Midlife crisis in men: symptoms

The crisis of middle age in men is quite an emotional period. It usually occurs between the ages of 35 and 55. For most, this time is characterized by the emergence of new priorities: the way of life is adjusted so that emotional needs are fully satisfied. However, some men experience this crisis more difficult: sometimes it becomes the cause of adultery. This is due to the fact that the reassessment of everything that happens at this time, makes it different to look at the choice that was made in earlier years. A complete change in the system of priorities and values ​​is the middle age crisis for men. What should we, women, do to help our loved ones deal with small casualties? For a start it is worth understanding how exactly it is manifested.

Symptoms of crisis


Some people begin to experience the very real depression thatMidlife crisis in menaffects their mood, has a negative impact on the activity. Men start to neglect their family, work. Depression and hopelessness, loss of interest in regular activities, lack of energy, inability to make decisions, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite and, consequently, weight, loss of interest in things that used to be evidence of depression.

Change of world view

The midlife crisis in men often entails a change in lifestyle. For example, if earlier he loved his work, now he can change it. Thus, all values ​​and judgments are questioned, and no one can answer exactly how this will manifest itself in later life.

Personality crisis

The need for adventure and change

A man can change the car, stay for a long time in the bar. All this reminds him of a younger age. The one who used to spend a lot of time with his family can now, for example, want to jump with a parachute or go on a long journey. Here, we, women, have a choice: either to support her husband in his endeavors, for example, to make a joint trip, go to a good restaurant, or express our distrust and misunderstanding.The latter will only lead to even greater removal, and the marriage will be harder to save.

Feeling of angerMidlife crisis in men what to do

Unfortunately, it is often impossible to avoid this item. In the period when the middle age crisis sets in for men, it turns out that it is very difficult to engage in self-analysis. That is why it is much easier for him to blame the boss, colleagues and even the closest ones for his failures. Usually, the most correct decision is not to be left behind by the spouse, and if he starts to “inflate” the conflict unreasonably, just stand aside.

Doubt about choosing a spouse

Sometimes you can live for many years together, and happily enough. But if suddenly the husband begins to say that he may have made a mistake in his youth, you should not be immediately offended, or rather, would treat this as one of the symptoms of the crisis. A man may even begin to accuse a woman of having forced him to marry to herself. It should be understood that by doing so he is trying to justify the feeling of discomfort that he has with regard to his family. However, it is not necessary in this case to believe what he says: now all his behavior and words are dictated by the changes that occur in his life and body.

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