Mercedes E300: specifications, photos

Under the name "Mercedes E300" severalcars. A person who understands cars produced by this concern knows the specifics of the names. Each name is composed of the body marking and, as a rule, the engine model. Well, once there are several "three hundred", it's worth briefly telling about each of them.


In this body was produced a car thatis widely known as the "bandit five-hundredth". But now we will consider the "Mercedes 124 E300", which is outwardly almost the same as the "500th". And you can evaluate its appearance by looking at the photo below.

Mercedes e300

Under the hood of the rear-wheel drive sedan E300 there isthree-liter 6-cylinder in-line engine. The maximum power is 140 kW (180 hp). This car can reach speeds of up to 220 km / h. And the speedometer needle marks at 100 km / h reaches 7.6 seconds after the start.

In front of this model, as well as behind, standscrew springs and stabilizing rod. The car is controlled by a 5-speed "mechanics". The model in good condition, which does not require investment, will cost about 230,000 rubles.

AMG Hammer

It is also worth noting that there is a "Mercedes E300"W124 AMG Hammer. This is a representative sedan from the famous tuning studio with a powerful engine. Under his hood is a 5.6-liter V8 engine, producing 360 horsepower. This car accelerates to a mark of 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds. And its maximum speed is 303 km / h.

By the way, the same model was installed 6-literThe "eight" M117. This engine was an order of magnitude more powerful, since it produced 385 liters. from. Such a car exchanged the first "weaving" for 5 seconds after the start, and its speed limit was 306 km / h. This motor worked in tandem with a 4-speed "automatic", which was adopted in the S-class models. And its distinctive feature was the differential Gleason-Torsen.

Mercedes e300 w212

Interestingly, but the car "Mercedes E300" was written ina magazine called Road & Track. The car was called a sedan, which rides like a Ferrari Testarossa. And this is a nice compliment, because it is well known that this Italian model is one of the most successful among all that was only released by the concern from Maranello. By the way, even the "three hundredth" AMG Hammer had an improved suspension, 17-inch alloy wheels and additional spoilers (both front and rear).


In 2009, a newMercedes-Benz, famous for this marking. The car is luxurious and recognizable. Especially beautiful is his optics. By the way, in the photo above it is the "Mercedes E300 W212". Under the hood of this all-wheel drive sedan is a V6 engine (model M272.945). The three-liter engine produces 213 hp. It is aggregated by a 7-step "automatic". Suspension - multi-link, reliable.

On the model W212 it is difficult to find negative reviews,because this machine is really good. Owners pay special attention to space. Inside it is very free - there is enough space for everyone. The seats are comfortable - there will not be any tension in the back even after several hours of continuous driving. An excellent "climate" is established, the consumption is not bad - 9-10 liters of AI-92 on average (in sports mode - about 13-14).

Mercedes Benz E300

Owners do not recommend using 95th gasoline, as it is not very high-quality. In general, it is a beautiful, powerful and reliable car that, with due care, will not cause problems to its owner.


This "Mercedes-Benz E300" is also worth notingattention. The photo of the car is shown above. And, as you can see, this is the legendary "big-eyed Mercedes" - the first car of the Stuttgart concern with oval optics.

E300 - model with a diesel engine, besidesone of the first in the whole series. This sedan with a considerable amount of trunk (520 liters). Motor - 3-liter, 136-strong. Thanks to him, the car accelerated to 100 km / h in 13 seconds. And this is a good indicator, given that the engine of a 20-year-old car consumes diesel fuel. By the way, the speed maximum is 205 km / h. The sedan is rear-wheel drive, and it could be equipped with both "mechanics" and "automatic" (5 and 4 speeds respectively). The fuel tank is designed for 65 liters of diesel fuel. The expense, by the way, is modest - 10 liters per 100 "urban" kilometers. On the highway the machine consumes much less - about 5.5. l.

 Mercedes 124 e300

By the way, such a car now will cost about 200 000 rubles in a satisfactory condition.


A few words should be said about the carMercedes E300. Photo of it is given above. It's hard not to notice that this is also a "spectacle". Only another version. This model was published from 2002 to 2009. The full name of the version in question is the E300 CDI BlueTEC.

Naturally, this is also a diesel engine. Its volume is three liters, and the capacity is 211 "horses". Thanks to this power unit the car accelerates to a mark of 244 km / h. And the first "hundred" model exchanges after 7.2 seconds after the start of the movement. The consumption is 7.3 liters per 100 km. But this is in a mixed cycle. On the highway, about 5.7 liters leave, and in the city - just over ten.

Mercedes e300 photos

Interestingly, the W211 is custom-madeIt was also equipped with a glass sunroof. There was another option - a 2-piece panoramic glass roof could be installed on the model. And electrically controlled. And also offered a sports package with 18-inch alloy wheels 2-spoke, low suspension, power steering and an exhaust system with stainless steel pipes.


This is a brand new Mercedes E300. Its technical characteristics, respectively, also differ in considerable power. This model was presented in the current, in 2016 in Detroit. And she immediately attracted attention.

On the exterior can not say - enoughlook at the picture above. Immediately visible firm, "Mercedes" character. There are two complete sets of the "three hundredth". The first is Luxury, and this model costs 3,500,000 rubles. In the complete set of Sport car will cost 250 thousand rubles more. Although under the hood is the same engine - 2-liter 245-strong with a 9-speed "automatic".

New Features

What can you tell about the car "Mercedes"E300 "? Perhaps, his electronics deserves special attention. For example, an application called Remote Parking Pilot, designed for a smartphone. With its help, you can park your car in a narrow "pocket", while being at all outside, on the street. And then, just at a distance, roll out the car back. Another novelty can boast of the presence of the Car-to-X system. It is designed to "communicate" the car with other road users and infrastructure in general.

Mercedes e300 specifications

Even in the "Mercedes" installed a new system of autonomous braking. It now works not only when there are obstacles in the front, but also when something threatens the machine from the side.

And finally, we can note the systemsemi-autonomous driving, known as Intelligent Drive. It consists of 23 sensors, which includes 4 radars, 4 cameras, 6 sensors at the rear and in the front. But that is not all. Also, the system includes a stereo camera, a rudder position sensor and a long-range radar. And this, as you might guess, is not a complete list of what the brand new Mercedes can boast of.

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