Nausea in early pregnancy: how to deal?

This article will discuss such important points as pregnancy, nausea, how to deal with this sign of toxemia, as well as what methods and drugs you can dull the vomiting attacks.

Pregnancy is a definite condition in which a new life develops in the female body. And this period is not always so joyful and cloudless. Very often, it is in the first months of gestation of a baby in women that toxicosis is observed, which is mainly manifested by nausea. Is it worth worrying about the emerging nausea and how much this condition is fraught with, let's look below.

nausea in early pregnancy

Nausea in early pregnancy: dangerous or not

The answer to this question must be sought in various degrees of toxicosis.

If nausea is observed up to 10 times a day, then this is normal. The main thing - a woman to make up the loss of fluid and drink more clean water. If nausea during pregnancy develops more than 10 times a day, then you should consult a doctor. He may be placed in hospital for further observation.And a severe degree of toxemia is when nausea happens more than 20 times a day. In this case, hospitalization is required. Because the body loses huge amounts of fluid, and this leads to dehydration. In this case, you must immediately call an ambulance.

Causes of early toxicosis

What causes nausea during pregnancy, read below.

1. Nerve exertion of the future mother. The woman herself does not suspect that, but her inner state is becoming more and more tense every day. She can worry for no reason, be nervous, and all this affects her well-being.

2. Diseases of the thyroid gland.

3. Unhealthy food. Meal, which is contraindicated to the expectant mother, as well as food, devoid of essential vitamins and minerals.

4. The restructuring of the body to new conditions.

5. Weak immunity.

6. Hereditary factor.

7. Particularly sensitive to odors. And to any. Whether it is French perfume or the fragrant smell of coffee, any fragrance can lead to nausea.

Whatever the cause of nausea in early pregnancy, it is necessary to fight it.

Tips for the daily routine

early nausea during pregnancy

So that nausea in early pregnancy does not cause discomfort, it is important to properly organize your day. To do this, use the following tips:

  1. Be sure to walk at least once a day in the fresh air on foot.
  2. Try not to worry once again, worry less and be nervous.
  3. You should sleep in a well-ventilated room. Therefore, at night, it is desirable that the vent remained open. Humidity is also very important. It should be in the range of 50-70%.
  4. Take extra vitamins. It is especially important during this period to consume vitamin B6 and C.
  5. If you have nausea, consult a doctor.
  6. Do not sit long in the same pose. It is also undesirable to be long at the computer or in front of the TV.
  7. Rest more.
  8. Sleep on your left side and so that your head is high on the pillow.

Nausea in the first week of pregnancy should pass quickly, if you use the above tips.

Wishes regarding the nutrition of the pregnant woman

nausea during pregnancy

To nausea in the early stages of pregnancy did not overtake you, it is important to eat the right foods.

  1. You should eat often, but in small portions.
  2. In the morning, just get out of bed, eat something quick. For example, a rusk or biscuit. Some people manage to have a bite with a chop. And this is normal. Everyone should eat what he wants. Only within reason.
  3. During this period, you should not have the feeling of hunger. If you want to eat something, eat only a little.
  4. Your menu should contain only healthy dishes. No spicy, smoked, fatty, and salty food should be.
  5. From the drinks should delete the carbonated water, coffee, strong tea. Preference should be given to natural juices, compotes, green tea, as well as plain purified water.

Nausea in early pregnancy will disappear if the expectant mother strictly adheres to the recommendations described above.

Fighting nausea in the first weeks of pregnancy

week of pregnancy nausea

In addition to the above wishes, you need to add the following items:

1. Sleep more. If a woman does not get enough sleep, then nausea during pregnancy can overcome it.

2. Soothing herbs. They will not only help to normalize the state of the nervous system, but also prevent vomiting and lightheadedness.As herbs, you need to use mint, chamomile, valerian.

3. Medical sweetness. Honey will help out during the period of toxemia and especially help get rid of nausea. Enough to chew one spoon of this natural medicine in the morning on an empty stomach.

4. Liquids with sour. Tea with lemon or citrus juices will save from the oncoming nausea.

5. If none of the methods helps, then you need to apply special medications. Just be sure to first discuss their use with your doctor.

14 week of pregnancy. Nausea at this time. How to deal with it?

nausea at 14 weeks gestation

1. Mint to help. Nausea during pregnancy will disappear if the girl will use mint water. To do this, one teaspoon of the plant is necessary to fill a glass of boiling water. Let it stand for about 10 minutes and drink in small portions throughout the day.

2. Drink more fluids. Mineral water "Borjomi", "Narzan", tea with chamomile, fennel, ginger is perfect.

3. Avoid strong smells, smoky rooms, perfumes, aromas in the kitchen.

4. No need to wear pants with a tight belt, as well as shoes with heels.

5. Daily engage in special exercises for pregnant women.Very useful in this period yoga.

Nausea at 14 weeks of pregnancy is less common than at the very beginning. But if this symptom is present, then you should not panic, it is quite normal. The main thing - to fulfill all the requirements, and then nausea will go away.

pregnancy nausea how to fight

Effective herbal tea for nausea during pregnancy

Early nausea during pregnancy is characteristic of the majority of the fair sex. To alleviate the condition of the future mother, you can use the popular method of dealing with nausea, namely the preparation of decoction of herbs with its subsequent use. You will need 20 g of mint, the same yarrow and marigold flowers and 15 g of valerian root. The whole composition should be well mixed and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Set aside to insist the contents (2-3 hours). Filter and drink 3 tablespoons 6-7 times a day.

What categorically should not be done to a pregnant woman with toxicosis in early pregnancy

1. Limit yourself to food. Many girls believe that if they eat less, then this symptom of toxicosis, like nausea, will pass. But just the opposite. If a woman goes hungry, she will often complain of bouts of nausea. It’s not for nothing that many future moms get sick in the mornings, when the stomach has not yet eaten.

2. Take pills for toxicosis. It is naive to believe that such drugs can remove this symptom. And if your doctor has not prescribed the appropriate drugs, then you should never take them without his permission.

3. Sharply bend. Then not only nausea can interfere, but vomiting begins.

4. Smoking and drinking alcohol. Not only do these poisons adversely affect the organism of the future mother and fetus, but they are also an excellent impetus for the occurrence of nausea.

nausea in the first week of pregnancy

Medications for nausea in the first trimester of pregnancy

If the recommendations and tips described above do not help, the doctor may prescribe special medications that can dull the feeling of nausea and alleviate the condition of the expectant mother.

1. Tablets "Kokkulin." It is a homeopathic medicine that is applied to pregnant women. It is able to negate the attacks of nausea. But there are side effects in its application - tablets can cause an allergic reaction.

2. Powder "Polyphelan". This drug as a sponge absorbs all the harmful substances that have accumulated in the body.True, it also absorbs useful elements. Therefore, in parallel with it, it is necessary to take lactobacilli, which are able to restore the intestinal microflora.

3. Tablets "Zeercal." This drug is only used in extreme cases in early pregnancy. When nausea in a pregnant woman is very frequent and cannot be overcome by any means. But it is very dangerous to take this medicine in the very first months of carrying a child. Because it can lead to miscarriage.

4. Ampoules "Splenin". This medicine is safer than the previous one. It is completely of plant origin. Made from cattle spleen. But still use it yourself without a doctor's prescription is prohibited.

From this article, you have gathered important information for yourself on how to alleviate the condition of a pregnant woman in the early stages of childbearing. They learned what methods of struggle with nausea exist, and also found out that this state will pass faster and easier if you follow specific recommendations regarding nutrition and daily regimen.

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