Lion Hunting in Africa

Hunting for the mighty king of animals is widely believedthe most interesting, but they do not deny that this is the most dangerous kind of fishing. This huge wild cat has an excellent vision and a nose, is endowed with a natural instinct, besides, the lion is himself a wonderful hunter. He can instantly turn from prey into an attacker. If you consider that when attacking the pursuing lion develops speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour, it becomes clear that the daredevil has no chance to escape.

hunting for a lionEspecially dangerous is the hunt for a lion alreadythe wounded. He desperately struggles for his own life and is able to destroy everything in his path. But will a real hunter win the desire to defeat this mighty and intelligent animal?

The most popular is the hunting of lions in Africa -Tanzania, Mozambique, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and South Africa. To do this, you must first obtain a license, but this is very difficult. Issue them very little, and, as a rule, they are disassembled for years to come. You need to know this when you come to Africa. And do not forget that for the dead lioness you will have to pay more than 7000 dollars (depending on the age of the animal), and the lion will cost you fifty-five thousand dollars (including the price of the license).

Hunting in Africa is usually designed forseven to twenty days. Try to get a license for the maximum period, so as not to return home without a trophy. However, without prey you will not remain - a huge number of ungulates and other local animals, on which hunting is allowed, is simply amazing.hunting in africa

If you flew to Africa to hunt, do not wait,that you will be accommodated in a five-star apartment. Most likely, you will be accommodated in standard hunting camps, usually quite comfortable. All hunters are always accompanied by a professional. From this person directly depends the success of the whole enterprise. With him you can discuss the cost of the trophy, and he will pick up the beast according to the received data.

Hunting for a lion is done in several ways. The most common is for bait, or, as the hunters say, to be privatized. It can become a carcass of an ungulate, which is hung high enough that a lion could get it, and, for example, a hyena - no. Privad need a few. This will increase the chance of getting a trophy, but it does not always guarantee a successful hunt. Be sure to take care of a secure shelter - the lions are very careful, having sensed the slightest danger, they will not approach the Privet.

hunting for lionsLion hunting can be done in a different way -on the trail (or trail). This method is dangerous for the hunter. There is a possibility of an unexpected encounter with a predator, and if the animal shows aggression, your chances of hiding from it will be zero. You will not be rescued and weapons in hand - the attack of the lion is lightning fast, and you will not have the opportunity to use the barrel.

Hunting for a lion is difficult physically, dangerous andlong enough. But this is what attracts hunters. It allows you to experience the power of your spirit, and the victory over the king of animals gives you a sense of your superiority.

If you are going to hunt for lions in Zambia, then we want to note that you are late, this kind of hunting in the country is prohibited.

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