Miter saw: features of choice

The implementation of sawing at an angle is not easyThe end saw will help simplify this process. This device allows you to cut materials with high accuracy at the right angle. Saws of this type are widely used for assembly, carpentry and decoration works. Due to their use, they produce window frames, door frames, lay the floor and produce other works.mikita saw

Saw end can be used both for working with wood, and for sawing laminate, plastic or aluminum billets.

The device is characterized by high speed, accuracy and ease in performing cutting operations. A wide application of the tool was received in the workshops that produce furniture.

There are devices that work with metal. The end saw of this variety will be able to cut iron, steel, cast profiles. They are often used in the manufacture of window frames made of metal.

The end saw has a fairly simpleconstruction. It consists of a handle equipped with a start button, a base, an engine with a reducer and a dusty disk. In various devices, collector or asynchronous motors are used. The latter produces less noise and lasts much longer. Collector does not require regular maintenance and special care. Usually the engine is located to the right of the disk.chain saw

The main load when using the tool lies on the rotating disk, which is made of very strong materials.

When choosing end saws, many factors must be considered.

The model of the instrument depends on the purpose of its use. When purchasing an end saw, you should pay attention to its main parameters and functions.

If the device is purchased for a periodicuse, it is sufficient to choose a saw with standard functions. If it is necessary to perform complex sawing operations in a large amount, it is worth purchasing professional models.Saw end

Work with the saw must be safe, for this a protective cover is used, completely closing the disc during operation.

The tool should not be too heavy andcumbersome, because this makes it difficult to use it, and the person working with the saw will quickly get tired. The Makita saw should be ergonomic and provide maximum convenience for work.

The main characteristics of any end saware the depth and width of the cut, on which it depends, which can be processed with the help of the unit. Much depends on the size of the disk, on its diameter. When selecting a tool, it is necessary to look at the size of the cutting disc, which in diameter should not be less than 20 centimeters.

Professional saws allow you to performadditional operations, have an increased cutting width, have increased safety and manufacturability. The most popular in the modern market, with increased functionality, are models of manufacturers such as Makita, Bosch, Corvette, Hitachi, DeWALT, Metabo.

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