Mammon - what is it?

On the pages of the Bible, you can read an explanation that the service to several gods at once is simply impossible. Such a concept means that one will have to serve less diligently, which means that this will not be the complete fulfillment of his duties. The Bible gives an example that service cannot be both Lord and Mammon. But few know who Mammon is. This is exactly what is to be clarified in this article.

So who is Mammon? Perhaps it is a god or is it a demon?

Mammon - god or demon?

If we take into account the translation from the ancient Greek language, then "Mammon" is a word that symbolizes wealth and luxury. The ancient Romans worshiped a similar god, believing that he would help them in their trade, or simply make a man ash.

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Studying the Bible, you can come to the unequivocal conclusion that this creature is certainly a demon. If a person lets him into his life or, moreover, calls him, then God leaves his heart. A person becomes callous and cold to all his relatives. Christianity has an ambiguous relationship to wealth.It condemns people who work unfairly and earn not by their labor. But at the same time, money is an important aspect, and without it, a person in the modern world cannot live, and the church will turn into ruins. Therefore, from a Christian point of view, money should be used without any addiction, otherwise you can really settle the very spirit of Mamon in your heart. This, as Orthodox ministers say, can be extremely dangerous.

But people on Earth are all different, each has its own attachments and its own worldview. There are people who prefer the worship of this so-called deity. Often, people begin to resort to actions to enrich themselves, and in most cases a person does not recognize cooperation with evil forces.

If you delve into the story, you can find a lot of interesting facts. Understanding of the essence, and the very meaning of the word "mammon" in the modern world is distorted. Argued that Mammon, by contrast, can make a person a beggar. Starting contact with him, a person settles him in his dwelling, so he drinks from him all financial well-being.

What is Mammon, and how does it affect a person's life?

An example of the negative impact of Mammon on a person can be the following example. A person works tirelessly and constantly experiences setbacks in his affairs. It is worth thinking about the invasion of otherworldly forces. In other words, the spirit is the inspiration for human poverty. Thus, it is necessary to get rid of it, and for this you need to turn to history.

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The Story of Mammon

In ancient times, people were more connected with faith. It was difficult enough to meet an unbeliever, because religion was an important aspect of the life of any person. The existence of the spiritual world was an indisputable fact, everyone wanted to have their own spiritual teacher and fill their soul with spiritual truths.

People worshiped not one god, but a large number of different deities. Every god was in charge of some kind of his own element. Such worship was absolutely normal, and the Bible is a witness to it. Blood sacrifices were offered, which, of course, belonged to tricks of evil forces. Mammon is one of the most unpleasant creatures, because for their material well-being, people sacrificed him even their own children.

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The consequences of serving Mammon

Such a sacrifice did not pass without a trace, because to kill your own child is the greatest sin. It was some kind of curse on the whole race. Then this demon took the children in subsequent families of the family. Perhaps he carried out the desire of man, but the price of this money was too high. In any case, the women of the family left the children, it happened for various reasons. Some of the demons themselves pushed for abortions, other children were sick and died in the womb or shortly after their own birth.

Therefore, for his help, the demon takes a fee in multiple sizes. And such mysterious situations in the family can talk about the presence of a demon. Only God can stop it, it is he who is able to interrupt the demon's action. But sincere prayer should contribute to this, and then everything will certainly improve. The children will be healthy and happy, and the demon will leave the souls of the parents.

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Who to worship?

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, was also not a poor man. But he could easily sacrifice this for the salvation of his soul. It was by his death that Jesus managed to completely destroy the curses of this creature and other unclean creatures.Belief in God gives unselfish happiness, true peace and health of their own children.

God will not leave his child in trouble, this includes financial well-being. Of course, nobody speaks about unspeakable riches, but nevertheless all the necessary will necessarily be through the prayers of a person. And in this situation, you do not need to look for some demons to be just a happy person.

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But to let the demons in it is not worth it, because it is a direct road that leads to hell. Moreover, such actions will certainly leave a mark on subsequent generations and will bring misfortune. Such a statement can be made about a person who serves God. The subsequent generations of this person will receive special grace, they will have good in their hearts, which, if they wish, will want to develop and infect others with this grace. It is the Lord God who is able to give a person unselfish love and grace, which is so necessary for peace of mind. This is described by the Mammon Bible.


This human quality belongs to the sinful list. To explain it is quite simple, and it is quite understandable. The presence of excessive financial well-being of a person gives him tremendous opportunities, he can fulfill all his desires, even the worst ones, which is a bad sign.To the question of whether Mammon is who it is, one can answer that it is he who provokes a person to fulfill his sinful desires. Moreover, he gives them money. Big money is an opportunity to commit your own sin. Although if a person is intelligent, he can send his financial surpluses to help people, but not all are on this path.

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Is money a curse or a blessing?

For many, money has become an instrument of sinful deeds. Sometimes a person even ceases to understand what makes a terrible action. Sin takes away the mind, and other forces are already leading the senses.

The idea of ​​his impunity is born in the head of a rich man. He thinks that he can commit any act and pay off money. But for God it means nothing. After all, he sees the heart and thoughts, and therefore, knows the truth. A rich man begins to rely on his well-being and forgets about God. This, of course, does not mean that you should throw out all your achievements in the garbage bin, you just need to think with your heart.

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