Men's trousers Meyer: styles, reviews. Clothing for men from Germany

Good and quality clothing has always been importantelement not only in the women's, but also in the men's wardrobe. For men it is important to dress not only with taste, but pay attention to the quality of the material. To date, the demand for clothing from Germany has increased, since the quality of the wardrobe from this country is always at the highest level.

Many men are interested in pants,since this option is not only everyday, but also festive. Often, this piece of clothing becomes a problem, because a certain model and color should be present according to the dress code. Many stylists recommend buying and ordering pants Meyer from Germany. Let's consider their features.

Men's trousers Meyer: features of the model

Clothing Meyer is distinguished by good Germanquality, which has proven itself for a very long time. Modeling of German-made clothes is in Linderberg, where the process of its production takes place.

Men's trousers meyer

In recent years, men's pants Meyer occupyleading positions in the sales market. This choice is due to the quality work of the company, because the things of German production are not only sewn up to the last word of technological progress, but they are made of strong and comfortable fabric for the body. Pants differ from their analogues with durability, which makes them even more popular.

Manufacturer Specifications Meyer

For Meyer trousers the following features are peculiar:

  • superiority in precise cutting, which can not be observed in models of other brands;
  • the location of the trousers provides the desired fit in the figure of the man;
  • has an excellent finish of accessories;
  • high quality of seams;
  • a wide range of colors for all tastes;
  • The quality fabric purchased exclusively from the best factories in Germany;
  • The most extensive dimensional mesh affecting dimensions that are difficult to find in everyday life;
  • conformity of the world trend in recent years.

Clothing from Germany

It should be noted that the company carefullywatches for changes in the world of fashion trends. Based on the new emerging positions in the fashion world, new collections appear corresponding to the fashion design. However, the production of classic trousers does not stop, which is always in demand, regardless of the fashion trends.

Mayer - trousers for real men

Manufacturer from Germany offers itscustomers a wide range of products, which has an original finish, perfectly combined with any element of clothing, provides comfort and practicality. German Meyer trousers are considered the leader in their category, as the company produces a three-size range. So, every man can choose a suitable option for himself.

Among the main advantages are:

  • the presence of a special lining in the knee area, which prevents the process of deformation;
  • gusset made of cotton fabric helps to strengthen the central seam, preventing its wear;
  • The presence of an elastic belt, which provides convenience for movement;
  • stylish fasteners made of high quality material, which do not stick and do not break.


Models of wool and polyester are distinguished by a specialquality. Jeans are an undoubted favorite among older men. Similar trousers are easy to wear and care, do not have extra pockets and details, perfectly suitable for everyday wear.

German pants meyer

Stylish Classic

Classics are always in vogue, and if thismen's black trousers of German production, they will always be popular. This option is ideal for tall, slender men. Pants are made of natural wool, polyester with a slight addition of viscose. Classics perfectly suited as an office version, the material does not crumple and does not stretch.Meyer Germany

Everyday option

Modern model in a cage of blue colorExcellent for normal workdays. A similar variant of trousers is made of natural wool. The model is characterized by an elastic belt, which makes it possible to feel full comfort when walking.

What technologies are used to create Meyer clothes?

In the process of creating men's clothing, the German company Meyer uses only special and newest technologies, which include:

  • Fabrics that are mandatoryare processed, which includes a special process - impregnation with an extract of aloe vera. This component will provide not only convenience, but also comfort to the body. As is known, aloe vera acts as a soothing agent for the skin, while at the same time protecting the skin from allergic reactions, sweating irritations.
  • Application of Non-fade technology. This technology is designed specifically to prevent skin crushing, also helps to prevent tissue from fading.
  • The technology of using special tissue forthe name "kapok" and Climate Control. Such technologies allow you to give clothes a feeling of lightness, airiness and the necessary temperature. The material from which Meyer's men's trousers are made, helps to avoid heat in the summer and do not freeze in the winter.
  • Using the latest technology Nano-Teflon. Designed to use clothes on a daily basis. Thanks to this technology, trousers are protected from bruising and the appearance of spots of a different nature.

Men's trousers meyer reviews

Thanks to the technologies that are usedGerman company, men's black pants get a neat appearance. Also they are durable in use. Clothing from Germany has many styles that will suit every man. Most often the preference is given to the classical variant, which is most suitable for work, recreation and various activities. Pants will look great in any place, because they are created according to the last word of the technological process in the field of tailoring.

What color range of pants is most often preferred by men?

Pants of the German firm Meyer have more than 100 varieties of color shades. Even the most fashionable "gourmet" in clothes can pick the right option.

However, most often men prefer the following color schemes:

  • dark blue Meyer trousers;
  • black;
  • brown;
  • light brown;
  • color under "jeans";
  • cream shade of trousers;
  • Dark red.

The color scheme of clothes is sometimes very important oncertain events or meetings, so men prefer to find a neutral option. Choosing the right option, they can be worn both in everyday life and on the way out. It is thanks to its advantages that Meyer trousers have gained immense popularity.

Men's black trousers

Opinions about the manufacturer

Men prefer quality and comfortable forbody clothes. Therefore, the trousers of the German firm suit them not only in taste, but also in quality. Reviews of men's pants Meyer only positive. This is due to the process of making trousers and, of course, their quality. Most of all, men like that things have the effect of "airiness", they are easy to wear, and also their durability in daily use.

Quality of the material, originality of tailoring anda feeling of complete comfort when walking - all this highlights the German manufacturer among its counterparts. It is the quality of the material that allows Meyer to remain the leader in the manufacture of menswear. The models are made according to certain standards, therefore clothes from Germany is an excellent option for men, which emphasize the quality of the material.

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