Mantra Ganesh to attract money and prosperity

Each of us, no matter how much money he has, dreams of having more and receiving them all the time. But in our life constantly something happens and happens, plans change at a breakneck pace, and finances flow, as they say, through our fingers. The ancient oriental mantra of Ganesh to attract money can help both in improving the material situation, and in preserving and increasing savings. This is a sacred, built in a special way sequence of words, thanks to the correct pronunciation of which it is possible to achieve material well-being.

Mantra Ganesh to attract money

Who is Ganesh?

It is a reasonable question for any European who is not familiar with a rather extensive pantheon of Hindu gods. Appearance in our European view is rather strange, but for Hinduism, in which all living creatures are treated with the same respect, it is quite normal. The son of the supreme deity of Shiva, a multi-armed god with the head of an elephant and one tusk, protects prosperity, prosperity and well-being.The special mantra of wealth Ganesh has the energy that can remove barriers to cash flow and attract financial well-being and prosperity. Ganapati, as this god is also called, according to Hindus, also personifies wisdom and success in all spheres of life.

What does he look like?

As mentioned above, Ganesh is depicted as a person, it should be noted that quite plump, with the head of an elephant, which embodies wisdom, and huge elephant ears are able to distinguish between true and false, to separate good from evil.Mantra Ganesh for moneyThanks to them, God only hears sincere and positive words. Therefore, the mantra of Ganesh to attract money is pronounced only with good, positive intentions and with a pure heart. He has only one tusk, but there may be a different number of hands: from 2 to 32, depending on the appearance he takes. In several hands he can hold quite a lot of things: a lasso, a conch, an ax and such national Indian sweetness as laddu made from pea meal. Next to him is almost always depicted a rat, which was once a giant Hajamukha, who was defeated by Ganesh.The rat symbolizes deceit, vanity, selfishness and audacity, which the elephant-headed god subdued and seeks to suppress in humans.

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According to ancient oriental traditions, the Universe appeared from sound, and with the help of various sound vibrations filled with the divine principle and higher knowledge, you can change the reality surrounding us.

Mantra Ganesh wealth and prosperity

If you want the mantra of Ganesh to bring money to bring a result, before you start reading it, you need to listen and remember the correct pronunciation of each word several times. True reproduction of each sound, pronounced in a strictly defined sequence, is very important in this case. Find your free time and try to learn these rather complex words in Sanskrit.

Features of pronunciation

The mantra of Ganesh wealth and prosperity as well as other sacred formulas, must be pronounced in accordance with certain rules, taking into account the time of reading, concentration on the deity to which they turn. In eastern esoteric practices it is believed that:

  • The mantra, pronounced out loud, is very strong, as it affects the physical body.
  • Sacred sounds, uttered in a whisper, increase the impact force 10 times, as they affect the subtle bodies.
  • If the mantra is read to itself, its power increases a hundred times because it affects the mental plane - the mind.

The money mantra Ganesha should be read 108 times a day, as this is a sacred number:

  • 1 means higher energies;
  • 0 symbolizes a perfect deity;
  • 8 is an infinity sign inverted in a plane.

Mantra Ganesh wordsStarting the execution of this mantra is necessary only when the moon grows. The current phase can be specified in any calendar.

Sacral words

Mantra Ganesh to attract money can send you a flow of positive energy and attract finances, remove obstacles to prosperity and wealth. Obstacles may be external, for example, an economic crisis or a serious illness, or internal. Quite often, the person himself impedes his wealth and financial well-being. The sound vibrations of the mantra being played are able to induce to action and push towards the realization of the need for change. An elephant-headed god will tell you the way and remove obstacles from it, but it's up to you to follow it or not.

So the mantra (Ganesh) includes the following words:


How to strengthen its effect?

In the Hindu religious tradition, it is believed that pronouncing mantras is a good thing, of course, but it will not hurt to strengthen them. A Ganesh figure of any size will do for this, however, there is a belief that the larger the statuette, the more financial benefits it will bring.

Mantra of wealth Ganesh

The figures of the deity can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, ornamental and semi-precious stones, various metals or ceramics, glass or plastic. It doesn’t matter what the statue is made of, the most important thing is respectful and caring attitude to the deity. It is believed that Ganesh is very fond of offerings - put a candy or a Chinese coin near his figurines, and he will reciprocate you and please you with a pleasant surprise. In addition, stroking the right palm and the divine tum can enhance the impact of this god. Having received help from him, even if it is not very large, praise and thank him.

Turning to God, do not ask him for money, because well-being and success are broader concepts than financial stability and independence. You can get money, but pay for it too high a price: with your health, love, happiness, and even the life of a loved one or loved one. God with the head of an elephant must be asked to see all the obstacles in his path and be able to circumvent them without loss, to bestow strength and health in order to achieve the goal, as well as reason to save his newfound well-being.

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