Mi-8AMTSH - Terminator from Russia

Attack helicopter Mi-8AMTSH "Terminator" is a little like its deserved progenitor. Only by the general features of the hull lines can one guess the device’s belonging to the most massive series of helicopters in the history of Soviet and Russian aviation.

From the "workhorse" to the rotary-wing fortress

By the middle of the twentieth century, the era of piston engines inexorably was coming to an end. Advances in the development and construction of turboprop and turbojet power units, a more rational ratio of their mass and power characteristics forced the designers to seriously think about the use of such engines on rotary-wing machines.

Contrary to the well-known saying, the very first model of the Mi-8 helicopter with two gas turbine engines, developed jointly by the SP Izotov Design Bureau and the Mil Design Bureau Mil L., mass-produced since 1965, for a long time became the benchmark of efficiency and reliability, an excellent base for subsequent modifications. Among them:

In total, more than 130 variants of the Mi-8 were created.

Mi-8 helicopter

Helicopters Mi-8AMTSH "Terminator"

For the first time the designers of the Ulan-Ude Aviation Enterprise presented this deeply modernized variation of the rotary-winged machine to the general public at the MAKS aerospace show in 1997. Two years later, at a similar event in Farnborough (Hampshire, United Kingdom), the Mi-8 AMTSh model received another name - “Terminator”.

In 2009, the aircraft was adopted by the Russian army. Until 2020, the Russian Aerospace Forces should receive 132 combat helicopters. The machine is in good demand also abroad - supply contracts have already been concluded with the governments of Peru, Ghana, Uganda and Sri Lanka. What qualities allow the new modification of the Mi-8 to successfully compete with the products of other domestic and foreign industry leaders?

Flight performance of the Mi-8AMTSH "Terminator"

Mi-8AMTSH & quot; Terminator & quot;

The helicopter differs from the basic model in defensive armor, a smaller area of ​​the glazing of the cabin nose. Ceramic-metal armor plates covering the crew, the main components and assemblies, withstand a direct hit by a 12.7 mm caliber bullet. Refueling tanks are equipped with a special system that prevents the loss of fuel in case of damage to the outer shell: the bullet holes are restored with a polyurethane foam mixture.When receiving damage and loss of controllability, the design of the chassis of the Mi-8AMTSH Terminator can significantly extinguish the impact energy from a collision with the ground.

Two powerful gas turbine units TV3-117VM provide the car with a cruising speed of 230 km / h (maximum - up to 250 km / h), a static and practical ceiling, respectively, at 3980 and 6000 meters. The volume of fuel tanks ensures the helicopter has a range of 715 km. For reliable engine start at high altitude, an auxiliary power unit TA-14 is provided.

The modern avionics complex includes meteorological equipment, satellite navigation equipment, infrared equipment and individual night vision devices.

Mi-8AMTSH "Terminator", specifications

Universal Soldier

The Mi-8AMTSH "Terminator" helicopter is capable of solving a wide range of military and peaceful tasks. Re-equipment can be made immediately before departure and is carried out in a very short time by the efforts of the crew, consisting of two people, and maintenance personnel. In addition to carrying out search and rescue and evacuation operations, the helicopter is able to deliver up to 26 paratroopers to the point of release, to provide them with serious fire support. Rotorcraft can transport up to four tons of cargo.

MI-8AMTSH helicopters, depending on the tasks, can be equipped with:

  • Two machine guns (7.62 mm) with a full ammunition (4000 rounds).
  • Anti-tank guided missiles (up to 6).
  • Blocks with unguided C-8 missiles (up to 20, air-to-ground class) and aerial bombs.
  • Igla-V guided missiles (air-to-air).
  • Double-barreled aircraft gun (23 mm caliber, 500 rounds of ammunition).

The invulnerability of the "Terminator" is greatly enhanced by the modern defense system, which includes a screen-exhaust device and a system for shooting traps.

Helicopter gunships

Arctic Guard

In 2016, the Ulan-Ude helicopter builders created for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation the first model with the “VA” index intended for operation in high latitudes. The Arctic version received a new transmission and more powerful power plants VK-2500-03. Increased energy performance and auxiliary, which ensures reliable and comfortable operation of the machine in standalone mode. And of course, Mi-8AMTSH "Terminator" has undergone a thorough warming. For these purposes, technologies used for spacecraft were used.

In addition, the car was equipped with a new digital autopilot, which significantly improves the accuracy and quality of navigation and piloting in the polar night and non-reference areas.

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