Mikhail Kozhuhov: biography and personal life

Biography of Mikhail Kozhukhov is a complex, thorny creative path. Let's try to answer the question of why. Journalist, author, TV presenter - this is not the whole list of professions in which Mikhail Kozhukhov successfully implemented. Biographya well-known and loved by many viewers author of travel programs is at the center of our article.Mikhail Kozhuhov, biography

Normal start

Looking at the wide range of achievements Kozhukhov, it is difficult to imagine that in childhood he did not even dream like. Mikhail was born on December 16, 1956 in a simple Moscow family. His father has devoted more than 40 years to the medical business - was the chief obstetrician-gynecologist of the capital. And Mikhail's mother worked as a journalist for many years. For a long six years, the family lived at the maternity hospital. After that, Michael's parents divorced.

Perhaps the scope of the mother's activities influenced the fact that Michael always showed interest and activity. However, the realization of the dream of a successful career as a journalist at first was not crowned with success.After graduation, Mikhail failed the entrance exams at MGIMO. Of course, there is a situation saved by a craving for languages. So, Mikhail Kozhukhov entered the State Institute of Foreign Languages ​​at the Faculty of Spanish. One day, Mikhail became a member of a student exchange program. Therefore, he studied at one of the universities in Havana, where he honed his Spanish language skills.Biography of Mikhail Kozhukhov

As a correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda (from 1985 to 1989), he traveled to Afghanistan. The troubled Asian country added to Michael the courage, tempering and strength of character, because you had to be a witness to important historical events. The biography of Mikhail Kozhukhov continued with honors: he was awarded the most prestigious award - the Order of the Red Star for the courage shown during military missions.

Earlier, after graduation, Mikhail finally realized that he wanted to connect his life with journalism and constantly discover new horizons for himself. And the danger of a future profession at that time did not embarrass him at all.

"My task is to tell the truth"

Mikhail Kozhukhov, whose biography is filled with interesting events, did not immediately start a program on the problems of the country and the whole world. For several years he had to hold the position of an ordinary employee.Only in 1985, Mikhail began working as his own KP correspondent. It was then that life prepared him a special test. For four years he essentially spent the war, daily endangering his own life.

Later, Mikhail showed himself to be a true professional in his field, for whom journalistic ethics was in the first place. Career rapidly went up: the publication of "News" suggested that Michael become a correspondent. After a positive response, from 1989 to 1994. He worked in South America, where he did brilliant reports for the newspaper.

The most striking episode was an interview with the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. At that time, it became a high-profile event all over the world. As a result, everyone was interested in Mikhail Kozhukhov: biography, personal life and photos of a brilliant journalist.

The special world of television

After this phenomenal interview, Mikhail Kozhukhov said goodbye to print media forever. However, from the field of journalism is not gone. Soon he took the place of the editor of the international department in the television program "International Panorama". He worked there for a relatively short time; in 1994, Mikhail Kozhukhov was invited to work at the TV company VID as a TV host of the “Make a Step” TV program.Releases of this program were broadcasted by TV-6. For several years of work, Mikhail fell in love with the audience, but he discovered a new opportunity for himself on "Author's Television" (ATV). Here he became the author and host of several programs: "In the world of people", "True friends", "Old apartment".

Uncharacteristic activities

In 1998-1999 At the time, left journalism, Mikhail Kozhuhov. His biography was supplemented with uncharacteristic activities. As it turned out, television is not the only addiction of Michael. At first he opened his Petrov-Vodkin restaurant, although he called himself rather an artistic director, and then he joined politics.

Soon, he is holding the post of spokesman for the Russian government under Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Although on it he will work only a few months. What prompted him to leave big politics is still unknown.

Everything is new - well forgotten old

No matter wherever Mikhail’s life went, fate would still bring him back to the main business, journalism. “In Search of Adventures” is a new author’s documentary television project by Mikhail, in which he talks about unusual professions in which he tries himself. For four years, was filming the transfer.It was this project, which was released on the Russia TV channel, that brought the presenter great popularity in the CIS countries. And in 2004 he received the TEFI Award in the category “Best Leading Entertainment Program”. In the biography of Mikhail Kozhukhov, this date is special.

The subject of travel since then has not left the journalist. Soon he became the leading program "Around the World", which conquered a huge audience. During the filming, Michael managed to visit different parts of the globe. Favorite places were the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, Lebanon, Paraguay, but most of all he liked Cuba.Mikhail Kozhuhov, biography, date

The main feature of Kozhukhov’s broadcasts was a special reporting style. After all, the viewer had the impression that he was literally next to the leader. Thus, the simple free behavior of Mikhail introduced each viewer in absentia not only to the incredible beauty of nature, but also to the ordinary life of ordinary people in foreign countries. Michael relied on familiarity with the ordinary population and did not lose. This chip has become a winning and recognizable.

Mikhail Kozhukhov, whose biography is known from the media, continued to conduct television programs on the TV channels My Planet and TV-3.

Documentary - the second vocation

In recent years, Michael has devoted himself to documentaries.Working on the TVC channel, the TV host shot a cycle about Moscow. And from 2008 to 2011, the project “Faces of Russia” was launched, dedicated to various regions of Russia. Also, upon the order of the Russia-1 TV channel, Kozhukhov shoots a series of documentaries on extreme round-the-world voyage.

Mikhail Kozhuhov personal biography

In addition to the field of documentary, Michael tries himself in writing. In 2010 he published his book “Alien Stars Above Kabul” (“Eskmo” Publishing House), dedicated to the Afghan war.

In 2013, travel programs Kozhukhova cause a real resonance in the community. The constant circle of spectators, thanks to the release of the program, starts to travel after the leader. The rich tourist experience is pushing the journalist to create his own business - the travel company "Travel Club" named after Mikhail Kozhukhov.

Mikhail Kozhuhov: biography, personal life

What is known about the family of a journalist, writer, TV host? Despite the bright, impressive world travels, Mikhail Kozhukhov biography, personal life is associated with a quiet peaceful wandering. He is married to famous Russian actress Elena Kravchenko. The couple have three children: two sons - Makar and Andrey, and daughter Maria.Celebrity protects his family from outside interference.

Mikhail Kozhuhov biography personal life

He tries to educate his children so that no one could point a finger at them and say: “Here comes the bad man,” Mikhail Kozhukhov confessed in one of his interviews. Biography, personal life, photos were presented in the article. We hope that this person has become a little closer to you.


Mikhail Kozhuhov biography personal life photo

Thanks to the transfers of Mikhail Kozhukhov, almost every one of us went on a trip in absentia every weekend to a new country. So, many viewers fulfilled their dream: to go where they may never be.

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