Muffler resonator. Malfunctions and recommendations for repair

In our age, life without an assistant - the “iron horse” is simply unthinkable. When we use personal automobile transport, problems are solved, time for rest and travel is saved and there is time. We want to drive comfortably, quietly, to talk with the interlocutor, or just listen to music without hearing the engine or other extraneous noise from the car. This is what the exhaust system is designed for. Thus, the system includes: a manifold (exhaust), an exhaust pipe, a resonator, a silencer and an exhaust pipe. Some brands of cars still installed catalyst. About the element of this system will be discussed. You will find a story about faults in the silencer resonator and tips on how to repair it in this article.

Gas exhaust system

muffler resonator

It is of great importance when operating the machine. The exhaust system, and the more common - "silencer", consists of several interrelated elements.In good condition, it effectively reduces the level of toxicity of exhaust gases, prevents them from getting into the vehicle interior, reduces noise, improves engine performance and gas distribution systems, and does not harm the environment. The resonator in this system plays an important role. In closed cavities, usually they are welded from two to three units, there is a pipeline with a large number of holes. They serve to quench the frequency of gases by friction among themselves. The high-quality and dynamic operation of the resonator consists in releasing the gas that has burned out and filling it with new gas.

Exhaust system malfunctions

Due to the fact that all elements of the exhaust system are installed in places of contact with an aggressive environment, they most often fail. Yes, add the effects of weather conditions (high humidity, snow, rain) and high temperature, mechanical damage and condensate. All this in the complex accelerates the process of failure of parts of the exhaust system of the car.

But here comes the moment when the noise of the exhaust system bursts into the interior of the car, while bringing inconvenience not only to you, but also to people around. All this speaks of problems in the exhaust system of your car.It is clear that during the operation of an internal combustion engine, not only gases are generated that must be removed from the system, but also noise.

Gradually a rattling sound is added to this emerging noise. But the main thing is that as a result of the resistance of the gases, the engine power drops and the fuel consumption increases. All this suggests that you need to take up the repair.
The main causes of exhaust system malfunctions are a leakage due to the burning of the metal of the resonator, muffler or other parts of the system, the burning of the partitions, etc.

What is the resonator silencer

repair muffler

This is the most important element in the exhaust system, which is directly connected to the exhaust stream from the engine.
The resonator assumes the entire volume of gases (toxic and high temperature). It is the correct operation of the resonator that affects the power of the car. Unfortunately, the resonator silencer one of the first fails.

Should I change the resonator

resonator silencer lanos

The answer is ambiguous. Many experts say that if the resonator of the VAZ silencer has failed, then it is better not to make repairs, but it is enough to buy the complete system and install it on your car.This is explained by the fact that, replacing it, after a while you will still change either the exhaust pipe, or one of the other elements of the system. The same can be said about the resonator silencer "Lanos". It is much cheaper to replace the entire system.

How to repair the muffler

There are two ways to solve this problem. In the first case, you can buy a new resonator silencer. The price for it today is quite affordable. The cheapest option can cost about 500 p. But there are silencers worth more than one thousand. At the same time, the choice of manufacturers and types of these system elements is quite large. If you follow the second path, you can still completely upgrade the silencer resonator. In this case, it will be possible to do all the work on your own.

When carrying out repair of the muffler, it is necessary to take into account the design feature of the element, select the appropriate material and observe tightness.

The problems with the resonator can be solved. For this it is necessary to plan the work to be done. If there is no experience in welding, then invite a specialist.

Burnout in a small-sized resonator

Repair can be done independently. First you need to remove the resonator muffler or other parts of the exhaust system. For simplicity and convenience of actions such works need to be carried out in a pit or on an overpass. This work is both simple and time-consuming, since many problems arise because of the fastenings of these parts: they are the most corroded, stuck to each other. Experts recommend that before starting such work, spray onto fasteners with a special liquid such as WD-40.

resonator silencer PriceAfter the problem part of the exhaust system, in this case, the silencer resonator, is removed, carefully inspect the surface of the element. If you have identified external burnouts of small and medium diameter, then you can use both special sealants and epoxy-based fiberglass. Before using such materials, carefully read the instructions, be sure to handle the edges of the resonator, while removing all traces of dirt, rust, soot, degrease them.

In practice, it is proved that the use of such products has the maximum effect. A large number of such types of sealants and glass fabrics are made of silicone materials, they withstand high temperatures, some up to 1000 degrees.If you have made repairs using fiberglass, then it is advisable to start the engine after installation of the resonator and warm it up for thirty minutes.

Burnout in the large resonator

resonator silencer vaz

The best option in this case is welding. In practice, it has been proven that very rarely burn through other parts of the system: the exhaust manifold, the exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe. Two parts are most vulnerable - a resonator and a silencer. Maintenance will eliminate for some time and noise, and exhaust emissions. In places of welding it is necessary to clean metal from rust. It is desirable to cut the latka of a rectangular shape and to make a small overlap, approximately 13-16 millimeters.

But nevertheless it is necessary to look deeper at the problem of repairing the resonator, first of all the partitions and pipes that are inside the resonator burn out. Therefore, specialists cut the silencer resonator with a gas cutter, change all the internal parts and brew it back.

Replacing a foreign car resonator with a domestic one

between resonator and silencer

If such problems have arisen, then you can replace the out-of-service resonator of a foreign car with a silencer resonator 2107. In fact, everything is simple: they cut out the resonators from both silencers and then weld the new element to the old pipes.

When repairing the resonator, pay attention to the thickness of the metal, because effective noise control is an increase in the weight of the main elements of the exhaust system.

To get a quieter silencer, many experts recommend installing an additional resonator in this gas exhaust system.

How to cook a new resonator or a silencer with your own hands

Everything is quite simple. Make a resonator body made of sheet steel, weld the partitions and insert pipes with drilled holes, lay pieces of basalt mineral wool into the cavity of the resonator / silencer and weld the end parts.
From practice it can be seen that in this matter due attention should be paid to the size of the pipe section. So, for an engine of 1600 cubic centimeters, it is enough to install pipes with a diameter of 52 millimeters.

After completion of the welding work it is necessary to process the seams. Be sure to paint the resonator with heat-resistant paint.
When elements of the exhaust system are removed, pay special attention to the pipes between the resonator and the silencer. In places of bending, the effect of exhaust gases on the pipe walls increases. If necessary, brew them.

2107 resonator silencer

After all the work is done, install the parts of the exhaust system, fix them with fasteners, do not forget to put the gaskets. For a while, if you made repairs with your own hands, your resonator and silencer will come to life and fulfill their functions as intended.

For preventive maintenance, in order not to visit the service station or on the overpass so often, periodically look under the bottom, examine not only the places of possible oil leakage or antifreeze, but also our elements of the exhaust system. Start the engine, and gas leakage can be easily determined. Pay attention to the fasteners and watch the suspension, as the constant vibration affects the stiffness of the couplings.

Some experts recommend pouring a special liquid into the gas removal system. This anticorrosion mixture is poured directly into the muffler before installation. Carrying out in the complex of all such events will extend for a sufficient period the operation of the vehicle.

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