There are also many negative comments. First of all, tourists are unhappy with the arrangement of rooms. They complain that the furniture is already old and almost falling apart. In the bathrooms you can often find mold. Communications in the bathroom noticeably worn out and rusted.

lamai Guesthouse 3 Phuket

Tourists note that after cleaning, staff often replace bedding with torn or stained. We have to go down at the reception and ask to correct what has been done.

As well as the conditions indicated that the cleaning takes place daily. But in reality it is not. At best, the maid comes once every 2-3 days. After her visit, there is often dust on the cabinets. The bathroom is cleaned badly. Guests have to leave a tip when leaving the room in order to see the relative cleanliness upon arrival.

Some bad comments can be found about the fact that on one side of the hotel balconies overlook the next building and you can easily reach it by hand.

Guests are unhappy that there are no safes in the rooms. Here, only the cells at the reception are installed, but they are not credible among holidaymakers and therefore have to carry money and documents all the time with them.Thus, tourists feel in constant tension in crowded places.

lamai guesthouse 3 phuket

In principle, tourists who spend a lot of time outside the hotel’s walls consider that there is enough hotel to “spend the night” at this level. On the island, mostly come to enjoy the exotic, and not "wallow" by the pool. There are such gorgeous beaches that you don't want to return to the hotel.

Regarding the main food, tourists are advised to go only to good restaurants of the middle category. Because in small eateries you can get poisoned or the gastrointestinal tract does not cope with a strongly spicy and spicy kitchen.

In general, with an average budget for recreation, the option of accommodation in Lamai Guesthouse Patong Beach 3 * is not bad, especially if tourists without children come to rest. There are absolutely no conditions for young visitors.

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