Night lenses to restore vision: description, reviews of doctors

Myopia is a very common problem in our time. This disease contributes to a wrong lifestyle, the constant use of computers and other gadgets. However, there are different ways to correct vision. For example, lately often night lenses are used.

What is the procedure? The principle of the product

night lenses

The presented product provides refractive corneal therapy during sleep. It is very effective in high myopia (6 diopters). Night lenses have a special structure. They consist of two balls, one of which is optical. It contributes to the correct refraction of the light beam and makes it possible to see the image as clearly as possible. The second, the inner layer, has a therapeutic effect. It puts pressure on the cells of the cornea and shifts them from the center.

It must be said that after the patient removes the lenses of the night, he can perfectly see the whole day or even two. If you stop using the presented products, the shape of the cornea is restored and poor vision returns. This means that you should sleep in lenses every night.

During sleep, the load on the eyes is redistributed, they rest. That is, in the morning you will feel a great effect. It should be noted that thanks to this procedure, the same result is achieved as after laser correction. But in the second case it is constant.

Product Benefits

night vision restoration lenses

So, the presented procedure has such advantages:

  1. Ease of use. Night lenses are used in the same way as usual. They simply insert into the eyes at night. In the morning they need to be removed and put in their designated capacity.
  2. Sense of comfort The fact is that the product has sufficient rigidity so as not to stick to the eye.
  3. Air permeability.
  4. The integrity of the cornea is not broken.
  5. Duration of use. One pair of lenses lasts about 36 months.

Product flaws

night lenses reviews

Now we should consider all the disadvantages of such lenses:

  • They can only be used at night, that is, a limited amount of time.
  • The product requires constant care. For example, you have to constantly buy special liquid for storage and cleaning.
  • Some fragility of the material, which contributes to damage to the lens during an accidental fall.
  • If used improperly, you can put the infection in your eyes.
  • There are certain side effects that develop as a result of wearing such items.

Naturally, night lenses to restore vision can not be chosen independently. This should be done by a doctor. Otherwise, you can only make it worse.

What complications may occur?

night contact lenses

Night lenses to restore vision can not only benefit, but also harm. Before buying them, you should consult with an ophthalmologist to avoid such complications:

  1. Oxygen starvation.
  2. Incorrectly changing the shape of the cornea.
  3. Keratitis
  4. Allergic reaction.

It should be noted that such complications often occur due to improper use of the product. For example, night lenses, reviews of which are mostly positive, can be applied in a painful state. In addition, patients often violate the storage conditions of the product, processing rules.And you should not use lenses after the expiration date.

Who can use the presented product?

night lens solution

Please note that this form of treatment is not shown to everyone. It is allowed to use them:

  • People from 16 to 40 years old who have visual impairment.
  • Those who are contraindicated surgery.
  • Persons who, by virtue of their profession, cannot use glasses, contact lenses of a different type.
  • Those who are forced to constantly be in contact with caustic or aggressive substances. For example, in a dusty or smoky room.

Night correction lenses are a truly effective way to correct vision.


night lenses doctors reviews

Night lenses (reviews will help find a quality manufacturer) can not always be used. They are contraindicated in such cases:

  • Insufficient tearing. In this case, the eye is weakly moistened. The lens is a foreign body, which in this case can cause serious corneal irritation.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the eye. When using the presented products, these processes can only aggravate and lead to serious consequences.Therefore, you should first get rid of inflammation.
  • A strong degree of astigmatism (more than one and a half diopters). In this case, the squint may become more pronounced.
  • Irregular corneal shape (conical) or protrusion.
  • Chronic eyelid disease. They may be accompanied by too much tearing, which can become even more.
  • Rigidity of the upper eyelid.

Night contact lenses can really improve vision. But a specialist should select them.

Features of use

night correction lenses

In principle, night contact lenses are worn in the same way as usual. Before the procedure, be sure to wash your hands well with soap and wipe them with a clean towel. Next, open the case with the product and rinse the lenses with a special solution. Make sure that the element is not turned inside out. Next, take the lens on the index finger, pull off the lower eyelid and focus the view exactly in front of you. Then look up, and place the product on the bottom of the eye. Lower the upper eyelid. Now with your eyes closed, look down. If you do not feel discomfort, then the procedure is carried out correctly.

Removing the lens is also easy.However, before starting the procedure, you should drip moisturizing drops into the eyes. Next, pull the lower eyelid and move the lens. Now it should be clamped with your thumb and forefinger and removed. If you have bent an element a little, then do not straighten it with your hands, as the probability of breakage is high. It is better to put it in a container and apply a solution for night lenses. They will kill themselves.

Storage features

The presented product requires special storage conditions. For example, during the day the lenses should be in a special case filled with a universal solution. This prevents damage, saturates moisture. It is desirable to change the solution regularly before each placement of lenses in it. If you do not use the presented product, then do not forget to change the liquid every seven days.

Do not instead use a solution of ordinary water. Periodically, mechanical cleaning of the elements should be carried out. The fact is that various deposits often accumulate on them. This is not hard to do. It is only necessary to apply the solution to the surface of the lens and rub it easily on the surface with a finger. Do not press hard, otherwise you will break the lens.

After this procedure, the elements should be well washed with a special liquid and put in a container for disinfection. It lasts a few hours.

Are the presented lenses so useful?

If you decide to use night lenses, reviews of doctors will help you make the right choice. They are mostly positive. For example, doctors note the real effect of wearing lenses, especially for children and adolescents who are not allowed to undergo surgery or laser correction. You can read the opinion of a specialist that this method of therapy is very effective. It helps to correct myopia without the use of a scalpel. In addition, the lenses allow air to pass through, are well moistened, do not stick to the cornea, and do not grow into it. Naturally, there are other opinions. For example, noting that today no one knows what the long-term effects of using night lenses can be. In addition, the eye must rest at night.

As for those people who have already tried the presented product, the reviews are also ambiguous, although they are mostly positive.For example, most users talk about usability. Day lenses in this respect lose. That is, in the eyes there is no feeling of dryness. In addition, this product allows you to get rid of those inconveniences that deliver points.

However, they also have their own period of addiction. In most cases, it ranges from 5 days to a week. All this period, patients see indistinctly. The biggest drawback of night lenses, which all users say, is their cost, which is about $ 300.

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