Michael Johnson is a talented UFC fighter

Michael Johnson is an American fighter who performs in the UFC. Since 2008, he began to speak at MMA. As of October 2016, this fighter ranks 6th in the UFC ranking. Michael, through his efforts, made a name for himself.

Childhood athlete

Michael Johnson was born on June 4, 1886 in St. Louis. In childhood he was a very aggressive child. After the death of the father, the situation only worsened. He needed to splash out his aggression somewhere. Michael found himself in the sport. At first, he became involved in American football. Johnson received a sports scholarship, and he had great prospects in this sport. However, he, studying in college, decided to engage in wrestling.

The wrestling technique for this athlete is basic. In college, Michael Johnson began to speak at numerous competitions. This fighter in a short period of time has become one of the best fighters NJCAA. Surprisingly, he had his first fight already after 3 months of wrestling. Far from many athletes have the courage to decide to play so early. But Michael had a great desire to quickly show himself in action.Michael johnson

The beginning of a fighting career

Since 2008, Michael Johnson began to act in battles according to the rules of MMA. The first fight of this American was successful. He dealt with Chauncey Praser, leaving no chance for him. For 2 years spent in MMA, he spent 11 fights. This fighter wanted to reach the elite fighting level as quickly as possible. However, this rush only prevented him from preparing for battle. Of the 11 battles held, he scored 7 victories and suffered 4 defeats.

An important step in the career of this fighter was to participate in The Ultimate Fighter 12. At first, he took part in exhibition fights. Michael Johnson (fighter) performed extremely well, confidently cracking down on every opponent. Michael with his performances proved that he should fight for the title of winner of the twelfth season of The Ultimate Fighter. Jonathan Brookins became his rival. Michael was defeated in this fight, but he still became a UFC fighter.Michael johnson fighter

UFC Career

Michael Johnson quickly began to make love among fans. Start in the UFC was a failure. In the first three battles, this fighter suffered two defeats. However, after that Michael was able to get together and confidently win three fights in a row against talented rivals. Johnson was close to getting a title fight.However, the defeat of Reza Madadi and Miles Jurie threw him back. After this, Michael again argued that he is a high-level fighter. He scored 4 victories in a row over strong rivals and again hoped to have a title fight soon. However, failure awaited him again. Offensive defeat by Beniel Dariusz and Nate Diaz lowered his rating. But then Johnson regained his status after defeating dangerous rival Dustin Porier.

On the way to the belt, this fighter was forced to meet with one of the most formidable opponents, Habib Nurmagomedov. In a stubborn battle, Michael Johnson failed again.Michael johnson best fights

Michael Johnson, the best fights of which, perhaps, are still ahead, despite the setbacks, moving forward towards his goal. This fighter is well equipped, and most importantly - he has a strong character. Despite the lack of prestigious titles, the whole world knows about this fighter.

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