Nikah is a Muslim marriage ceremony

Every nation, every tribe has its own unique sacraments and rites. One of the most unusual, vivid and memorable actions is, of course, a wedding. In the world of Islam, this rite is called "nikah." Muslims nikah - this is the same as the wedding in the Christian world. The beautiful name is translated as "marriage". Nikah is one of the most important moments in the life of a Muslim, because in the process of performing a ceremony, two alien souls become like a single entity - a wife and a husband.nikah it

Rules of nikah

If other religious rites do not require particularly thorough preliminary preparation and awareness of the participants, nikakh is a special case. Everyone should carefully and responsibly approach their role. After all, if something goes into incompatibility with the mandatory rules, the marriage will be considered invalid.Nick is the same as a wedding

So, what are the rules of the rite?

1.There must be a guardian by the bride (most often her father) and at least two witnesses.

2. Nikah - this is a special wedding. Those who marry must have permission to conduct the rite.

3. During the past-time rite, the trustee utters the words of the sentence, and the groom, the answer, confirming that he takes the girl to be his wife. The tone of the spoken phrase, whether it is cheerful and playful, serious or with a tinge of anger, does not matter.

4. A Muslim man can marry a girl of any other religion, but a Muslim woman has the right to unite her destiny only with a representative of her faith.

5. It does not matter the language in which the ceremony is held. One important thing is that both the witnesses and other participants understand the meaning of what is being said in the process.

6. Any bodily contact, be it kisses or hugs, is strictly prohibited until the completion of the procession, because until the marriage is concluded, the bride and groom are still considered to be strangers to each other.

7. Before the ceremony begins, the bridegroom must pay the bride family a premium. Its size is set by the bride and her relatives.

Spiritual recommendations for the rite "nikah "

This is not just a solemn ritual. Muslims are extremely responsible for religious activities. The Prophet Allah bequeathed to the young men, having the opportunity to marry, do it. Without having it, it is necessary to fast.Nick is the engagement“Opportunity” is health (both physical and mental), moral readiness for marriage, sufficient material security of a man, as well as his religious literacy. The fulfillment of these conditions is obligatory for a happy and harmonious life in marriage.

Best wife for muslim

As for the choice of the contender, it is necessary to look closely to ensure that the girl was healthy, wealthy, had high moral and ethical guidelines. But the most important indicator of the "quality" of the future wife of Muslims is her literacy in matters of faith and, of course, piety.

What principles should not choose your wife?

The Prophet also bequeathed to avoid marrying a girl only because of her external attractiveness, since this could lead to the destruction of her soul. If you marry a rich man, over time she can become completely unruly. To marry a believing, religious girl is better.

What goals choose future wife

Nikah is the engagement of two people in order to live in happiness and give birth to descendants. Thus, marrying a girl has several goals:

  • the betrothed must bring peace and happiness into the house;
  • the wife should be able to raise children by teaching them morality, religion, piety and morality.

The bride and groom should be as far apart as possible by relationship. The girl is selected from the religious humble kind. She must be beautiful and be able to conceive and bear children.nikah is a wedding

Conditions desirable for the ceremony

As for the marriage procedure itself, its participants should know how it is carried out, what they should do in the process.

1. The master of the ceremony should give a sermon. Theoretically, the bride can read the words himself. However, Muslim rules require that a person with an appropriate education speak. First praise Allah and read the testimony of faith in him. After asking for blessings and calling to be God-fearing.

2. Then they pray that the family will be happy and happy.

3. Nikah is a ceremony, during which the mention of a gift for young people is not onlyallowed, but even mandatory. The bride can receive her gift from her future husband immediately, without delaying this moment. Its size can be specified in the marriage registration certificate.

4. Inviting guests to such an event as nicknames is a prerequisite for the ceremony. The Prophet claimed that if a person invited to a celebration did not deign to appear, this indicates his disobedience to Allah.

5. The groom should read a special prayer, asking Allah for the good of his bride and protecting her from evil.

Nick is not just a rite. This is an amazing, beautiful and filled with the deepest religious meaning event in the life of two lovers.

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