Mount Kachkanar (Middle Ural): geographical location, flora and fauna, Buddhist monastery

Our planet is a huge interactive museum that holds a great variety of interesting mysteries and great secrets. Every corner of the Earth protects its secrets, sometimes opening them only to the most inquisitive and meticulous. Mount Kachkanar, located in the ridge of the Ural Mountains, is interesting by the fact that it is located at the confluence of two continents - Europe and Asia. It only seems to be studied enough, but it still carries a lot of mystery.

Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains are considered one of the oldest mountain ranges. This natural monument is unique in that it has spread from the cold Arctic Ocean to the deserts of Kazakhstan. Its length is about 2000 kilometers. Crossing five geographical zones, it is divided into:

  • Polar Urals;
  • Subpolar Urals;
  • Northern Urals;
  • Middle Ural;
  • Southern Urals.

Ra Kachkanar refers to the Middle Urals.

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Geography of Kachkanar Mountain

The middle Ural stands out against the background of the entire Ural range in that it is the lowest part of it. It is here that the Ural Mountains describe the arc, arching eastwards. Such an arrangement of the massif is due to the fact that it encircles the Ufa Plateau, a prominent part of the Russian platform. In the north of the Middle Urals there is a mountain range and a mountain with one name Kachkanar, at the foot of the mountain a city with the same name is built. The geographical position of the mountain Kachkanardue to a point on the map with coordinates58 ° 46′15 ″ north latitude and 59 ° 23′01 ″ east longitude. The height of the peak of the mountain above sea level is 887.6 meters. Although the natural formation has two peaks - north and south, which is higher. The mountain is located on the southern bank of the Is river, and geographically belongs to the Sverdlovsk region.

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How mastered Kachkanar

The indigenous population of the mountain range Kachkanar is a small Mansi people. They have long lived on the slopes of the Ural Mountains. About deposits of precious stones and metals of the mountain range Mansi knew better than anyone.But for this nationalityMount Kachkanar was a holy place, because the Mansi, though Christians, but in their culture and to this day there are echoes of the cult of ghosts and shamanism. The 19th century for the Kachkanar mountain became epoch-making - the discovered platinum deposit made it a "mecca" for prospectors. But when all the precious metal that the mountain could give was selected, Kachkanar no longer interested in the prospectors, but it became a place of thorough study by research scientists for almost a hundred years. More than half a century has passed, in the times of the Soviet Union, the study of the Middle Urals and the Kachkanar ridge for the purpose of mining operations was resumed. The result was the founding of the city of Kachkanar on the eastern slope of the mountain in 1957. And in 1963, the construction of the Kachkanar mining and processing plant for the extraction and processing of iron ore, as well as titanium and vanadium was completed.

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Kachkanar plants

Ekaterinburg is the industrial, historical, cultural center of the Urals. 260 kilometers north of it is Mount Kachkanar. This is not the highest peak of the Ural range, but no less interesting from this than the whole of the Urals, dividing Europe and Asia from the very north to the hot southern deserts. Kachkanar has mostly gentle rocky slopes that are covered by coniferous forest.This is a feature of the climate of the area in which the Middle Urals are located. The flora of Kachkanar Mountain belongs to the southern taiga, which means that there are mainly spruce, fir, larch, pine, and occasionally deciduous trees - lindens, birches and aspens. The undergrowth is developed rather weakly, only in areas not occupied by forests one can find shrubs, grasses and modest taiga flowers - ivan-tea, barberry, lingonberry, horsetail, moor, chasuha, bluegrass, timothy. According to some botanic scientists, the plant world of Mount Kachkanar is represented by almost 500 specimens of various plants, from inconspicuous mosses and lichens to majestic pine trees. According to scientists, the flora of the Ural Mountains and Kachkanar Mountains, in particular, plays a huge soil-protective role.

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Animal world

Any locality has its own inhabitants, and the Ural Mountains are a paradise for some species of living creatures. The wildlife of Mount Kachkanar is represented by columns, sables, wolverines, chipmunks and small rodents. In general, those animals that can be found in the taiga and southern taiga forests. And from birds on rocky slopes and mountain forests nest wood grouse, grouse and black grouse nest.

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What can a tourist see?

Mount Kachkanar is a must-see destination for tourists traveling in the middle Urals. What can be seen climbing the peaks of Kachkanar? The main attraction of nature - the rock Camel. It is a rocky outcrop, which over the centuries of its existence has received a resemblance to a reclining camel. By the way, according to some information, it is this rock that gave the name to the whole Kachkanar mountain, since from the Turkic "pitching" is translated as "camel", and "nar" - "bald", that is, it turns out "bald camel". There is another unusual rock on Mount Kachkanar - it is similar to the profile of the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. Unfortunately, this is hardly mentioned by those who climbed the mountain Kachkanar, traveling in the Urals.

Buddhist monastery on mountain

"Vladimir Vysotsky", "Galaxy", "Formula of Happiness", "Stop, Moment", "Peter Simon Pallas", "Obodovsky Mine", "Poets Alley", "Yuri Vizbor", "Evil Fairy", "The Rock of Atlantes" , "Shuvalov verge". What unites these different phrases? It turns out that these are the names of the bas-reliefs, which, since 1980, for 10 years have been installed on the rocks of the Kachkanar mountain by local enthusiast Ivan Mikhailovich Sobolev.On his own with assistants he made layouts and cast bas-reliefs, brought them and installed them on the mountain. Unfortunately, the absolute majority of these remarkable monuments of love for their small homeland were destroyed by vandals - broken off, shot from hunting rifles, dumped and put into scrap metal.

Another remarkable monument on the mountain Kachkanar is a stele with a rocket flying upward - a monument to the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

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Buddhism on Kachkanar

The Middle Ural is a landmark place - the border of the West and the East. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is another attraction on the mountain Kachkanar, which is visited by all those who climb the mountain - a Buddhist temple. It was founded in 1995 by Mikhail Sannikov, Lama Sanya Tenzin Dokshit. The Buddhist monastery on Mount Kachkanar is called rather mediocre - “Place of study and realization”, which in Tibetan sounds like Shad Tchup Ling (Bshad sgrub gling). They live in the temple from 5 to 15 novices and assistants. Those who come here should bring some building materials or products with them. This is a fee for a stay - tea, a tour of the monastery, a conversation with Lama.In winter, building materials are harvested in the Temple, and construction work is carried out in the summer. Since there are few guests, work is carried out very slowly. But the Shad Tchup Ling Temple, which became the center for the study of Buddhism in Russia, is visited by thousands of tourists a year. At one time, the mining and enrichment plant planned to demolish the Temple in order to continue mining, but court proceedings are currently suspended.

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Goron skiing holiday

And the height of the mountain Kachkanar, which is more than 800 meters, and its rather gentle slopes allowed to open on the eastern slope of the mountain-ski complex called "Vanadium". There are three tracks here:

  • The lower track has a height difference of 140 meters and a half kilometers. It is designed for those who are still learning to "fly" on the slopes of the mountains on skis.
  • The upper track is also 1.5 km high, but its height difference is 280 meters. The beginning of the route falls below the top of Kachkanar at 100 meters.
  • Those who want to combine skiing with a sightseeing tour can take advantage of the 4-kilometer detour. It offers a picturesque view of the city of Kachkanar and its surroundings.

On the slopes of holidaymakers raise two lines of lifts.

Mount Kachkanar is not yet a paradise for skiers. But on its slopes it is planned to build a whole complex of 14 trails for skiing, tubing and snowboarding. There are also plans that the complex will operate year-round, providing an opportunity not only for winter recreation, but also summer activities such as quad bikes, a yacht club on a nearby lake, mountain bikes. Family holidays are the prerogative of the future sports and entertainment center on Mount Kachkanar.

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How to get to the mountain Kachkanar?

The Urals is the most extensive mountain range, uniting the two continents into a single whole - into Eurasia. There are many interesting, unusual, entertaining things that will be interesting and useful for both children and adults. But where is Mount Kachkanar, how to reach it, to see with your own eyes a Buddhist temple on a mountain and a camel rock, go skiing and look at the mining quarry? The most convenient way is to get to the city of Kachkanar first - from Yekaterinburg by bus or by car. Then in the city you need to move to the north and, turning on the sign "West Quarry", go further.You must leave the transport at the quarry, as you can only go further on foot. When climbing a mountain, turn right to get to the Buddhist temple and camel rock, and left to be on the ski slope.

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Mount Kachkanar is one of the interesting places of the Middle Urals. Here you can see not too bright, but fascinating beauty of the ancient mountain range and harsh taiga forest, united by nature into an amazing picture of calm and equanimity, inspired by ancient legends.

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