Making an effective sale conspiracy

White magic - a huge world of magic, standing on the side of good goals. Mankind has been using the power of the word since the most ancient times, it still does not lose popularity today. Below are plots for the sale of various items. Their use has magnetic abilities that attract money.

Plot for the sale of apicultural products (honey, pollen, zabrus, royal jelly, propolis)

Before bees are planted in the hive, they read: “Bees swarm, breed, humble themselves. I hear the buzz of bees, soot them in the hive. You bee, swarm, for a slave (your name) work. I lock you up with a key, a lock, I throw the key into the sea-ocean, and there the queen bee holds a dozen, all the queen is the eldest. Strong my word. Amen".

plot for saleConspiracy for success in trade

To keep your store always filled with customers, do the following. Of the nine horse feeders, take oats, and from the doors of two canteens (cafe) - litter. Sprinkling them in your store in the corners, say: “Nine decks give a lot of oats, and also a lot of litter in taverns, so many customers will be in my shop. Amen".

Plot for sale

Read on what you want to sell: “I’m a merchant, a great young man, I’m selling a good product, I’ll take a coin soon. Amen".

Plot for the sale of any things

The ritual begins with a hike in the woods, where you will need to find an ant heap. It is necessary to throw a trifle into it so that the ants run for money. In this case, read: “How many ants are in this ant heap, I would have had a lot of money. Sell ​​- get it. Amen"

Honey plot for the sale of any thing

Slandering for honey, which needs to be smeared before the deal: “Just as the bees swarm, the merchants come to me as rich merchants called in and praised and stuffed the bins. Amen".

Strong conspiracy to bargain

Before you start talking, spit on your hands and pat your head. After that read: “Oh, I'm a good merchant. All well done udalets. My word is worth its weight in gold, their word is only copper. Amen".

plots for salePlot for sale at home

Reading on the water: “No matter how high the house is, no matter how far the house is, and buyers are close. They will come, they will take prices, they will take. Amen".

Plot for car sale

To read before leaving the house: “As everyone pays well, so they will pay for my thing. Amen".Read as many times as necessary until a meeting with a potential buyer takes place.

Wheat plot to sell any thing

a plot to sell a houseTake a white saucer, put copper coins and wheat grains on it. Close all with a handkerchief and water every 3 days (to let the wheat germinate), saying: “Mother-wheat, the universal nurse. You give from grain both ten and twenty, so give me a monetary gain for (name of the thing being sold). As wheat grows day and night, it gives old and young food, so let my money grow and feed. Amen".

Conspiracy to sell cars

Read before the meeting on the water (juice, tea or coffee) that you need to drink at the end of the transaction: “I bought it, I sell it. One merchant, two merchants, will not be a selling branch, but a merchant's blessing. Amen".

Whatever ritual you perform, it must always be supported by faith.

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